Reasons to be cheerful (again)

I don’t know about you, but I tend to read the Arsenal news, and then maybe bits and pieces of news about other clubs.

So yes it feels like we are in a mess in the transfer market – but if I do go and read the stories about other clubs – they are no different. It doesn’t matter who you support, there are stories of players leaving, player demands for more money, players who the manager wants who don’t want to play, and more and more – they are everywhere for every team. For a Man U supporter there’s Ferguson leaving in 2 years, Ronaldo clearly unsettled, several members of the squad getting that bit too old – where’s the good news there? For Chelsea, there’s no manager, clubs saying “no you can’t have our manager”, players leaving, The Special One moving to Inter and so likely to be trying to buy, or certainly unsettle every Chelsea player imaginable.

Same is true everywhere – same is true for us.

We are not in any worse state than any other club. In fact we are in a better state because (sorry I am repeating this, but it seems so important to me) we HAVE signed

Carlos Vela and Fran Merida

Plus, we have effectively got a new player in Theo who suddenly came to life against Liverpool

Plus we surely have a right to expect that either Robin V P or Eduardo will stay injury free this year – or at least not both get injured at once.

Plus we always get one or two youngsters coming through each season, and if you have looked at any of our youngsters from last year you will know that we have Randall and Barazite and Gibbs coming through – ok not first team all the time – but good solid back up that could ensure we get an even better run in the Little Cup this year. And you never know…

Plus Alex Song – much derided and laughed at – is a bloody good player and stops us having to rely only on Senderos if a centre half is injured.

Plus the fact that the transfer window ISN’T EVEN OPEN YET

And one more plus. As we all know, players hit their absolute height of ability at age of 28. So, Cesc is still miles from that, but he is one year on, one year better – so is most of the team. I’ve suggested before that I retain the highest affection for Pires and really think he was a significant part in Henry’s ability – but I remember his first season with us when he was very ordinary, and I wondered why Wenger played him. He then went off to the Euro Championships, and came back an utterly different player. He suddenly developed that amazing ability to take the ball on a wander across the pitch, waiting and waiting, turning from tackles and then suddenly unleashing THE definitive pass to Henry. He really did not have that in year one.

Someone this year is going to return in August with the most astonishing extra dimension to his game, and that in itself will be like a new player.