Birmingham admit to effect of the Curse of Arsenal

An article in the Birmingham Express and Star today has come closer than any previous statement to admitting the effect of the Curse of Arsenal, that was placed on Birmingham City FC in February.

After the Eduardo Event, police raided the Birmingham City offices and removed paperwork, two top figures in the club were arrested by police, and ultimately Birmingham were relegated out of the EPL.

Taylor, the man who gave Eduardo his broken left fibula and an open dislocation of his left ankle got a three match ban – the same that Hleb got for a dainty tickle on the cheek of an opposition player near the end of the season.

Now, the Birmingham City manager has said that the when Taylor returned to play (Birmingham rushed him straight into a reserve game after taking the derisory 3 match ban), “I didn’t think Taylor was quite himself. He played against Wigan and it wasn’t the Martin who had been playing before the Eduardo incident.”

It’s not much of an admittance but it is a start.   The Curse of Arsenal placed on Birmingham City is still in place and further problems could be on the horizon for the club as they face an uncertain future with the fans having called for the board to be sacked, and owners saying that they had had enough and wanted to leave.

The Curse of Arsenal was also placed on Flamini after he decided to walk out.   Two weeks later he discovered that his new-found team would not be playing in the Champions League, and he was dropped by France.   France have now brought him back in, but Flamini is left quite clear that he is just a fringe player in the team.

Contrary to reports no Curse was placed on Diarra – the general feeling was that we made 2 million pounds in the space of four months, and there were doubts about his ability to settle anywhere.  He is reportedly going to Tottenham.