Robin van Persie says he will reconsider his priorities

By Walter Broeckx of the Arsenal Benelux Supporters’ Club

After what seemed to be ages the return of Robin Van Persie comes nearer.

This week the manager revealed that our striker could be two weeks at the best away from real involvement in games. Last weekend Robin Van Persie was on Dutch TV and he really looks ready to take any chance he gets to come back in the team.

He was feeling great, he had worked real hard and he felt real strong. He has done most of his rehabilitation in Holland and according to the physio he really was in a good condition.

He even said that in the future he would reconsider some of his priority’s. This could mean that after the world cup he will choose the Arsenal before his country’s side and that must sound like real sweet music in our ears. Except maybe for the fans of the Dutch national team.

Did we miss Robin ? Yes we missed him. This season he played 11 games in the league and had 7 goals and he also had a fair number of assists to his name as well. In the CL he played 4 games and had 14 goal. So this makes a total of 15 games and 8 goals scored.

These are really good statistics one could say.

But there is more. Apart from being a good goal scorer he also is a player that makes people around him play better. He has good vision and he can pass the ball to team mates to let them score. Even his right foot was getting better and better in the last seasons.

And for the first time in years he looked stronger and he wasn’t bothered that much anymore with muscle injury’s that have hampered him in the last seasons.

So we not only missed his finishing but we also missed his overall play and his great link with Cesc during the first spell in the season. Since the day he got kicked off the field in Italy we did suffered a bit, not least because of the injury that Bendtner had in the same period. So we did not score as many goals as we did with him in the team. But even without him we are in the race.

Would our season have been different if we had him fit, apart from a little injury that every player suffers every now and then? Yes it would have been a different story and certainly in the top games which we lost.

Robin is one of those players who really likes the big games. If you just go back a few season when we won 2-1 against MIOU. Who scored the winner, and got himself injured at the same time? Yep, Van Persie.

Let’s go back to Chelsea last season. 1-0 down and who stepped up ? It was Robin who scored two goals in a few minutes to give us victory.

Or let’s take our home game against Liverpool and who made a magnificent goal? Yes Robin once again proved to be a player who can do something special in the big games. So we did miss him in the games against MIOU and Chelsea this year.

I’m not going to say that we would have won those games but I really believe that with a Robin Van Persie in full fitness we would have had more chances to come up with a result. Let’s not forget he is 26 now and he has showed that he is a world class striker.

I know that I have high hopes about Robin and really think it will be great to have him back in the team. But one has to be careful about him when he returns. Will he just go on like he did before his injury? It would be great if he could.

But if we are realistic about it we must realise that he will need some games to come back to this level and it will be the question if he gets enough time to reach this level in the remaining of this season. It would be really a bit ironic for The Arsenal if Van Persie would be fresh and shine in the World Cup because he was unable to play for us in the biggest part of the league due to his injury that he got when playing for Holland.

But it is great to see Robin back and we really will welcome him back on the field as an Arsenal player. The only thing is that we must give him the time he needs to come back even stronger than before. And I can only hope that the fans who like to moan a bit give Robin the time to get back and not slaughter him if he is not from the word GO at his highest level.

Robin told on Dutch TV that he is ready and real hungry to get going again. Let’s just hope that with his contribution he can bring the last missing link to bring us to an even higher level.

Robin who told to the fans when he signed that he could not leave The Arsenal because it is a club that gets in your blood. Welcome back Robin, we have missed you.


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27 Replies to “Robin van Persie says he will reconsider his priorities”

  1. ” In the CL he played 4 games and had 14 goal.” besides missing the S at the end that is a damn good goal average 😉

  2. Just one correction.In the Manunited game i believe he scored the equaliser and Henry scored the winner in the 92nd minute.

  3. Great sensible piece – be nice if he managed to hit the ground running but as we have all seen it takes a while to get up to speed – having him back will give a lift to the squad though

    Great Stats !!! “CL he played 4 games and had 14 goal”

    all the best dave

  4. What a mistake to make…. Tony could you change it to 1 goal please. I blame it on the computer or some virus… or just me with a silly mistake…. 😉

  5. Good piece, Walter.

    While I’ll never begrudge anyone the chance of playing for their country, I think Robin knows that playing in non-competitive games may also reduce his chances of winning the trophies he so desires with Arsenal. You only have to look at the tiny margins in the title fight and wonder if we would have even one or two more points with Robin in the side to realise what an impact his involvement in friendlies can have.

  6. Sadly, this season, Robin missed the budding match up between him and the other top strikers (i.e. against Ronney, Torres, Bent and Drogba) in the EPL. In the early part of the season, he was feeling his way around the new 4-3-3 system and was providing assists but was not scoring. According to him, he was had gotten the hang of it and was begiinig to score when the injury struck.
    Hopefully, next season shall be a full injury free and productive season for him.

  7. I think his right foot was always strong but this season he scored more with his right because he played alone upfront and not with a right footed partner

  8. If I remember Robin from his early Feyenoord days he was one of those players who only used his right foot to walk or run with. He has worked hard on this and his right foot really has become a very decent foot.

