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August 2021

BT Sprot desperate for Arsenal not to score a fourth

By Tony Attwood

They came to the Ems for the Ems Cup, and made it utterly clear that the notion of how to cope with “one point for a goal” was completely beyond them.  Three was it – the maximum.  Beyond that their maths could not cope as the entire commentary team degenerated into giggles and sniggering at how stupid Arsenal was at inventing such a difficult accounting theory.  The notion that most of the crowd can count beyond three was beyond them.

Now with Arsenal on three, and threatening a fourth, BT went into utter meltdown.  What, they wondered, comes after three?

The general thought was “many” and if Arsenal should go even further that would be followed by “lots”.

Fortunately for BT Arsenal took it easy after three, so instead BT Sprot worked totally to distance themselves from the AAA with whom they had flirted so outrageously at the Ems, and today in the build up to the show.

Their chosen outlet was that “the media” of which amazingly they are suddenly not part, had been “chattering” and predicting Arsenal’s demise, but Arsenal responded well.

Nothing to do with them, it seems, because suddenly BT are not part of the media.  No, they are “neutral”.  The media (the BBC, Sky, ITV, the press presumably) get over excited, but not BT.

Of course they had to mention the “tension on Wenger’s face” after two minutes.  They “sensed” that the Fulham fans were “desperate” for Berbatov to get the ball.  Arsenal were “down to their bare bones” (really with Jack on the bench?)

The rain got quite a covering, as did the “frustrated Arsenal fans”, but the brilliance of Rosicky, Walcott etc went unnoticed, but in the end, seeing how far they had got from reality, the commentary team did actually realise that Ramsey was superb.  They even game him match of the man – or something like that.

Actually I thought Jenkinson had come on very well as well.  He’s not brilliant, but the speed of his improvement is quite remarkable.  And I did wonder in passing what those geeks who have called for Ramsey to be given away are saying about him now.   A bit like Song not being fit to wear the shirt.   The AAA turn against someone, and when he comes good, turn on someone else.

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Anyway, we had all the usual gibberish trotted out as the game went on.  “He’s not that kind of player”, “He’s that kind of player,” “Fulham are that kind of team,” and all I wanted to add was that BT Sprot is “that kind of station”.

So the match wore on, Arsenal sauntered through, and Sonogo came on, “Wenger’s only signing” according to BT Sprot, which makes one wonder how we got Henry, Vieira, Walcott, Ramsey, and all those in between.

There’s one other thing to remember about BT Sprot.  They have a referee in the studio and every now and then they turn to him to ask if a ref decision is correct.  And would you know, it was.  Every single one.

It’s amazing, the ref never gets anything wrong!!!  That’s good to know.  100% accuracy from the ref.

As for the game, well, we’ve played three scored seven let in four.  At least it’s exciting.

And goodness if we were not with the bare bones we might score a dozen.

A review of the game itself is now on Untold

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44 comments to BT Sprot desperate for Arsenal not to score a fourth

  • WalterBroeckx

    I really seem to be missing something at my end of the Channel. 😉
    Do you know that our sports channel tunes in to the game some 5 mins before kick off. One match reporter then does the commentary from that moment till the half time whistle. And during the interval they then show another game (Dortmund – Bremen this time) and come back when the players of Arsenal were grouping themselves in the tunnel to go out on the pitch AS A TEAM! Was this some kind of signal from the group: we go out as a team? Great to see. And the commentator also noticed it.

    And then the match commentator again does his talking (letting the sound of the away Gooners in very well by the way) and does his talking to the end of the game. And when the game is finished he says a few more lines and then that is it.

    No pundits who explain what I could see with my own eyes. They do this for the Belgian league I admit but lets all pray they never do this for the PL.

    So if you want to enjoy such football coverage all you have to do is take the Eurostar 😉

  • Sid

    Why do they ALL employ pundits to spout inane nonsense, before, at HT and after tha games???

    Its a complete waste of money and a right turn off! I wish one channel would give it some thought ans decide what is it that the viewers want to see? Football, or some thick ex-pro chatting cliched old shit.

    Great result and should shut the media up for all of 2 seconds.

    Now lets make some inroads into that housekeeping money!!!

  • Sid

    And, how about callin em TB Sprout?

