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Arsenal and the Cappuccino Affair. What made 1 May such a totally happy day

By Tony Attwood

Sometimes with the angst and argument, the debate and disappointment, it is easy (for me at least) to forget what I am doing spending my time and hard-earned dosh with Arsenal.   But when I think, I know I spend time and money with the club to enjoy myself and to hope for good things to come.  Endless misery is not part of the deal.

On Sunday last, much of the enjoyment that had recently gone away, flowed back.  Below are some of the reasons why I enjoyed myself so much that day.  This is not to say I am now deliriously happy.  I’m not because we haven’t won the league – but once again I find I can I recall some of the positives, and the sheer fun of a day out at the Ems.

It’s a personal diary – nothing more.  No deep thoughts – just a reflection on a good day out.

1. I met some readers.

Several people came up to us at the Auld Triangle and said thanks for Untold Arsenal.  Utterly magical, I love such moments.  OK, one of my fans was so drunk that I couldn’t quite catch every word she said, but her companion was there to translate, and I’m not judging anyone by what they do before a match (as long as it doesn’t involve violence or support for the BNP.

As I always try to point out, I don’t write most of Untold, but I admit to being an egocentric maniac so I stuck my picture at the top of the page and hence I do occasionally get recognised.  (Walter’s pic was added a few months back, which is only just and fair since he does most of the work, but it was not at his request, so he is not tarred with the brush of egocentricity.)

A while back a reader of another blog wrote a long commentary saying that everything that is wrong with Untold can be summarised by the fact that other blogs have pictures of the stadium or the players, or the club logo at the top of the home page, while Untold has a pic of me.  Well, a fair enough comment I thought.  After all, anyone who comes here comes here by choice.

Anyway, for me, on this occasion, it worked.

If you are interested, at the Villa game, Walter and I will be meeting up at the Triangle in St Thomas’ (that’s the road that leads from Finsbury Park down past the mosque towards Arsenal tube).  We normally stand outside and Walter has a cola and I have my pint – but we might well go to the stadium if it is raining.

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2.  Fegie’s rent boy

I know it is childish, and ill-becomes a man of my advanced years, but singing “Fergie’s rent boy” to the ref every time he shows that he has been bought does make me feel slightly empowered.  So now you can put me down as a childish egomaniac.  (Actually I also enjoyed “North London is ours” this season as well, and of course the “Fat granny shagger” chant at young tubby Wayne.)

Childish?  Yes of course it is.  Unbecoming for a grown man who likes to show off his intellectual conditionals?  Of course.  But the fact is, I still enjoyed it all.  (And yes I know the phrase “intellectual conditionals” is a meaningless phrase.  It just seems to fit however).

3.  We started one goal down – and won

The prediction from Dogface was clear, we started the game a goal down because of this ref.  And when the first penalty was not given, it felt like it ten times over.  But we went on and won.  Despite everything.

This is not to say we can win this utterly bent league, with its bent refereeing system, but on the day we can still beat all  the corruption and win.

4.  No one left before the end

Well yes I am sure some people did, but there was no need to sing “Is there a fire drill” and no need to stand up over and over as people moved out while there was ten minutes to go.  We, the assembled masses of Arsenal, wanted this victory and needed it.   And we got it.

Not only did everyone stay to the final whistle, we stayed and watched the shirt being thrown in the crowd and the celebrations of the players.  Worth it.

5.  Ramsey

As Walter said in an earlier piece – what joy to see the young man back, in his pomp, and of course scoring the winner.  On the way from the Midlands to the ground Stuart and I debated what the club would do this summer about the inevitable lies and double dealing from Barca-lone-us with all their talk about the transfer of Cesc being done today, yesterday, any day.

I doubt he will go this year, but if he were to, it is looking good as to who his replacement is.  I thought Ramsey covered a huge amount of ground, and his sweeping interchanges with Jack were magnificent to behold.  He played a very mobile role which I thought the Evil Ones had difficulty in handling.

6. Arshavin

Much disliked by commentators, although I find that he is largely liked within the ground by the supporters with tickets, Arshavin has had a tough time on occasion this year – but he came back as a tough tackling attacking midfielder.  I was reminded at one moment of the Pires incident when he took the ball off Vieira and passed it forward for the Euro goal.   After, Robert said that it was the first tackle he had ever made.

I don’t know if Arshavin has had this in the locker all the time, or if he just did the first tackle, found it worked, and then thought, “OK lets try it again.”  Either way, it was good stuff.

