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  1. colario

    Another good blog. Thank you. About two weeks ago I suggested it was time you took yourself to the beach with your bucket spade and enjoy a rest. I am glad you ignored my suggestion! 🙂 Best wishes, Colario.

  2. WalterBroeckx

    Its a shame now with Beveren back in the highest division in Belgium (after going bankrupt and having the name changed after a merge with another club) it would have been nice to get back in touch.
    Okay I say this in the hope they send a few youngsters there to have them play there and I can go and see them 😉

  3. Matt Clarke

    I want to make some amusing connection between shipping companies and football teams (as in Leyton Orient and L’Orient) but lack the wit.


    But, at least the article was interesting.
    It’s good to learn more about Arsenal.

    Sadly, though, all this talk of Margate leaves Chas&Dave ringing in my ears 🙁

  4. Phil

    Cheers Tony. These sort of links will only benefit both clubs, with transfers going both ways along with coaching ideas etc. Seems the French work permit regulations are looser than in England too, given the Joel Campbell situation.

  5. Ong Bing

    Good article Tony, thank you.

    I just wondering and worry, it seems like Barca and Spain passing football not good now.

    I mean, the opponent now know how to stop them make goals. You still win the possession but hard to make goals.

    Can Arsenal facing the same problem?

  6. Woolwich Peripatetic

    Ong Bing,
    Circa 2007 that’s exactly the problem we had! A crucial difference between Spain and Barcelona is that Spain really line up as a 4-6-0 or sometimes 4-5-1 contrasted with the 4-3-3 that is the ‘natural’ setup for the Catalans. The front three for Barca are looking to get in behind or through the opposition defence either to receive a pass or with the ball at their feet. Spain don’t have a Messi, Villa is injured and Torres is out of form, so they are forced to play with loads of midfielders who offer great ball retention and not a lot else.

    Getting back to Arsenal 2012-13, Podolski and Giroud add even more physicality to our attack, the former likes to charge at the box from a LWF position and is quite happy to let fly from 25 yards. The Frenchman is more of an orthodox striker, a good target for players like Walcott and Gervinho to aim for in the box but still highly competent with the ball.

  7. Ong Bing

    Thanks Woolwich.

    Arrival of Poldolski and Giroud is very good addition to our squad. I hope they are the lost puzzles, and make our squad very different next season.

    I also think, 433 or 442, I still missed Pires and Lundberg.

  8. Sammy The Snake

    Good point, Tony. Can the same logic be used for Arsenal & Barca? We take their youth, and sell them our best players in their prime.
    BTW, I have no problems with that. Business is business after all!

  9. ARSENAL 13

    @ Ong Bing and Woolwich…

    I dont remember us having such a problem. Difference between us and spain/Barca is we probe around the penalty area and unlike Barca we try to have a go at the goal. But Barca go all the way back and start over again.

    Even that poor Man Utd game where we lost 8-2, we had some 15 shots on goal against Man Utds 18 or so. People/Pundits say we are one dimensional, but what they miss is the variety of goal scoring opportunities we create in a single game.

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