Has Wenger lost the plot, or is it just some fans?

Let’s try the arguments and see where they go.

Against Wenger:

We ain’t won nothing since the FA Cup.

Quite true, although since then we’ve got to our first ever Euro Final, built a completely new team and were looking for a while last year like we could win it.  Only a bad run of injuries totally screwed us, and we did after all only finish 4 points behind the leaders.

Against Wenger

Arsenal has become a selling club.

We’ve got rid of Hleb, Gilberto, Flamini and ?Ade.   We’ve brought in Nasri.   But this analysis totally misses the point – the side that Wenger mostly built last year has settled in and people like Clichy, Fabregas, Sagna etc are all that much further on.   True we don’t know how Vela, Diaby, Eduardo, van Persie, Theo, Bendtner and others will perform this year but on the basis of Wenger’s past performances some of them will come through as stunning stars.  Wenger is buying one more player – and who knows who that is going to be.

Against Wenger

You don’t win nothing with kids.

Just because some Liverpool pundit once said this, doesn’t make it true.  No one believed you could have an unbeaten season, so why not a winning club made up of incredibly fast younger players?

Against Wenger

He needs to buy more.

The point is that each year one or two players come through unexpectedly – Flamini was the obvious example last year.  We don’t know who it will be –  but it would be a unique year if we didn’t have one unexpected success in the year – and normally we get two.

So what is there against Wenger?   That he failed to win the league with a young side last year against a bankrupt team from Manchester who just spend anything necessary to keep going.   That he failed to win against Chelsea that have more money than anyone.

Well yes that is true – but the fact is that despite their spending powers Arsenal came very close – so close in fact that it could well be reversed next season just on luck alone, and we win a few games we drew and so walk off with the title.

Personally I have already seen several amazing sights in the two games this season – Wilshere, Coquelin, Barazite and Ramsey all look good – and we’re only two games in.

Obviously only the end of the season will tell, but I can’t see why these people are getting so fed up.  Must be a tough life they are living.

6 Replies to “Has Wenger lost the plot, or is it just some fans?”

  1. I trust in Wenger completely. We have a lot of young blood waiting for the spot next to Cesc and I fully expect someone to step up their level. I expect it to be Denilson. Ramsey looks amazing but is probably not ready.

  2. There is very little difference between success and failure. MU won the CL on penalties and won the EPL because Ade didn’t square the ball to the big Dane against Brum! They could have easily ended up winning nothing!
    Our team is stronger this year, with or without Ade, and I will be surprised if we don’t win the EPL.

  3. A lot of the ‘internet’ fans are being influenced by the non-stop negative media surrounding the club. The gooners I know who don’t frequent the internet or lap up every newspaper article are just looking forward to a new season starting and supporting their team.

  4. Hi Untold
    I think you’ve proved it’s definitely some of the fans who have gone doolahly!
    Great blog, keep it up.

  5. What amazes me most about this blog is the readers. I take it back. Other readers on other sites are more than amazing. They are ridiculous! Hitting on AW like he’s a failure when we all know last season was better than we asked for and that we lost merely on luck.

    Cheers and thanks for being a true gooner =)

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