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July 2021

Untold Ref review Arsenal 2 – Dortmund 1; farewell old friend, been nice watching you.


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By Ref Reviewer 04

For the CL game we had ref De Bleeckere doing his last game in the CL. Was it visible he had to stop?

Min Type Foul from On C/NC Comment points weight
1 OTHER Santana RVP C Jump in the back 1 1
2 OTHER Bender Santos C Trip 1 1
2 OTHER RVP Schmelzer C Jump in the back 1 1
4 OTHER Piszczeck Gervinho C Trip 1 1
7 OTHER Koscielny Grosskreutz C Jump in the back 1 1
9 OTHER lewandowski Santos C Trip 1 1
10 OFFSIDE Arsenal C 1 1
16 OTHER Grosskreuz Walcott C Little pull 1 1
17 OTHER C Ref comes over to Walcott to tell him what he can and most of all what is not allowed when he stands in front of the keeper when Arsenal is about to take a corner 1 1
20 OTHER Gervinho Piszczeck C Trip 1 1
21 OTHER Bender Arteta C Trip 1 1
22 OTHER Bender Vermaelen C Bender caught Vermaelen who unintentional hit Bender in the face when catapulted in the air. Bender broke his jaw with this 1 1
27 OTHER RVP Kehl C Push 1 1
28 OTHER Gervinho Santana C Trip 1 1
34 OTHER Mertesacker Kehl NC Jump in the back 0 0
36 OTHER Koscielny Kagawe C Trip 1 1
37 OTHER Koscielny Grosskreutz C Pull 1 1
38 OTHER Koscielny ? C Frontal tackle, player goes past him and advantage signalled. Dortmund have a shot that goes over 1 1
39 OTHER Vermaelen lewondowski C Trip but advantage given which leads to nothing this time 1 1
40 OTHER lewandowski Mertesacker C Push 1 1
41 OFFSIDE Arsenal C 1 1
42 OTHER lewandowski c Handball 1 1
46 OTHER Schmelzer Koscielny NC Looked like a trip for me, he sure didn’t touch the ball as the throw went to Dormund 0 0
Half time 21 21
CORRECT 91,30% 91,30%
RED 0 0
GOAL 0 0
OTHER 1 1 100,00
1 1 100,00
OFFSIDE 2 2 100,00
Second half
49 GOAL Arsenal C Correct goal 1 3
50 YELLOW Schmelzer NC Schelzer refuses to give the ball when Arsenal can take a throw. Ref warns both players. Schmelzer should have been booked 0 0
50 OTHER Piszczek Gervinho C Trip 1 1
52 OTHER Lewandowski C Handball 1 1
52 OTHER Schmelzer Walcott C Trip 1 1
52 YELLOW Schmelzer C Ref had warned him a minute ago and now has enough of it. Not the worst foul of the game but after warning a player you must be consistent 1 2
54 OTHER Vermaelen Lewandowski NC Leaning on the back 0 0
56 OTHER Kehl Walcott C Push in the back 1 1
57 OTHER Kagawe C Handball 1 1
59 OTHER Grosskreutz Vermaelen C Backing in the defender 1 1
62 YELLOW Schmelzer NC Gives a kick against the foot of Theo and pushes him after the ball has gone out. He looks a very frustrated player. He should get his second yellow now. Ref seemed determined to not send a player off in his last game I felt 0 0
62 YELLOW Walcott C Walcott is very unhappy about this behaviour and lets it know a bit too much and too loud 1 2
64 OTHER Mertesacker Kagawe C Has both his hands on the shoulders 1 1
65 OTHER Hummels Mertesacker C Push 1 1
68 OTHER ? Santos NC Trip ref gives advantage 1 1
69 OTHER Leitner Song C Push 1 1
70 OTHER Leitner RVP C Tackle on the achilles from behind 1 1
70 YELLOW Leitner NC This was a tackle we don’t like to see with the studs on the Achilles, should have been a yellow 0 0
71 OTHER Arteta Leitner C Came in with the arm to challenge him in the air 1 1
72 OFFSIDE Arsenal C 1 1
75 OTHER Santos Kagawe C Little pull 1 1
75 YELLOW Ramsey NC If the ref has said before the game to not kick the ball away after the whistle this card is correct. Refs in Belgium have this habbit to say it before the game. 2 2
76 OTHER Perisic Song C Pulling with a hand on his shoulder 1 1
78 OFFSIDE Arsenal C 1 1
78 OTHER Benayoun Piszczek C Frontal tackle 1 1
78 YELLOW Benayoun C Not going in dangerous but the tackle itself can be dangerous because of the frontal nature. In the EPL this maybe wouldn’t have been called as a foul but this is Europe and the rules are more strictly applied 1 2
82 OTHER Kagawe Santos C Holding 1 1
84 OTHER Hummels RVP NC Van Persie signals he didn’t get touched. He clearly anticipated the leg of Hummels who didn’t puthis foot in the challenge. Rvp clearly tried to avoid contact on his foot 0 0
86 GOAL Arsenal C Correct goal 1 3
87 OFFSIDE Arsenal C 1 1
88 OTHER Lewandowski Santos C clipped his ankle 1 1
90 OTHER Kagawe Benayoun C clipped his ankle 1 1
91 OFFSIDE Arsenal C 1 1
92 GOAL Dortmund C Correct goal 1 3
2nd half score
TOTAL 30 39
% CORRECT 88,24% 82,98%
YELLOW 4 7 57,14
RED 0 0
GOAL 3 3 100,00
OTHER 3 3 100,00
10 13 76,92
OFFSIDE 1 1 100,00
TOTAL 51 60
% CORRECT 89,47% 85,71%
YELLOW 4 7 57,14
RED 0 0
GOAL 3 3 100,00
OTHER 4 4 100,00
11 14 78,57
OFFSIDE 3 3 100,00
Correct calls For Arsenal 26 54,17%
For Dortmund 22 45,83%
Total correct calls 48
Wrong calls Against Arsenal 4 57,14%
Against Dortmund 3 42,86%
Total 7
Total fouls made by Arsenal 20 47,62%
Dortmund 22 52,38%
Total 42
Important wrong calls Against Arsenal 2 100,00%
Against Dortmund 0 0,00%