  9. Hi, where can i get the details of purchase for making the arsenal ? can it be delivered overseas ?

  10. I think having van persion in the team over the period we have missed him is worth at least 6 points and we would have been clear on top …

  11. Without their top striker, one would have to agree that Arsenal couldve definitely been in a better position in the table. Arshavin was our CF against the brutes of the EPL, yet we still managed. I’m VERY impressed with the team and hopefully we can make this tough season a season to remember!

  12. Re- “Making the Arsenal” (and why we have to spend time talking of anything else I don’t know), if you go to you will see 3 pics of the cover, each for delivery to different parts of the globe. Choose the right one for you, and click, and you can go through and order with a credit card.

    If you want me to sign it, just say that on the order – in the comments space.

    There’s only one book – the different “versions” merely reflect different postage charges depending on where you live.

    PS: Do you know there are some people who read this site and still haven’t bought a copy! I’m outraged! I’m…. (enter men in white coats carrying author off to ambulance….

  13. Its Friday evening and I’m getting nervous again. Gee, another 6 weeks of butterflies.

  14. I’m afraid he did his foot in 2007 playing for Arsenal against Man Utd. Him not playing for Holland will not affect his future injury profile. It’s just an excuse to try and marginalise international football.

    Perhaps we supporters should ask Wenger to repay us each time a star is out for 6 months playing for Arsenal, assuming the injury wasn’t caused by an assault by an opponent (Robin’s wasn’t against Italy)? After all, fans pay 40 – 50% of his wages directly through tickets/shirts etc and, let’s be honest, media money comes from outlets assuming fans will watch/purchase subscriptions.

    It works both ways, Mr Wenger.

    It’s just that you think that you count but the fans don’t in that situation.

    Think about it……….

  15. I’m really glad to have RVP back for the run-in. I wouldn’t mind him featuring for the UCL 2nd Leg at the Camp Nou.
    As for tomorrow’s match 3-1 to the Arsenal. I hope the boys are totally up for this. Go Go GOONERS!!!!!

  16. Do ManIOU fans criticize Old Redknose for keeping Giggs out of Internationals,
    for his whole career?


    I didn’t think so.

    “I know nothing!”

  17. I’ve made the order for a copy Tony, also requested for the sign.

    How many copies were made ? there are heaps of arsenal fan in my country, united under Arsenal Indonesian Supporter club which is an official Arsenal supporter club listed at the and more than a thousand registered (surely some followed, or at least has read your site). I can’t tell precisely how many of us read your site but i can say we’re quite proactive when it comes to purchasing stuff such as jerseys, merchandises, and in that matter, making the arsenal should be a great addition because it includes the complete history of arsenal (if im not mistaken), should be quite the collection. E-mail me if you need a hand to reach them. i’ll be glad to help.

    anyway, i totally agree that robin stays fit, that would made a big difference to our current position in the league. Not that im being pessimistic about our current line-up, but im a big admirer of robin especially that goal he scored against playing charlton ath a couple of seasons back was a screamer. Just wish he never had those pile of injuries.

  18. Rhys, I know a player can get injured when playing for The Arsenal. We have enough names we can put on the list.
    But to me it feels different if a player gets his injury when he plays for Arsenal or in an international game. If het gets the injury when playing for Arsenal than it feels like part of the job. When he gets is playing for Holland it feels to me that they highjacked him from our team and are responsible for the injury.

    Now I know that it could have happened when playing for Arsenal and the result would be the same at the end of the day, but is just the perception that is different. If you can understand what I try to explain?

  19. Walter I totally get your point – Arsenal pay his wages, so if he gets injured playing for us that is part of the deal. But losing a key player in a pointless friendly match is galling in the extreme.

  20. Remember Pablo Rossi during World CUp 1982?
    He was suspended for the entire season and yet went on to score and won games for Italy?

    That will be the impact of RvP on Arsenal season if he is ready to play during late-APril.

    WIth S*CUMS game on 10-April postponed, hopefully to end-April or May, we need RvP to play in that 4-3-3, again with Nik at right-flank.

    It took Arsene Wenger 4 seasons to get it right for RvP in a 4-3-3.
    And it took RvP one whole season plus a few months during this season to perfect his role as “Lone Striker” in a 4-3-3.

    Scoring, creating, cutting in from flank to centre, battling it out in midfield, collecting a few yellows too from those impetous executed tackles.

    If Adebayor got his head right, retained his work ethics of 2005/06 season, he too is another perfect “Lone Striker” for our 4-3-3.

    But RvP is in a class of his own and a perfect fit for our 4-3-3.
    My feeling is that he got a helluva role to drive us to the title during the final straight.

    Once we survive against Barca, we need him to unlock the tight and well-organsied defence that MOurinho will certainly use.

    Imgine our most 1st Eleven then:





    …..Bendtner………..Van Persie………..Arshavin

  21. Nice one Walter. Like you and everyone else on here I can’t wait to see RVP back in an Arsenal
    shirt again. It’s like having a new signing and will provide a massive boost to our title run in and CL ambitions. Ferguson and the rest must be gutted.

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