  • bc

    Our first choice 18 are pretty good when all are fit its when we start delving into the jenkinson frimpong ryo sanogo gnabry zelalems etc to replace them that the squad looks thin. I have nothing against having the odd youngster on the bench or even in the team, but today 5 of those youngsters were in the 18 that to me is too many and for that reason something needs to be done in terms of new recruits. I personally think you need at least 22 senior players and by that I mean homegrown/non-homegrown not under 21s. U21s like wilsbire chamberlain and the players mentioned above and others need rest and time to develop. We currently have 16 h/n-h players so I think wenger should be aiming for 6 signings minimum (1RB, 1CB, 1DM, 1RW, 1LW, 1CF) however I think we need a little more than that if we want to win the league. A World Class Keeper is a must plus I would add a versatile defensive player and a versatile attacking player. What we have to bear in mind is that 4 of those 9 would need to be homegrown, so that is where the numbers become difficult. Priority therefore has to be decided by taking into account the positions played by are best youngsters (jenkinson wilshire chamberlain ryo and gnabry) so first let’s get the best cf cb dm and gk that we can a world class spine is the most important thing. The other 5 signings can wait till january if need be and be covered by the youngsters unless we can afford them now of course.

  • Walter, although I love the idea of them coming out as a team, I think they had seen the rain, and were holding on for as long as possible.

    (PS Walter’s review of the match is at )

  • sperez

    Good win but don’t fool yourselves, new signings are needed. The PL is very physical and injuries will happen. And the Arsenal squad is lightweight and injury prone.

    Off topic
    While it makes perfect sense that Wilshere comes out and defends Wenger he shouldn’t say stupid things about the fans who want change and feel Wenger should go.

    Those things Wilshere said sound even more stupid when he hasn’t progressed at all. In fact, Wilshere level has regressed.
    C’mon even the much criticised Ramsey has been improving and now offers way more to the team than Wilshere.
    Based on the contributing factor, I’d rather pick Ramsey to play.
    English media shouldn’t overhype their players. This doesn’t make them any good. The same thing is advisable to some Arsenal fans.
    And what’s up with all the talk about Podolski to Shalke 04 on loan?
    I hope it’s just bollocks.

  • Sid


    You are insane mate! How many signings? And why the feck do we need a RB? Are you Ian Wrong by anychance?

    Signings are needed, as they have done all summer. I have no idea what has prevented the club from adequately addressing the need to strengthen? But I am tired of sticking the boot in.

    2 great results and a few quality additions will hopefully give the fans, players and manager a lift.

    I’d suggest a GK, CB (or a DM who can play CB) a striker and perhaps a tricky winger too!

    I’d love us to sign Fellaini from under the nose of the mancs!

  • Sid

    Only blinkered media and certain blog fed sheep have thought Ranmsey was shite. It was plain to anyone who actually took the time to watch him play that the lad was coming on briliiantly. His performances this season and the end of last have made quite a few eat their words.

    But to say Wilshere has regressed is also nonsense. There’s way too much hype around him and he will need a lot of time to get back to anywhere like his previous form, but he is quality and we should be thankful he is a Gooner.

    Not take the time to single him out for unnecesary criticism.

  • Mick

    Your AAA mob wanted Ramsey sold a short while ago didn’t they, great judges that they are!

  • Sid (@4.26pm),

    Preach on brother! Let’s hope that they’ll listen and stop harrassing our young players. I won’t hold my breath though, I’ll just ignore their rantings.

  • Stuart

    “C’mon even the much criticised Ramsey”

    You are pretending you wasn’t one of the critics here, why don’t you have some bollox and stand up for all the criticism you’ve been dishing out over the years?

  • Arsenal1Again

    Funny read Tony. Cheers for this after the disappointment of discovering at 2.50pm it was an early kick off.

    @sperez I am a fan of Wilshere, it’s well known I am, and though I’m disappointed to discover from Wilshere’s comments his love for Arsenal is conditional love ( expect more conditions in the future such as pay, league position, CL placez, etc) and conditional love is no love, I have to disagree the player has regressed. Just because Ramsey has improved and I have known from when he signed how much he would improve (I’ve never been negative about Ramsey), it doesn’t mean other players have gone backward. Wilshere for the first time gets criticism because of his conditions, ultimatums, blackmail and what now seems endless sucking up to Wenger.

    @Boomtoome Please tell me how somebody as ambivalent about Arsenal as you can be taken seriously?

  • Arsenal1Again,

    You can’t call anyone an ‘ambivalent’ fan if you couldn’t get the mere kickoff time of Arsenal game right 🙂

    You AAA are nothing but projectors, always accusing others of your worst crimes.

    Do you even know what ambivalent mean?

  • Stevie E

    You, of all people, are the the complete opposite of an ambivalent fan!

  • sukebe

    All i can get is this arabic speaking commentator streaming channel :E

    Oh curse you sperez and arsenal1again, really do..