If I look at the two halves one could say that the age is taking its toll. An almost perfect first half but a not that good second half.

Much of his negative points came from the strange behaviour of Schmelzer who was begging for a few yellow cards and looked very agitated certainly from the moment Arsenal was in front.

The keeping the ball when Ramsey wanted to have it to take a throw was very strange and also if Ramsey would have been a bit smarter he just would have taken a fresh ball from the ball boys and leave Schmelzer with his other ball fighting with himself. But Schmelzer should have been booked for this. I thought the ref at this point wanted to take the game to an end without handing any cards.

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And then again already on a yellow card he was being a bit aggressive against Walcott when the ball was out of play.  Maybe a bad loser this Schmelzer?

Another missed card was the tackle from behind from Leitner who scared the Arsenal fans a bit. A tackle on the Achilles is always worthy of a yellow card and was also missed. I could live with the cards he gave to the Arsenal players.

And even though Ramsey was correct and the foul was where he kicked the ball too, he should have known better and just let it pass. You can signal it to the ref but don’t kick the ball yourself even if you are right. It is down to the ref to take action, not the players. And it wouldn’t matter that much if the ball was placed 5 meters more to the sideline. A stupid card to take and which could be costly in the future.

Farewell Ref De Bleeckere and in a way a pity because we had two wins with you in charge.




13 comments to Untold Ref review Arsenal 2 – Dortmund 1; farewell old friend, been nice watching you.

  • I thought I saw Song dead-leg Götze just prior to his injury – maybe I imagined it?