7.  Szezchachzchzchney

My guess, again following Walter’s point yesterday, is that Jens has been on the pitch telling him how to hold up the game.  Which makes me wonder if the old boy is going to stay as a goal keeping coach, giving lessons on how to hold your back, appeal to the ref, take a piss during a game, and by and large be the only goalkeeper ever in the history of the League to play throughout the season and be unbeaten.  And as for Scecxwsczkjdf I would be surprised if the young lad wasn’t number one next year.

8.  Cappuccino

Because I have to drive back from London to the Midlands after the game I have my pint prior to the match, and then in the ground generally have a cappuccino.  This time I went to the bar and ordered one, just outside block 100.

The lady who offered to serve me laughed, giggled and sniggered.  I repeated my order.  She gave me a look that said, “where did you crawl out from sunshine?”  I chose not to let her know about my origins in darkest Tottenham.

She then turned to her supervisor and with a further giggle said, “How do I do a cappuccino?”

The supervisor in a voice loud enough for me to hear said, “You take the plastic cup, stick it under the pipe on the drinks machine, and press “cappuccino”.

The serving lady then put the cup under the wrong pipe, pressed the button, and watched bemused as the drink poured out of the other end of the machine.  Priceless.

9.  The Japanese

Next to me are normally seated a charming couple, the gentleman of the pair having real insights and knowledge of the club and the game.  Always a pleasure to exchange a few words with him.

For this game however they were not present and had given their seats to a Japanese couple.  As I took my regular seat the lady turned to me and said a charming hello.  How often do you get that in a football ground?

10.  We beat the evil empire

But more than that, it is one hell of a long way back for them to drive to Cornwall.

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56 comments to Arsenal and the Cappuccino Affair. What made 1 May such a totally happy day

  • gooner80

    Great Day Tony

    why should you do something so generic as other blogs, seeing a picture puts a face to the writer, it is a little egocentric though lol.

    Untold captured me because it was different, some blogs take a widely accessible news and copy and paste it and there is about 10 blogs that report exactly the same thing.

    special congrats to lansbury at norwich, should see him next year

  • walter

    I noticed no one leaving early also on my TV. The stadium was filled to the last minute. Who could leave such a game?

    Some of our Benelux supporters who have been there they said the atmosphere in the ground was great. And from the start. And the support became even more determined after the not given penalty against Vidic. Well that is how they felt the atmosphere in the ground.

    And looking forward to the Villa game. My train tickets and game tickets lie ready waiting for me on the closet allready.

  • vretou

    A lot of people have already stated this but i just want to say that some of our problems would be solved if Alex Song plays like he did on Sunday. Just sitting in front of the back four, screening them, allowing full backs to get foward (yeah i know our full backs are garbage at attacking lol). Dont get me wrong, i dont think this is the only problem to our problems especially defesnively. An example is set plays, but if he stays in that Defensive midfield role it gives the CB’s stability and insurance on any counter attacks from the opposition which teams like to do against arsenal. Too many times he gets involved in the play, running past the other two midfielders and sometimes alongside RVP, leaving our defence exposed, thus forcing defenders to come out, lack of communication and short of numbers back, you get the general idea. It leads to small errors which add up to us conceding. Now i still think we need another CB. A commanding one. And please dont suggest Cahill. Am i the only one who thinks he’s average. Its media hype because he’s british. We dont need loads of defensive players. A new CB and with Song being told by wenger not to get involved, becuase i think wenger has to shoulder some blame as he doesnt instruct him to stay in that position. Obviously another Defensive midfielder would be good competiton as the likes of denilson and diaby there are ridiculous. For next season we have to make a few adjustments. 1. Spend hours/days practising defending set pieces (we are a complete disaster at them) 2. Get Song or a proper DM to just sit in front of the back four. 3. Obviously make a few signings. A Clinical Striker to play with RVP, a direct winger possibly hazard and a CB (not Cahill!!!) People suggesting a Gk are deluded. Szczesny is number one, but i get the point if an experienced head like Buffon was avaliable, otherwise stick to Szczesny.

  • Naren

    Can we please stop being disrespectful towards Tottenham and the other teams, at the very least here at Untold? The little digs that we take at our competition is what snowballs into rascist and homophobic chants.It was frankly disgusting seeing those Man City supporters chanting of Munich and then there are those sickening chants directed towards Arsene at Old Trafford. Though I have no experience of these chants but I have some similar ones having attended the poisonous India-Pakistan cricket war.I just thought you might consider it given that here at Untold people are relatively more sensible.
    On an altogether different issue, this anti-Wenger is getting out of hand.In Arsene’s post Man-Utd press conference, there was a scribe who said the following
    ‘Arsene, I know it’s envitable that you will be facing the sack…have you made any plans for next season?There is a vacancy at Leyton Orient’ The press officer was unusually quick to respond and dismiss the question saying,’Thank you, next question.’ Arsene couldn’t hear the question properly and was immediately asked another.

