Nasri’s here, Grimandi stays, Randall & Barazite in 1st team

As we said on Untold Arsenal last week the Nasri deal is on – just the usual boring stuff about whether it is 20k a week or 22k, and how many years.   Clever aren’t we?

And as we said nine months ago Grimandi is of total importance to AFC – he was in Colorado, which is now part of the Arsenal network, he won the double twice with us, and he finds the gems.  Not just a bunch of kids, but the real live winners – some of whom are 15 and aren’t even listed on the radar.   There was no way he was ever going to PSG or any other club.

These kids are now of double importance because of the new FIFA 7 + 4 rule – if the kids have been trained for 2 years at Arsenal they don’t count as “foreign”.  And its down  to Grimandi.

Meanwhile Randall and Barazite have joined the first team.   So that’s two more in the first team squad, plus Vela and Merida.  Four so far, plus some of the injured from last year.  Rosibky perhaps, Van Persie perhaps.  Then there’s the reborn Theo and the emerging Song.   The new squad is building.