The Arsenal Curse strikes again

Poor sad Flamini.  He leaves Arsenal, which is bad enough in itself, and then the Arsenal Curse begins to hit – just as it did on Birmingham City FC  after the attack on Eduardo.

First, he finds that he is not going to play in the Champions League.  Then he finds that he is not playing for France.

Of course he might now think his troubles are over, but if he looks at what happened to Birmingham City after the attack on Eduardo – the raid on the club by the police, the arrest of senior figures in the club, and relegation.

So what next for the poor deluded Flamini?  Who knows – but it won’t be good.

3 Replies to “The Arsenal Curse strikes again”

  1. Funny guy.But its true the curse has struck.My website is just something not

  2. Who says it isn’t the dreaded curse. Of course it is!! Look around you and tell me how many who have left Arsenal in the past with or without our blessing have made it. Even CAshley has had his wobbles but it ain’t over yet for him. Where is Vieira, where is Henry, where is Wiltord (‘there is always life after Asenal’- I doubt it man!!) Bentley will soon fall on his pride and arrogance. Watch this space and for Hleb, better be warned. Cecs knows the truth hence he doesn’t want to leave now until perhaps he’s well past it.

    Come on ye Red curse!! Bite them on the sea, over land, in the air and everywhere. Above all get Flamini for the 3rd time where it really hurts.for a year or more.

    We will win the Premiership and one more trophy next season!!

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