  • prick

    vretou: i wonder why the board haven’t hired you yet and sack the old frenchman.

    there’s this tune lingering in my head. It keeps on repeating “who the fuck is man united~ who the fuck is man united” to the tune of glory glory..

    a good day indeed 🙂

  • Great work, Tony.

    Arshavin has had a tough time on occasion this year – but he came back as a tough tackling attacking midfielder

    Next time we will see Arshavin between the sticks 🙂

  • vretou

    Prick – your name is rightly suited to your blind statements – Prick

  • Mandy dodd

    Cannot disagree with most of these sources of enjoyment. All I would add would be jack wilshere but guess we know all about him.
    Hope you are right about Jens as a coach, ches as no 1 and about cesc hopefully staying. I am less optimistic on the latter but if he does stay he at least we have players who can share his burden Rambo was immense.
    Had the dubious pleasure of spending much of weekend with spud supporting inlaw he spent hours ignoring the fact spurs will probably not play in Europe next season, will need to spend a fortune due to a complete lack of a youth policy, but trying to convince me wenger needs to move upstairs, he even said in arsenel we rust. So familiar and predictable but I did find his desperation somewhat enjoyable.

  • ak47

    ahhhh, truly a breath of fresh air. thanx once again.
    Szezchachzchzchney, Scecxwsczkjdf, gotta love him and his name.
    love the chanting myself, how can you not?
    what a day out.

    cant wait for frimpong to make songs head evolve into a fish.

  • A Casual Observer


    Szczesny save % is 75.5% – PL average 69%. Only Cech 76.9% & Hart 76.3% have a better % this season.

    So there you go.

  • James

    It is just typical of recent Wenger teams hat when there is no pressure on them they produce a performance of the level they did on sunday. A manly performnace by almost all of the players who entered the pitch and worked so hard to get the vistory, dervedly so, in my opinion.

    However, lets not let this paper over th gaping cracks that we have.
    1- When the pressure is really on we do not perform and crumble under it.
    2- To many of the players are not the required level to win big games/trophies we have in our squad
    3- We have no real leaders to drag us through tough moments in games
    4- We have a boss who is tactically naive and worst of all blind to our obvious weaknesses

    Something needs to change but who/what will it be. Come on silent Stan speak up and let us know

  • James

    Any decent manager would look at the season as a whole and not 4 games with the pressure off.But in Wenger it will be the other way round.

  • Laundryender

    It is such a shame 606 shut down. i guess it leaves sites like Untold vulnerable to comment from those who know better than AW, and feel the need to vent their spleen.

    for my tuppence, i retain faith in the vision, and no doubt share his frustrations (AW that is, not James or Vretou)that certain players have let him down.

  • James, I have just read Wenger’s weekly commentary to subscribers and there is nothing there to justify your claim.

  • Mandy Dodd

    Taking note of recent comments from Sagna, Chesney and to a lesser extent Theo, all are refreshingly honest, some are slightly contradictory on some issues such as whether Cesc should stay or not but all are completely clear that Wenger is the man, a top manager and it is the players that should be blamed for recent failings, not the manager. They sound determined to put it right.
    And some say he has lost the dressing room!
    Wha a top player Chesney is going to be, confidence, attitude – in a good way, (not a Balotelli way), hunger, ambition and ability – and he clearly loves the club.
    It would take someone very special indeed to overtake him as number 1, assuming he stays fit and continues this rapid development.
    Thank God we did not bring MS in.
    A little coaching shake up and more experience may well improve things, more leadership as well but we have Vermaelen to come back, if fit he will help deal with many problems from this season.