    “Things can change” is i believe jack’s exact words, just because the media translate it as a threat to arsenal fans, you guys suck it up to spread negativity all over.

    Please use your brains (if there are any), try relating jack’s interview with tony adam’s interview, see other possibility?

    Nah, I don’t think you guys can or would admit it…

    Sucking up to wenger? LOL I believe every player on the pitch is 100% behind wenger… So suck it…

    Arsenal fans you are, huh?

  • Stevie E,

    Don’t mind the poor lad. I don’t think he knows the meaning of the word.

    I’ve been called all sorts of names with respect to my support for Arsenal but my worst critic wouldn’t to call me an ambivalent fan.

    Crazy, fanatical, deluded, mad, vociferous, AKB, noisy etc are all ok. But ambivalent? I’m insulted I tell ya 🙂

  • nicky

    Tony, I sense an increasing paranoia over the BT Sports Channels similar to that over ESPN.
    Never forget those faraway supporters of our great Club, who have to rely on the likes of these two broadcasters, in order to watch their heroes in the flesh.
    Remember the distance from Papua New Guinea to the Emirates is far greater than that from dear old Corby Town.

  • Lanz

    @Sid. Suggestion seconded. Tony should now call for a vote.

  • Pat

    Yes, Tony, amazing how Mark Halsey thought Howard Webb got everything right.

    Of course, he did say Webb was a good friend of his near the start of the match.

    Even Michael Owen disagreed on one point, saying Webb should have dished out a yellow card to a Fulham player (I forget which one) when he didn’t.

  • Mick

    Merson is shooting his mouth off again. His latest pearl of wisdom whilst speaking on Soccer Saturday is that he can see Ramsey leaving the club if we were to sign Cabaye or equivalent.

  • Pat

    Arsenal has had so many intelligent players who could be good pundits. And yet we have to listen to Merson!

  • Matt Clarke

    Spot-on Tony.

    Any broadcatser who has the ‘hero’ of the 2001 FA Cup Final (Liverpool’s most boring game ever?) as a commentor has got to be suspect.

    This business of a pet referee who (as you observe) agrees with all decisions is rather worrying. Why bother if not for a bit of controversy? Well, the answer to that is somewhat depressing.

    I do draw a small touch of comfort in the fact that they were distancing themelves from ‘the media’ rather than blindly carrying on with the attacks on Wenger regardless. Even my favourite radio (Radio 4) has a sports reporter (Rob Bonnet) who can do nothing Arsenal-related that isn’t shit stirring.

    I look forward to them eating their words.

  • The font

    Proper educated loyal. ambivalent I do not think so

  • The font

    Wilshere tells all the mugs where they really stand with there wob attitudes our most valuable player a true arsenal fan loves wenger what a shame for your theories now he has made his feelings clear he suddenly is not a good player I am on the floor laughing at your uneducated child like views

  • Arsenal1Again

    Quote Boomtoome Aug 24 “Don’t mind the poor lad. I don’t think he knows the meaning of the word.”

    Quote Boomtoome Aug 14 “I am not frustrated as a fan of a football club that has not won any trophy in 8 years because if all else fails, I take succour in my health, my career and my family & friends. Yes, the latter will give me “hell” in banter due to my team’s empty trophy cabinet but they fill my life with what I need to avoid frustration: true companionship!” Oooops.

    Quote Boomtoome Aug 14 “I am not frustrated as a fan of a club that has not won any trophy in 8 years because I see the progress that my club has made in a much more important area: future financial stability, strength and resilience.” Oooops.

    Quote Boomtoome Aug 24 “I’ve been called all sorts of names with respect to my support for Arsenal but my worst critic wouldn’t to call me an ambivalent fan.

    Crazy, fanatical, deluded, mad, vociferous, AKB, noisy etc are all ok. But ambivalent? I’m insulted I tell.” Read your quotes from just 10 days ago contradicting everything you say here.

    Today my whole schedule was worked around the Fulham game. I was ready for the game at 2:50pm and only then discovered I had missed it. I also saw the result which stops me enjoying it later today. I came to what I consider the best Arsenal Blog and stated before anything else I had missed the game and was disappointed. Everything in this paragraph proves I am not ambivalent.

    Everything before my last paragraph quoting you proves you are ambivalent about Arsenal. You are very indifferent. “Never mind, it’s only a game.” <= Paraphrasing here but this IS your attitude.

    Also Boomtoome you call fans AAA which is just immature name calling. Nobody is more qualified to whine about Arsenal than the fans, this includes the manager, the players, the performances, the decisions, the board and the owner."

