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  1. Marc

    Nice analysis Phil. It will be a tough match but I will be bitterly disappointed if we do not come away with all 3 points. The next 7 games are all winable and those wins would see us go into the Chelsea game with good momentum and a a good foundation as we approach the busy Christmas period.

    Just in case anyone missed the draw we are at home to Liverpool. So the under 12’s we get to play against Gerrard and Torres, we can then watch Benitez moan the following week after dropping points and rotating his squad that the players are tired.

  2. Tony Attwood



    Vito Mannone

    Bacary Sagna

    William Gallas

    Thomas Vermaelen

    Gael Clichy

    Abou Diaby

    Cesc Fabregas (c)

    Alex Song

    Robin Van Persie

    Andrey Arshavin

    Nicklas Bendtner

  3. Tony Attwood


    Wojciech Szczesny

    Mikael Silvestre

    Kieran Gibbs

    Emmanuel Eboue

    Tomas Rosicky

    Aaron Ramsey

    Carlos Vela

  4. Marc

    Is Eduardo injured?

  5. Tony Attwood

    No word about Eduardo, but with a Euro game on tuesday I suspect he is being held over – after all we had 3 forwards playing plus Vela on the bench, and Rosicky, plus the new forward Eboue, plus Diaby who seems to be everything.

    So no need, give him a day off, and play him from the start on tuesday, I think.


  6. walter

    The Fulham game is always a very physical game so best to take no risk with Eduardo. We needed 11 warriors today to get a result.

    So we won “ugly” as we rather could expect.

    Manone played a great game but I must say that he blocks the shots but he has to learn to push the ball further away from his goal and more to the side. But this is what you could call details criticism (this one is lost in translation…. sigh).

    It was nailbiting stuff today but Gallas-Vermaelen showed again, good partnership and good strenght when they got a knock, several that is.

    I wonder how long it will take the doomersbrigade to tell us this team is nog good enough to win anything ?

  7. Gerald

    We won! Has anyone read the post match commentary by Jonathan Stevenson of BBC? Which game is he refering to

  8. walter

    Just read it Gerald.
    On my screen appeared a statistic after 40 minutes in the first half wich said that Arsenal had +60 % possesion in that half. So I guess he looked at another game then us.

  9. lordgunner

    decent performance agaist a good fulham team great win .i eat my humble pie for vito , he was amazing and win us 3 points . well done don vito 🙂 .cesc start to worry me but then we see what he can do with his superb pass alike diaby who slow down all our attack

    striker score:check
    clean sheet : check
    happy me : check

  10. walter

    Let me join you lordgunner if you have some humble pie left. Manone proved me wrong today and I must say I am rather happy he did.
    Just shows you how little we know about those players. He hardly has been called into action in his first games (apart from our horror start in Liège) so maybe was mistaking by this.
    Just looking for poor excuses from me part in fact…

  11. diceman1984

    Diaby was by far our worst player on the field….

    Arshavin was also very poor….

    But this win was a great kick in the face to those who say we can’t win ugly…..last night was a combination of winning ugly by scoring a beautiful goal…

  12. Tony Attwood

    Arshavin looked like he was having a run out to get him fit again – often happens that way. Will be back at his best by next weekend especially if he can have a further run out on tuesday – just my opinion of course, but I think we’ve seen that sort of thing before.


  13. Adam Smith

    Agreed Tony about Arshavin, he wasn’t completely match fit.Fulham are a decent team,certainly no pushover,and although Cesc didn’t have his best game,one moment of magic by him and Robin brought the points home.

    Vito, only his third senior game,what a display, one we often see at home by the opposing keeper.As someone mentioned a fault of his, earlier in the week, he even managed to keep his legs closed when gathering the ball 😉

    Pleased for RVP, though was a little surprised he was subbed for Eboue.

  14. Phil Gregory

    I suppose its to be expected with Arshavin given that he was out for a couple of weeks. We all know what he can do, let’s hope to see him at that level soon.

    See you all on Monday for the Olympiakos preview.

  15. diceman1984

    Yeah, I said Arshavin was poor but I know why…so no blame for his form last night…

    I think RVP was subbed because him, too, just passed the fitness test for the game…

    I do want Bendtner to start scoring though, he deserves it from his work rate that has been shown since the start of the season…

  16. LRV

    Isn’t it great to win, ugly or otherwise? Isn’t great for Vitto to get such a huge confidence boost? Isn’t it great for Arsenal to dig out a win over a determined Fulham? Our boys showed that they are more determined; that’s the attitude some were saying we do not have. Isn’t it also great for RVP to score such a great goal? “1 – 0 to the Arsenal…..”

  17. steww

    Why buy into this popular myth of the ugly win? We played a very good side with great support in their own backyard. They closed us down well and attacked with speed and flair and we matched, contained and beat them. They closed down so well that our passing game looked less fluid than it can but on occasions we sliced them open with breathtaking ingenuity and slick passing, only poor finishing kept our score down and great keeping kept theirs down.
    Far from ugly it was really thrilling to watch.

  18. don’t believe the hype

    I agree Steww. We seem to be held to a different standard than other teams, if we are not totally controlling a game for 90 mins, creating chance after chance and winning by a minimum of 3 clear goals it does not seem to be good enough. Man u won the league last season with loads of 1 – 0’s. They were well beaten by Fulham amongst others, but they faced none of the criticism we’ve had to endure. It was a good game. Fulham are a decent team who played to their strengths. They also have a very experienced manager, who has probably forgotten more about tactics than your average armchair manager has had hot dinners. We did what we had to do to win and our quality came through in the end.

  19. walter

    Well I confess I fell in the trap. In fact it was a good game with 2 teams going for it and creating chances. Could have gone either way but I really had the impression after the game we had the better chances over all and deserved to win. That is how I put it on the Benelux site minutes after the end of the game and a first impression is mostly my best one.
    The notion that Arsenal wins ugly is indeed when we don’t dominate a team like we mostly do.

  20. Gerald

    And is it a crime for a keeper to pull a string of saves? He IS part of the team. I do not hear any negative talk when Torres single handedly does it for liverpool. If I remember correctly, Lehman was man of the match last time we won the Fa Cup.

  21. IndianGooner

    Mannone was really great and after the 5min start at the CL game at Liege, He hasn’t let in a goal for 265mins!!! That needs some credit…

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