5.5 Centre Forwards and the fans want more!

There’s an Arsenal web site that is currently running a yes/no question along the lines – should Arsenal sign another striker?

The majority have said yes.

Which is fine – except we are getting a bit overloaded.   We have

Adebayor – scored the same number of goals in Season 3 as Theirry Henry, which is not bad.

Van Persie – two bad seasons with injuries and surely he is due an injury free time soon.

Carlos Vela – two seasons in Spain and he is scoring – “just like Eduardo” said Wenger, and that is good enough for me.

Nicklas Bendtner – not expected to achieve anything last season but he came through and scored some vital goals for us.  Never forget Tottenham.

Eduardo – due back in August according to reports – but even if not that early he should be ready to play by September or October.  Before being attacked he was brilliant.  Remember the goal at Everton?

Theo Walcott – I counted him as the half.  He will become a brilliant striker for us, but I think this coming season he would be best on the wing doing a Pires to Ade’s Henry.

So – if we buy someone else, then what.  OK, let’s assume we get injuries like we have suffered for the past two years – even so, that would only take two of the players out.   Worst scenario – Van Persie is done again playing for Holland, and Eduardo doesn’t get match fit until October.   We have Ade playing up front with Nicklas Bendtner and Theo on the wing drifting in ready to pounce.   On the bench, Vela.

Ade gets injured, but then Eduardo comes back and Theo is still an option for moving inside.  Carlos Vela starts getting games.

The point is of course that we might not get these injuries – so just how are we going to keep all these players happy.   Yes, Wenger can do it because of the Cup games, the extra Euro games for qualifying, and the fact that Eduardo will be reintroduced very slowly indeed, and Vela won’t expect to get too much.

But remember, Vela was playing every game for his side in Spain this last year, and with the Mexico squad this summer.   He won’t wait forever.

So for me, another striker, no – because to do that we would have to sell someone, and there is no one I want to sell.

Tell you what though, I really want to be there when Eduardo comes onto the pitch for the first time.

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  1. Finally a sensible fan. A little patience, provided we keep the squad together will bring a lot of trophies. All we need is a predominantly fit replacement for bobby, then we’re fine.

  2. All good points, especially considering Ade, Robin and Eduardo will all (reasonably) demand playing time. As will Bendtner (less reasonably). Nonetheless, in the latter stages of the four competitions can we really expect Bendtner, Walcott and Vela to cause problems against big teams? I doubt they will be ready. So therefore if one (or two) of our first choice strikers get injured or lack form then we could be in trouble. That said, I think our priorities for signings lie elsewhere, namely acquiring a world class centre back (not Dunne) and a combative centre mid (Yaya has been bandied around today). Wingers would be nice, especially considering Rosicky and VP’s constant injuries, and a world class keeper, but the latter won’t happen. Good article though.

  3. What Arsenal really needs is a hardman in midfield.

    Gilberto was a major disappointment, but fortunately Flamini managed to fill in the spaces.

    We need Roy Keane. Period…

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