    @Stevie E You have unfortunately been corrected, sorry. .

  • Notoverthehill

    Tony, well said!

    Jack Wilshere has been out injured for a season plus!

    As far as I am concerned, the 2013/2014 season is the “bedding in” season, once again.

    I trust the real supporters will come to realise this. As for the “quislings”, why waste time on their fimicolous comments.

  • Mick

    Very apt, I am impressed, a new word to me. Not only is this an interesting site football wise but it improves you vocabulary as well!

  • Arsenal1Again,

    You are either irony impaired or just not very bright.

    You failed to know a basic information about when Arsenal is playing that has been known to us ‘ambivalent’ fans (and that we’ve moan about at Untold) for several days because of your work. This would imply that your work is more important to you than Arsenal. Otherwise, you’ll know when the team is playing.

    About my quotes, I am as crazy about Arsenal as anyone but sorry, my health, family, career and friends indeed come before Arsenal. That does not make me ambivalent about the club. It makes me a normal functional adult with responsibilities. Which of these things that I listed are less important to you than Arsenal? Clearly not your career as your job just made you fail to realise when the team is playing 🙂

    Is it your family or would you jeopardise your health for Arsenal? Before throwing words and accusations around, take a while to think. Believe me, thinking is good!

    Crazy as anyone may be about Arsenal or any club, to claim that a football club tops your priorities is immature and irresponsible. I am neither. I love Arsenal but I don’t lose perspective of other important things in life.

    Indeed, when Arsenal underperforms, I don’t get frustrated or go nuts because those other things that you listed give me succour. In spite of all the passion, supporting Arsenal or any football club is only a hobby. If this makes me an ambivalent fan to you, then I am guilty as charged.

  • Rufusstan

    As far as Halsey goes, I’m holding judgment until they ask him about a dodgy penalty that the ref has clearly got wrong.

    The rest? misquote rectify make goodspeak.

  • sukebe


    Seems to me you have personal issues with bootome?

  • Brickfields Gunners

    @ Notoverthehill – Am impressed .Fimicolous does sound better than ‘eat shit ‘; but how would one use it at a dinner conversation ? Do we have to talk about the dung beetle ?

    From the Medical Division of UA – today’s word is –

  • Sav from Australia

    Is it just me or are the resident AAA, by and large, taking a holiday?

  • Sav from Australia

    Lol @Brickfields Gunners
    August 25, 2013 at 6:20 am

    Fear of strippers ahaha.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Some more phobias that sound uncannily like the AAAs –
    From –

    1)Ablutophobia – fear of bathing, washing, or cleaning.
    (Cleanliness is next to godliness)

    2)Achluophobia – fear of darkness
    (There Are None So Blind As Those Who Will Not See.)

    3)Acrophobia – fear of heights.
    ( Especially when Arsenal move up the table!)

    4)Agoraphobia, agoraphobia without history of panic disorder – fear of places or events where escape is impossible or when help is unavailable. Fear of open spaces or of being in public places. Fear of leaving a safe place.
    (Basically , you cannot escape the truth .Seek and ye shall find .)

    5)Agraphobia – fear of sexual abuse.
    ( Use your own imagination !)

    6)Agrizoophobia – fear of wild animals.
    ( Watch out ! Them AKBs are out to get us !)

    7)Agyrophobia – fear of crossing the road.
    (Chicken ?)

    8)Aichmophobia – fear of sharp or pointed objects such as a needle or knife.
    (Wit ? Sharpness of thought ?)

    9)Ailurophobia – fear of cats.
    ( PUSSY !Also called being pussy whipped !)

    10)Algophobia – fear of pain.
    ( Only if it involves self ; hurting others is a joy)

    11)Amychophobia – fear of being scratched.
    ( Their motto ,” You scratch me, I scratch you – we both end up being bloodied !” I ‘d like that very much ! Meow !)

    12)Androphobia – fear of men.
    ( Real men who are compassionate and reasonable .)
    13)Anthophobia – fear of flowers.
    ( Viva flower power !)

    14)Anthropophobia – fear of people or the company of people, a form of social phobia.
    ( Losers and loners club.)

    15)Aquaphobia – fear of water. Distinct from hydrophobia, a scientific property that makes chemicals averse to interaction with water, as well as an archaic name for rabies.
    ( Wash well get rid or that frothing from the mouth and rabid ideas !)

    16)Arachnophobia – fear of spiders.
    (Web-come to our parlor said the AKBs to the AAAs!)

    17)Astraphobia – fear of thunder and lightning.
    ( Justice ,like lightening should ever appear ; to some men hope ,to some men fear .)