  • Shard

    I thought the referee was doing an excellent job until the incident where Walcott got carded. I think at this point because Walcott was having a go at the linesman, the referee got annoyed with Arsenal, and was completely strict with us. He was still calling the fouls correctly, just wasn’t giving Dortmund any yellow cards, while we were receiving no leniency.


    I didn’t think that was a foul actually, but I suppose the ref review should mention it.

  • Shard

    While watching the match, I (wrongly) thought this referee would try to hurt us. I can’t remember which incident it was, but early in the first half, I thought Arsenal should have had a free kick, and I thought I saw the referee lift his whistle to his lips, but he didn’t call it. This reminded me of Dowd against Newcastle.

    But I am not sure if that even happened in this match. Just what I thought I saw, and what I feared from that point. But as the game went on I thought the referee was doing well.

  • @Shard – It looked to me like Song let a few of them know he was there in the challenge – they were crapping it and kicking the ball away every time he came close to them after that… not saying we kicked them off the field but we did use our strength. the Verminator/Bender injury was just very bad luck in a 50/50 – but did you see the way the Dortmund players were looking at him after that – nobody wanted to get in a clatter with him. It’s been a while since I’ve seen an opposition team look scared of taking on one of our players not because he’ll make them look like a mug with his skills (which Song also did) but because they knew they would come out of any physical challenge second best.

  • Shard


    I didn’t really notice that fear in Dortmund to be honest, but if so it’s a good thing because we weren’t kicking them as you said. Song did a great job I feel. He is really strong, and I don’t know how he manages to pull off so many clean tackles while staying on his feet. Vermaelen is scary anyway. One stare from those eyes and no one would dare mess with him.

  • walter

    Shard a very clever remark.
    The trio De Bleeckere and his assistants Peter Hermand and Walter Vromans have been travelling around the world together. They have done european championships, world cups, champions league games and almost all the time in the same formation.

    So they really are a “team” and I can imagine as this was their last CL game together ref De Bleeckere did want to show his gratitude to his assistants and wanted to make it clear that he would and could not accept any dissent aimed at the assistant.

    In a way it was more of a statement towards his assistants at the cost of an Arsenal yellow card. I think the assistant will have appreciated it a lot in fact. I would have appreciated it.

    In his decisions when it mattered to fouls he was very good and only one more wrong call against Arsenal. If only we could get this in every other EPL game we would be very very happy. I would be very happy

  • walter

    It is Peter Hermans and not I’m not that Walter.. LOL Just to make sure…

  • walter

    but I sure would have loved to be that Walter this week… LOL even more…

  • Shard

    LOL Walter. I can see that a good refereeing performance has really pleased you 🙂

  • Gord

    The injury to Bender was complex. Most reports said the jaw was broken, a couple of reports said it was a double break of the jaw. There were also reports saying he did his medial collateral ligament in one knee (I don’t know which one). I guess he fell strangely? Having a broken jaw might make that happen (I didn’t see the game, just read the BBC description).

    Thanks for explaining the yellow cards to Walcott and Ramsey.

  • walter

    My first concern when I saw Bender on the ground was his knee. He planted his knee firmly in the ground and then caught Vermaelen. But because Vermaelen racing past him in full speed I thought I saw his knee giving away. It was later on when I saw also the foot of Vermaelen ending up in his face.
    It was very much a case of the offender paying the price

  • Passenal

    Dogface, I think Mario just ran into Song and with the latter being as solid as he is, Mario unfortunately came off worse. Arsenal definitely didn’t play dirty, but it did look like our players were more capable of imposing themselves physically upon the Dortmund players. It appears that all these years of tempering in the physical EPL are now starting to pay off for us in Europe!

  • novicegooner

    The review agrees with my opinion about Schmelzer in that he should’ve been sent off. That guy is the least sportive personality among dortmund’s players. He had a difficult game against Walcott but that doesn’t justify his poor and aggressive behaviors.