  • James

    @mandy – with TV back it dont mean nowt. We conceede more when he is back. Until we get a TALL, COMMANDING CB we will continue to conceede via set peices and until the DOPEY ONE decides to bring in a defensive coach we will have conceeded more than any of our rivals

  • James

    I sounded out the guys who sat either side of me before the Moan U game to see if either of them wanted my ST next season…….both said they’d think about it. I’m hoping one of them have it, if they don’t I’m going to try to drop down to Silver, courtesy of my ‘A’ bond and get rid of the ST. I’ve really torn myself up trying to decide what to do for the best. I’m being made redundant in November, so that tied with the fact that I hate Wenger and his bullshit so much means the ST has to go. As I’ve said before, I’ve had the ST for 31 years so it’s not an easy decision but it shows just how angry and disappointed I am with Wenger and the board. I’ve just had enough

  • walter

    could you give some names as who actually is a tall commanding CB? How tall is tall actually? And how commanding is commanding and how do you measure such things?
    This is just to see if we speak about the same terms because for me anyone above 1,85m is tall as I am myself not that big. But I can imagine for someone who is 2m this might look not tall at all.

  • Mr Venger

    One down

  • Mr Venger

    If you had a season ticket for 31 yrs you must have a short memory!

  • James

    one word – Tony Adams

  • Mr Venger

    Did you ever see tony adams play in the champions league

  • walter

    Yeah but he retired a while ago. Well we got Jens back playing. 😉

  • walter

    Vertonghen is too short I have just checked it. 🙁

  • walter

    And then I thought of the most important question that no one has asked about this article!!

    Tony, how was the cappucino?? I bet it tasted like heaven. 🙂

  • Mr Venger

    Ian Wright up front, Brady in midfield. Any one else??
    Enjoy the win ffs!
    We might still win the league you never know.

  • James This is a very interesting point. Almost all arsenal fans loved David Dein. He helped bring in players like henry,bergkamp,pires,overmars and even Wenger himself. What a coincedence he left in 2006 and thats where our trophyless run started. He was the link to wenger and the board and i know he left due to differences with some board members but if we get him back i beleive he will undoubtedly advise wenger wisely again and could be the start of a fruitful relationship once again

  • Laundryender

    James do you remeber all of Tony Adams career, or is your memory selective!!

    you really do not make any sense.

    give up your season ticket of 31 years please, someone else will have it but, please dont pretend that this last few years have been the most frustrating.

    do you remember Chris White, Gus Ceaser, Andy Linnigan, Colin Pates, before that Jeff Blockley, Terry mancini.

    no long term gooner can pretend that we have been anything but spoilt silly under Wenger. those that call for his head can only be very recent in our ranks!!!

  • Mandy Dodd

    James, on the defensive coaching issue, I will have to agree with you.
    But tall and commanding and available – Hangerland and Mertesacker may fit that bill but too slow for the way we play, and Wenger wants ball players who can add something to the attack. Ok I know – Squillaci!
    Cahill – looks to have potential but I would imagine City will go for him but who knows there.
    Sakho – unproven in the EPL.
    Jan Vertonghen – not a complete giant at 6 ft 2 but could fit the bill however no EPL experience.
    Saphic afraid I do not know much about him.
    Lots of EPL defenders can look good, but they play in defence orientated teams, I could probably look good in say a Birmingham defence, the way we play makes it tough on CDs.

    A Tony Adams – who could argue with that but they dont grow on trees. Also, we all remember a time when he was anything but commanding – but he worked hard and developed, just like I hope our defenders will do.
    But as you say, an increased emphasis on coaching – and what goes with it,organisation/ set pieces / dealing with pressure / concentration and hopefully more confidence would not go amiss.

  • Mr Venger

    You don’t remember the chant back in the 90’s then- david dein wank wank wank david dein etc etc??
    Like I said. Short memory…

  • Mr Venger

    I Haven’t given up on this season yet.

    If we do it, cappuccino’s are on me

  • Paul

    “one word. Tony Adams”
    Actually that’s Two words.
    So for you
    Two words.
    JOG ON!
    If you hate Arsene so much you really are on the wrong website.
    Gooner for life!

  • James

    We know nothing is going to change and anyone who thinks that suddenly we’re going to invest £30m in ‘non-core’ activities such as the playing staff is as deluded as they have been for the past 3 years. We’ve got much more pressing issues on the property developments to address thankyou very much

    Same old, same old

    March / April – season implodes, AW noises about “one or two” experienced players coming in and “strengthening certain areas”

    May – meaningless victories against teams like Fulham with sweet FA to play for and suddenly we’re 1-2% away from winning everything in sight again

    June – they’ve already got your money for next year and everyone’s on their hols

    July – waste our time in the Austrian mountains playing 4th division garbage. We renew some existing contracts of current players and then Gazidis or Wenger explain again that the transfer kitty also has to cover the costs of these contracts. The deluded remain glued to the Sky Sports transfer window updates

    August – by now we know which player’s pre-season training injury will be keeping him out for a year. is full of exciting news stories about Vela’s new deal and Eboue’s love for the club. Not a sign of a transfer until the 30th at the least when we sign a second rater for an undisclosed fee. Cesc finally gets his way with a transfer to Barcelona for €35m – €15m lower than his true value because we’ve spent so long dicking around. There’s no replacement. Almunia leaves

    September / October – we’ve swatted Norwich 6-1 and FK Nobody of Nowhereland 7-0 in the CL Group stage. THIS IS THE YEAR !!

