Highbury High can now be ordered on line

If you think that Untold Arsenal is a load of old twaddle, the best thing to do is to stop reading.

But if you think Untold Arsenal is rather jolly, then you really ought to be reading HIGHBURY HIGH as well – the only fan magazine that totally reflects the positive and rejects the negative.

Now you can get HIGHBURY HIGH in three different ways.

First, if you can’t get to games and want to order on line with a Visa or Mastercard, you can do this via the new on-line facility.   Here’s the links

6 issue subscription, delivery to UK address (£12.00)…


6 issues, delivered to a Europe address: (£15.00)…


Or six issues in the rest of the world (£18.00)…


Just in case any link doesn’t work for you, you can go to www.shop.firstandbest.co.uk and you will see the three options there at the top of the selection of new products.

The amount in pounds will be translated into your local currency for your credit card bill, which will show in the name Hamilton House.

Second you can buy with a cheque. Prices are the same…

6 issue subscription  £12 (UK), £15 (Europe) or £18 (World)
Cheques payable to Highbury High
Address: 11 Tannington Terrace, Gillespie Road, London N5 1LE

Finally, if you get to the match, just bulldoze your way to the front of the queue of the guys selling the fan magazines near the ground and demand your HIGHBURY HIGH.  The magazine seller  will at once recognise a person of quality and substance and call you sir (or madam) and congratulate you on the quality of your choice.

I thoroughly recommend the publication and that is not just because there’s a bit by me in it.

Tony Attwood

6 Replies to “Highbury High can now be ordered on line”

  1. Sorry to go off topic Tony but I feel you need to know this (assuming you haven’t already seen it). I’m drinking a beer and watching Sky’s Sunday Supplement which I recorded earlier. A Sun journalist has just talked about ManU’s debt burden, not only the amount but how last season out of an £80 million profit £43 million went solely on interest repayments and how the capital sum is not being reduced leading to increased interest payments.

    I’m a little curious. When did the world (and the Sun newspaper for that matter) start showing signs of talking sense?

    I think I’d better go an lay down in a dark room for a while.

  2. I go on topic on this and I will order it right away.
    I thank you for the trouble Tony, really appreciate this.
    When I come at the Emirates on 26 december I will buy you a drink. 😉
    I passed my order and it everything was okay.

  3. Marc I might be getting paranoid, but I am starting to think that there are one or two journalists who actually read UNTOLD ARSENAL and are using us as a source of information.

    Which is to say the least worrying.

  4. If you like this blog, you will like Highbury High.

    Good reading for Arsenal enthusiasts, who believe in the club, the manager & the current team.

    The contrary is true for those who somehow feel they are supporting Arsenal by hating everything about it.

    There are a couple of poor pieces in the current issue but I will hold up my hands to those.

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