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Untold FIFA



An occasional review of the antics of Fifa, Uefa and  other footballing bodies.


Untold Fifa is part of “Untold Arsenal” – an ever growing collection of articles and comment on numerous aspects of football from an Arsenal perspective.  A list of other sections within Untold Arsenal is given at the end of this page, and on the home page of the site.




FFP: The legal challenge begins

The current series: What do Fifa Agents Do?

Part 1  What do FIFA registered agents do

Part 2  Gestifute The route to success

part 3:   FIFA Agents from the good to the child trafficking.

Third party ownership. FIFA Agents part 4

Calling football chaotic gives chaos a bad name

UEFA Upstanding in their Paddy Power Pants

Football enters an era of total crisis  Uefa, Scotland, Italy, Fifa, England 

England’s problem is not coaching it is boredom

20 Years of the EPL.  Good or bad for England?

Next season: The team that finishes 4th might not be in the Champions League

Premier League chair Sir Dave Richards lays into Fifa and Uefa while Redknapp attacks the Arabs.

FICK FUFA: How Fifa is stopping progress – an Untold exclusive

“A world class organisation with a winning mentality”

The Premier League will end in 3 years time and Fifa will go with it

A good international break? One can but hope

Fifa seek to dictate how the leagues should work

England, FA, corruption, Fifa etc

At last, at last.  The legal challenge begins.  Bayern take on Fifa over player injuries on international duty

The same rules for everyone?

Fifa employee sells personal data of those who attended world cup finals

Fifa demand their own car lane, no tax, control of clothing and control of street advertising

Fifa demand their own car lane, no tax, control of clothing and control of street advertising

Fifa help Barca in the tapping up of Cesc

Football remains in the stone age

Being bald does not make you a good world cup final ref

Corruption?  No, never heard of it

When goals are not goals, or maybe they are

Exclusive interview with Fabinici Cappuccion on Racially Pure England

Racially pure England aim to take on the world

Theo and Jack: when they come knocking, just say no.

Who is responsible for the not-given goal?

How Wales and N Ireland gained revenge over England and stopped goal line technology

FICK FUFA: how disorganised crime runs world football

Del Bosque, Cesc… what is going on?

Send all the French Home

The Mourinho Revolution and the Death of Football at the World Cup

Football with Altitude – how England have got it totally wrong.


Untold Arsenal – the (fairly) complete index


Untold Arsenal – the (fairly) complete index


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