    November / December – the usual limp wristed surrenders at Stamford Bridge and Old Trafford.

  • Mr Venger

    Another spoilt brat
    Please buggar off with you whining.
    Your the one thats deluded.

    Spit your dummy out somewhere else

  • Mr Venger

    There are literally millions of real football fans, & clubs who would swap places with you & arsenal.

    Get real you sad whinger

  • Mandy Dodd

    Sorry to go off topic but at least to do with a lot of what this site has been highlighting – breaking news – Webb to ref Utd Chelsea, what a surprise!!!!

    There is always next year Chelsea

  • Mr Venger

    Funny thing about James and people like him is that all they can see is the past, and its always sugar coated ( bring back Adams & Dein, plotting out nxt pre-season & season as carbon copies of this one, Ive had a ticket for 31 yrs etc etc.)
    It takes more insight / intelligence and bravery to look to the future and break new ground , which is something Wenger has done since he arrived and its why he’s lasted so long.
    It’s too easy for the weak minded to start pining for the past, ‘the good old days’ as soon as times get remotely tough.
    The reality is , people Like James were probably moaning their asses off just as much then as they are now anyway. They can only see the doom in the present and the glory in the past

  • Simon Bailey

    TonyAdams is one word if you leave out the space.

    I dont want to bash you while you are down, James, but in 31 years you must have seen plenty of seasons where we won no silver. There are loads of positives to take from this season. At least we are almost certainly going to get CL next season, Vermaelen and Ramsay are back, thats like two new signings. We lost the carling cup final, but at least we took it seriously and got there. We were well on course to dump Barcelona out of the CL if it hadnt been for RVP’s sending off for nothing, remember we were ahead in the tie at that point. We are solvent, have a new owner who will probably spend in the summer. And we have done all of this with a first team whose combined purchase price was less than what chelsea paid for torres.

    The only real downer for me is that weve only got 3 more games and then a really boring summer break.

  • Simon Bailey

    Oh yeah, and we beat United.

  • gooner80

    SOME OP OUR FANS ARE REAL BOTTLERS, ready to walk out, give up when things are a little tough, the main reason Arsenal havent won anything since 2005 is down to 3/4 of billion spent by chelsea who have usurped us temporarily

    our time will come,

  • Zulu Gooner

    simply the best!

  • Wrenny

    “One word – Tony Adams”
    Haha, you couldn’t make it up!

    But if the cliched “tall, commanding CB” is what you desire…

    One word – Kyle Bartley 😉

    6’5″ and English good enough for ya?

  • gooner80

    The way Arshavin was tackling we could all chip in and buy him a pair of stilts

  • Big Dave

    I’m 56 and my dad took me to my first game to see Jack Kelsey in goal, unfortunately he was injured and never played again. They used to say that he’s the best goalie in the world, but he conceded more goals per game than any other during my lifetime!

    Anyway, I’m fed up with winning nothing and finishing in the top four! Get rid of Wenger and finish mid-table instead!! Like the good old days.

    The only reason that Wenger can’t meet certain expectations is that he created those expectations. Without him, expect nothing. At least we won’t be disappointed.

  • GoonerTerry

    @ Gooner80: (0;

  • Tasos

    Off topic I know but…..

    Howard Webb has been summoned to Old Trafford on Sunday.

    Anyone surprised?

