Why we want Aaron Ramsey

He is 17, he is Welsh (so he wouldn’t qualify under any odd FIFA 6+5 rule) and he knows how to pass the ball.  He plays in central midfield – and he has that same sort of sense that Fabregas has which involves knowing where the opposition is, and where your team mates are.  All the time.

Why he  doesn’t have is the Arsenal trademark speed, and he is not that strong either.   So in those regards he is not Arsenal material – but if Wenger is bidding then it is because he believes Ramsey can get a lot quicker and a lot stronger.  Certainly he works and works and does none of the Bentley style preening.

He is certainly not the ready made article – but he could become a very good central midfielder, given a year or so of Arsenal preparation.   Of course he might not come our way – if he goes to Manchester Bankrupts then he is most likely to be sold on after a year or so to pay the interest on the bank loans, and most likely he will drift through life as a player who is good – but could have been better.