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  1. Phil

    Calm down Tony. But it even got a laugh out of the wife!!! so ta

  2. LRV

    Extra-ordinary! Tony, could you please ask TFoGaL, he predicted 1 – 6, yet he had Arsenal scoring a total of almost double that figure through Wilshere, Bendtner & Wenger himself. What happens to the remaining five; or did Arsenal give those away to charity?

  3. 0.9 Calibre

    Bendtner is a big doubt.. so mostly its eduardo to manifest retribution.. Billy the Dog sounds less like himself as the blogs go by.. Prince of Darkness- Lol! thats too cool a name for the Brummies.. they are a mediocre team with a surprisingly decent manager thats all!

  4. Don’t Believe The Hype

    Surely it’s The-ological?

  5. walter

    Another great article Tony. LOL.

  6. Cosmic_Rider

    Outstanding article, Billy Rocks my World!

  7. Nabil Danial

    1-6!!!! Are you mad, aren’t you?? Birmingham only LOST 2 home game and CONCEDED ONLY 10 GOALS(at home)!!!

  8. tim

    Pure genius. The-o!

    I would love to see AW get a few goals himself. According to some YouTube vids, he evidently still has game!

  9. Brickfields Gunners

    Shades of Edgar Allen Poe and that old Nike commercial [starring Eric Cantona].Shawcross was an inspired selection- some garlic in his eyes please
    Eduardo .Better cut a few trees to make those stakes for the vampires. By
    the way ,whatever happened to that mecurial Transylvanian ,Dracula ? Or doesn’t he count ?
    Another thing Tony , why doesn’t Billy comment on your regular posts ? Are you censoring /witholding his views ? And what does his avatar look like ?
    These thoughts keep me up most nights.


    Eduardo to score the winner. Let justice be done

  11. FinnGun

    You shall burn for this, heretics! Satan’s own team is obviously managed by the Purple One.

  12. AQ187

    The Sun’s prediction of Birmingham v Arsenal says 1-1

  13. walter

    If I remember Eduardo, if I remember the way Theo was kicked off for a few weeks this season, if I remember that horrible tackle at the corner flag this season which took the assistent out but not the (Wigan?) player who could just jump up to save his legs….. this really is the team of the dark and evil empire.

    We will need a ref who lets them know that he wont tolerate those wild tackles from the first minute. I can dream, can I?

  14. Tony

    Just on the issue of Bendtner being injured – that is a Daily Mirror story that I don’t believe is reflected in reality. I think they have been running it to try and avoid noticing the fact they were conned by the Sun in terms of the Arshavin story. There’s an update link on the home page of the site http://www.blog.emiratesstadium.info which covers injuries and I try to update it every day taking into account what the Lord Wenger says or what turns up from trustworthy sources, and there the story is that Bendtner has an ankle problem but it should be ok.

    I would rather like Arshavin to score and then instead of putting one finger to his lips put the other finger across the first in order to ward off the evil beings.

  15. Tony

    Actually there is one more thing to add.

    Each day the site is bombarded with spam from firms that use auto email senders with the aim of getting their web site URL printed in billions of places, and so going up the rankings.

    These people write generic emails which could possibly be valid for your average web site, and I write little programs that stop them getting in.

    In the rubbish posts that turned up in relation to the above article was this one, which really made me laugh, considering the context above

    “I am a student and i found your information on the site very useful for my study, Please keep it up.”

    So, another student at the University of Certain Things then.

  16. maltamark

    Eduardo with a string of garlic around his neck…Fantstic!

  17. maltamark


  18. AQ187

    Can someone on here predict the scoreline? I’m pissin’ in my pants already!

  19. Rhys Jaggar


    Funny story of the day from reading the paper with the Rice Krispies:

    A Man City luminary, mindful of good relations with members of the Trade Association, expelled a multimillionaire EFC guest from the Directors Box at CMS after he laughed at the EFC fans singing: ‘Two nil and we spent fuck all!’

    Following furious denials from the MCFC CEO, who is fearful for his transfer budget after the multimillionaire threatened to dish the dirty to his Arab employers if he didn’t get on his knees, call his minion a moron and summarily expel him into the wilds of East Manchester, it is expected that this contagion may spread to away grounds as fans, eager for new taunting chants, take up the baton in the coming weeks.

    The EFC would-be part-owner, possessor of a £500m fortune which may dwindle significantly if commercial property goes tits up, could not be contacted in his Swiss ski resort hideaway but did say: ‘It’s a shame that all that money bought out their sense of humour!’

  20. spanner

    Surely there is a place in the Brum for the old adversary of light that is Lee Bowyer. He would get into any Devilish team in his prime!
    Arshavin will wield the baton of philosophy and the halo around Theo (God)will be so bright as to illuminate even the ninth circle of this inferno as the returning son Eduardo strikes the killer blow.Amen.

  21. naveenkrisna179

    it made me laugh…good one dude 😀

  22. Kiko

    Cool n’ fantastc, arnl go on n win it.

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