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  1. Consolsbob

    I couldn’t agree more with your article Tony.

    It does seem that the ‘media’ has past the point of no return as regards possessing any credibility. Credulous would be the word to describe their seeming state of mind, except, we know, that the problem is far worse than that. They make the news, they are the news.

    A few weeks ago Flint was agreeing with me that he coulsdn’t stand to watch any sports programme these days because of the obviously loaded, and snide, agendas. It just keeps getting worse. I worked in Fleet St once, before it moved wholesale to Wapping. It was pretty slimy then, they didn’y call it ‘Grub St’ for nothing. Today though? OK we expect tosh from the ‘Sun’, ‘Express’, ‘Mirror’ and their ilk but now it’s everywhere. The BBC? Well. they seem to have set their sights high and are competing with SKY to promulgate the propaganda of the Liverpool mafia that seems to have a stranglehold on ‘punditry’ today.

    It’s sickening. Real concerns, Notts. Co., the clowns at UEFA, the looming debt crisis that threatens the foundations of once great clubs are ignored for cheap headlines and shallow digs.

    Open your windows and shout out loud,

    “I’m as mad as hell,

    and I’m not going to take this anymore!!”

  2. LRV

    Apart from agreeing wholesomely with you, Tony, and mostly with you Consolsbob, the “I’m as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!!” shout doesn’t really help. I have shouted so many times that my wife had to ask if I wasn’t loosing it. She even asked jokingly how much Arsenal were paying me to love them so much. Anyway, since Tony (I think it was him. Sorry if it’s not) once advised that the best thing to do was to ignore them. I have tried to. I don’t read the papers anymore; I only listen to foreign news, etc, etc. Even so, these nonsense still filters through to me. So I guess we have no way of avoiding such crap save taking over the Media. If we opt to do that, where will the money come from? So you see, as bad or worse as it gets, we have to find a way to live with it.

  3. IndianGooner

    Nice article and the comments from Consolsbob and LRV. I’ve stopped taking all the media crap seriously long back. I see these as ‘Jokes’ these days… Its really funny if you try to read it as a joke..

    LRV, try reading them as a joke and I’m sure you’ll feel better. You can’t avoid them always.. So its better to have a different perspective!!!

  4. LRV

    The Radio 5 blockheads are getting quite a reputation for nastiness aren’t they. I don’t know if it is true but someone told me that even Ian Wright works there. if it is true, then I really pity him. Some people do really have short memories, don’t they?

    As for you Xerez Club or whatever name they call you, not you or any-club-else is qualified to get Vela. Don’t even dream it. You may nightmare it though. Plunkers.

  5. walter

    Well if it can give you some consolation… it is a world wibe item. That is if you call my country world wide.
    For instance the “Cesc leaving” story also comes across to my country and then our newspapers spread the news that I have read some hundred times before on the internet and on goonernews. It is just copy and pasting rubbish from other newspapers.
    When I try to comment on those articles and let them now that Cesc for the X million time has denied he is moving on arsenal.com, my articles dont pass the censor. Must say I use rather harsh word to show them how dumb they behave so it might be the style I use but even when I say it in a rather nice way it still disapears in the black hole that is very near the internet.

    Yes we can try to laugh with them but although I really like to laugh a lot in my live, you sometimes really have enough of it and yes one would like to shout like consolbob suggests.

  6. LRV

    I am really sorry to go off topic, but I read this, “Jermain Pennant – Wenger is a better manager than Benitez, but the hype at Arsenal was too much!”, on justarsenal.com and I thought “Uhnnn…! I wonder how many people has read this?”

  7. LRV

    Error, sorry; meant to say – “Uhnnn…! I wonder how many people have read this?”

  8. Marc

    Nic piece Tony and the comments pretty much say all that can be said.

    Good news on the new financial figures releases today.

  9. reality check

    bendtner out of champions league clash cz of a car crash. i think wenger will use this as an excuse to drop him from the squad for a few games same as almunia. bendtner need to score other wise he’ll find himself warming the bench for the most part of the season as he is in competition with players like eduardo,tomas and walcot

  10. Brickfields Gunners

    Good post again, Tony .I tend to agree with the comments here.I do ignore most of the crap being printed or voiced on tv/radio but sometimes it does
    get tiresome.While I don’t shout out of windows or from rooftops ,I do vent
    my anger at the tv pundits [especially at those closet fans of Spuds,ManUre
    or Liverfools ]with choice words ;the kindest being idiot or moron.My wife too has questioned my sanity but then again in the words of Bill Shankly ,
    “Football is not about life and death -its more important than that”.
    Can you even imagine life without football ?

  11. walter

    No Brickfields Gunners, I can’t. Would be boring. But I guess my wife wouldn’t mind. 😉

  12. walter

    In fact Brickfields Gunners, that was a very stupid question you asekd but then again… it was ask a stupid question day..;-)

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