  • Gooner Gal

    @ Tony, I always have a brief look for you in the crowd when I am at games.
    DogFace hasn’t done to badly on the prediction front this season. I might ask him to suggest my lottery numbers at this rate.
    I am so happy that Ramsey got the winning goal at the Emirates against Man U. I think he is an immense talent and I hope he has no further set backs in is development.
    I don’t think I have ever seen Arsharvin tackle like that before and it got me on my feet applauding his efforts.
    I think that Song and Sagna were both excellent and RVP showed heart and determination as he led the team from the front – true Gooner.
    I am happy that as this season draws to a close, people have have started to really appreciate Nasri and gotten off Theo’s back. I have said it many times before, when Theo plays (and is fully fit) in the big games, we do well. He has developed a really good understanding with Sagna and RVP.
    Best of all was the fact that Evra, Rooney, Nani, Ferdinand and Vidic played their normal game – no one can say we won because, this or that key person was missing. They got shown up for how boring and average they really are. Man U will be really underserving premiership champions if they win it, as they have reduced the overall intergrity of the EPL. The manager and players have behaved disgracefully and basically cheated their way to the title.
    Hopefully the team can build on the fact that they are able to beat these so called big teams and if we don’t win the league this year, they should remember the feeling of missed opportunity to fire them up for next season.
    There is definately going to be some changes to the team over the summer. So for a few players the next three might be their last games for us, so what ever the motivations we should see some tremendous performances and I can’t wait to watch my beloved Gunners fight to the end.

  • Mandy dodd

    Correct tasos as has been posted utd will have had Webb for arsenal, Liverpool and Chelsea at home this season what are the odds?
    The powers that be have again appointed a biased ref for a key game involving utd says it all

  • Tasos

    @ Mandy Dodd

    Apologies. Missed your post.

  • James

    @Laundryender – Yes the last few years have been the most frustrating. The early years had little or no expectation, cheaper tickets, more affinity with the players, more of a ‘family’ feel at every game and a better atmosphere. You could have a great time even if the football was shite. I can’t remember leaving the Emirates very often thinking “I fucking LOVED that”!

    The last few years we all know we’ve been fairly close to being a top top team but mis-management has cost us – that is the most frustrating thing of all. Throw in ridiculous contract improvements and extensions for under achieving, over-pampered, bit part players, a negligent, lying manager and a board who want to line their pockets before success on the field……..sorry mate, I think I’ve got it spot on.
    It’s just not Arsenal Football Club any more.

  • James

    The Club have broken its bond with the fans. They will never repair this. Arsenal FC, the Club known for its class, and its fair treatment of all, have assumed the role of Judas Iscariot.

    Season ticket prices is one thing. Add to that:

    – Disrespect for the Club’s un-swerving away support.
    – The Lie about moving to The Emirates (the single–biggest deceit)
    – Repeated deceit in the press re Transfer Targets.
    – Fascist stewarding
    – Prioritising day-trippers over the loyal fan (increase in Red Members is for no other reason than to increase spending in the Club shop)
    – The Club’s Chairman insulting the loyal fans.

    Rest in Peace Arsenal. You have been dying for years

  • Gooner80


    I guess you should attend the funeral and move on then

  • Gooner Gal

    @ Gooner80, I was thinking along the same lines as your last comment!

  • Laundryender

    James please!!!

    Did you never stand on the terraces of the Northbank and think “what a load of shite this is” I did countless times.

    Spent season after season hoping to qualify for the UEFA cup, we could never compete for the league. I remember loosing at home to WBA 2-0 down in 4 mins. Loosing at home to Ipswich 4-0, and at home to Coventry and Norwich. Loosing at home to Southampton, loosing at home to Liverpool every time we played. And yes loosing at home to the Spuds and West Ham. I also remember loosing to Wrexham in FA cup and being bloody good at that sort of thing!!!!

    Yeah the players were paid less, and we paid less, but please lets not romanticise a by gone era that was basically crap!!!!

    Oh and I also remember watching Terry Mancini score his only goal for us on a bloody freezing evening in front t of about 17,000 hardy souls at Highbury. Yes it was a league game.

    To be eating at the top table of European Football is a remarkable achievement. It could so easily not have been us!!!!!

    Our expectation levels have moved as far as our ticket prices me thinks!!!

  • Brickfields Gunners

    @ Mr . venger – spit the dummy out ? I would think that the dummy would be smarter and make better valid comments than the master .
    @Laundryender – Please don’t be harsh on Andy Linnigan – he did score the winner against Sheff.Wed and allowed me to go to sleep.If it had gone to a replay I would have quit watching that Arsenal side.
    Also to add to your list – Jimmy Carter ,Pal Lyderson and Clive Allen -oops sorry ,we got rid of him before he even played a game for us!

  • Rhys Jaggar

    You won’t get the players criticising Wenger, so comments of that ilk are pretty meaningless. He might sell them to some obscure place like Panathinaikos if they called him a tosser, mightn’t he??

    The bottom line of the past 5 years is:

    1. Great football when teams allow us to play.
    2. Great football when the pressure’s off.
    3. Choke when the pressure’s on.

    If people are happy to keep paying for that, then the stadium will be full next year……..