    18)Atychiphobia – fear of failure.
    (They’d be more fearful of success !Failure is their norm)

    19)Autophobia – fear of being alone or isolated or of one’s self.
    ( The true source of their discontentment .)

    20)Automatonophobia – fear of anything that falsely represents a sentient being.
    ( That would undoubtedly be Untold Arsenal!Hurrah !)

    21)Aviophobia, aviatophobia – fear of flying.
    ( AAAs/ pundits/legends getting nose bleeds when those allegedly ‘crap’ defenders go forward and score !

  • Jambug

    When my Family (I include all our families beloved Cats and Dogs Etc. in that), Friends, and Work situations are all pretty much running along nice and smoothly Arsenal becomes all consumeing. Not only to me but to my Wife as well, who loves them as much, if not more than me.

    My day, My week, longer, can be ruined by a bad result. Loseing to liverpool in the CL(Another dodgey pen). The invisibles being mugged at OT(another dodgey Ref). Still irk me to this day. There are others too numerous to mention.

    But conversely I can be buzzing on a good result for days, weeks, longer. “It’s up for grabs now” still sends shivers down the spine. The Title’s taken at OT and the Lane still make me smile and punch the air as the images of those wonderful days pass through the mind. 5 in Milan. What I Night !!!

    But it is football. A massive part of my life for 45 years or more. But it is just football.

    When problems arise in ‘The real World’, Sickness, death, work, love, etc. Football, as important it is to me, suddenly takes a step back. Suddenly a home defeat, to whomever, becomes just another score on the screen. Suddenly loseing to Bradford passes with a shrug.

    That is ‘Perspective’ not ‘Ambivalance’ That is how it should be. And to deride someone as somehow falling short in their support of Arsenal, just because they seem to have a perfectly sane and ballanced take on what it is to be a true and loyal fan, is a somewhat, sad, ilogical and ungracious take on things.

  • Jambug,

    I literally bow to your logic, commonsense and perspective. The AAA (yes, they are AAA despite their protests) have none of these. To them being a fan means posting vile insults at the team that they claim to support when things are not going well.

    They are like those fathers who try to make up for their own personal failures by putting extreme weights on their children’s shoulders. They’d go nuts at training grounds when their children, who are just trying to enjoy the game, make mistakes. They are the sort who want their children to become doctors, lawyers etc just for their own selfish glorification.

    I am still puzzled by the fact that a guy whose work caused to not know the time of Arsenal game that has been changed for over a week would have the guts to call others ambivalent. I’ve missed Arsenal games due to my obligations in the past but at least, as ambivalent as I am about the club, I ALWAYS know when we are playing.

  • Tony,
    I see you are continuing your campaign against BT Sport. For what reason I do not know… Are you on Sky’s payroll or something??
    For the record, as you seem to be guilty of the kind of bias you complain about, the pundits on the show INCLUDED themselves in the group that had criticised Arsenal after the Villa game. Your version of events is pure fantasy designed to offer you the chance to criticise.

    As for the overall broadcast, it is raw for sure, but they will get better. I have witnessed no bias against Arsenal from them.

  • Georgaki-Pyrovolitis

    Sperez is a troll, don’t take the bait….

  • jax

    Ambivalence! Hasn’t that got something to do with being disappointed that your wife didn’t give you the promised BJ, but ecstatic that she allowed you to take her from b……..oh!

  • Stevie E

    Example of ambivalence – “I don’t care if Arsenal win”
    Example of perspective “I want Arsenal to win, but if they don’t I’m just going to get on with my life”
    Example of extremism – “if Arsenal don’t win I’m going to go fucking mental and kick off at someone who doesn’t share my extreme view”
    I hope this helps.

  • jax

    Sorry Bootoome!

  • Stevie E,

    Perfect. Just drop the mic and walk away 🙂

  • Jambug

    Stevie E

    Why do I bother blathering it in 500 words when you can put it so much better in just 50 !!

  • WalterBroeckx

    Jambug August 25, 2013 at 9:23 am and Bootoomee
    August 25, 2013 at 10:01 am

    I agree and understand completely what you are saying. Arsenal is the first thing on my mind when I open my laptop in the morning and mostly the last when I close my laptop late at night. But my wife and children and their girlfriends and their health and well being is far more important. In fact I think it is one of the reasons that even after a defeat I can be really deeply disappointed for a short moment. Then I look around me, count my blessings, look at how lucky I am in the real world just be being healthy and by looking around I can see every day how unlucky some people are who have lost their health and then I can turn the page.