Cardiff 0 – Aaronsenal 3

By Walter Broeckx

Oh sometimes you can’t wait to write your article about the match and then you find other things on your path so you have to wait a bit. A bit too long. Certainly after a match like this.

A match that even before the game was started was all about Aaron Ramsey.

Jack likes to start quick for the moment it seems.  Hardly a minute gone and Jack curled in a wonderful shot. But the cross bar saved the keeper who was well beaten. That would have been some goal. And amazingly how Jack has found his shooting boots lately. Long may it continue.  That was a big scare for the Cardiff fans.

The next scare was for Arsenal fans. When Sagna and Mertesacker both went for the same ball their heads clashed. The Big German went f*cking down and looked K.O. On the TV you could see that he was bleeding in his mouth.  I admit that after the early ball coming of the woodwork and seeing Big Per down I feared: surely, this isn’t going to be one of those days. Hitting crossbars, getting injured players and then concede a penalty goal in the last minute… But to my great relieve the Big German spit out the blood and maybe some teeth and came back on.

His influence could be seen immediately as it was the only moment when Cardiff threatened in the first half from open play. But the header from Campbell went wide. The next moment was a controversial moment.

A ball ended up with Giroud who was so sure he was offside he stopped play and looked up and then saw that the assistant didn’t raise his flag and that he could have continued. One replay showed that Özil had a little touch on the way and then Giroud was indeed offside.  And Giroud knew it and stopped accordingly.

Now the assistant did make a strange move. I think the assistant wasn’t sure that Özil had touched the ball and he kept his flag down (maybe talking to the ref? ) but he also stopped his run and that is strange. Because he didn’t follow the second last defender at that moment any more. So it all went wrong at that moment. Giroud his honesty can be applauded but if it would have been the difference between winning/draw/losing  the others might not have been so forgiving.  I can imagine the fans not liking it.

But as I like that games are won fair and square I would have hated it if we would have won a game with such a goal. And about what followed was no controversy.

During all this Arsenal was in control. One could say complete control. It was waiting for the moment we would score our first goal.  And when it came it was no surprise on who was involved.

A few seasons ago Arsenal went to Cardiff for a cup match. It was Ramsey his first visit back to his old club. Ramsey was completely rubbish in that match. I remember seeing it and thinking to myself: ‘take him off, Arsène, take him out of this nightmare’. But nothing of that today. Ramsey was impressive as he has been all season so far.

And of course we have our BMS (Big Money Signing) Mesut Özil. His perfect cross found Ramsey who had seen the gap in the Cardiff defence and scored with a nice looping header over the keeper. Poor Aaron scoring such a wonderful goal and then not feeling able to really show your excitement and joy.  Of course when Ramsey went to Arsenal I think most Cardiff fans will have regretted his move but would have understood it. Maybe we have a lot of Cardiff supporters who support since that moment Arsenal as their second team? It was amazing to see however how many Cardiff fans stood up and applauded Ramsey. I don’t think they would have applauded if it would have been any other Arsenal player that would have scored that goal.

What followed was more control by Arsenal. It felt as if we didn’t want to finish them off.  Something that we would like to see happening at some time of the season. Ramsey had the best chance to do it just before half time but he couldn’t keep his shot on target. So we went in being 1-0 in front at half time.

And in seasons before you then could be afraid because you know at some moment there will be a chance for the other team. But our defenders were as we know them they can be this year: strong, calm, cool and not letting much pass. The biggest chance came from a corner that was looped high up in the air and Campbell could head from some 7 meters out but then Szczesny showed what a great keeper he is by pushing the header out. Mertesacker did the rest and blocked the ball out for a corner and the danger was diverted.

We leaned back a bit and at times Cardiff tried to press us but with not much happening apart from a few shots from distance that were comfortably held by Szczesny.

People who have been moaning about the return of ‘cheap Flamini’ had to swallow another bit of humble pie. When he came on, he organised, pressed the Cardiff players, pointed at others where to run and what to do. Özil once again showed his brilliance in assisting goals. He got the ball on the right hand side with some options on the left and down the middle.  His inch perfect pass with just the perfect weight on it found Flamini who had joined the attack and his fierce shot flew high in to the Cardiff goal. What an amazing pass and what a great finish by Flamini.

There were 86 minutes on the clock and this was the moment we could finally relax. A 0-1 lead is always risky how well you play and how strong you are. We should have finished off the game a bit earlier but well as long as we win it doesn’t really matter of course.

After Wenger had brought on first Flamini and then later on Monreal he then took Özil off and replaced him with Theo Walcott. Theo was close to a Cardiff attack in our own penalty area and then Ramsey could break and brought the ball up field. He released Theo on the right who waited for support in the middle and who else but Ramsey had followed up his run and was unmarked in the penalty area. Theo to Aaron and he thumped the ball ‘in the pin’ (as we say it in Flanders) for another  Arsenal goal.

0-3 was the final score against a team that had beaten Manchester City already at home. Against a team that almost had beaten Manchester United that only managed a point with some referee help.

But hey let that not be a reason for the pundits to change their point of view about Arsenal. Well gentleman: Keep on predicting it. I think our players find it another reason to stuff it up as we do for the moment.

As I type this we are 7 points in front and the other teams have to catch us up. We have 11 points more than we had last season this time of the season.  I noticed that Hansen and Shearer (Waldorf and Stadtler from the Muppet show) were absent today.  They must be sick of us winning our games I think.  Long may they feel sick.




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  1. You did not hear?
    Hansen and Shearer were stuffing their respective faces with humble pie; and it didn’t taste good.
    As they say “this was not chocolate”!

  2. Nice write up Walter. It was a very enjoyable match and three very good finishes for the goals.

    I also liked the way Ramsey respected the Cardiff fans and they in turn showed their appreciation of his thoughtfulness and also his playing skill. (In contrast with the behaviour of a certain traitor).

    I noticed pre-match some bloggers/punters wanted Ozil dropped – the AAA types never cease trying – but continue to make fools of themselves.

  3. Watched the game and couldn’t help noticing only Arsenal players booked. Mutch was spoken to when he should have been booked – nothing new from the PGMO cheats. Arsenal will have to win in spite of the bias of these incompetents.

    Our keeper is quality and his presence is a great asset.

  4. I was at the game the last time we played in Cardiff – and that 0-0 draw was awful. The accommodation of the fans and attitude of the police was also terrible that day.

    Fortunately everything has changed. We played about four 0-0 draws in a row at that time, now we score for fun. Arsenal are top of the league, Cardiff have a lovely new stadium, and the police seem no longer to be totally convinced that anyone walking to the stadium is a criminal.

    Life is getting better.

  5. Hi Walter MOTD pundit Murphy still reckons we will not win the EPL because we have not played anyone yet . I wonder what will be said depending on todays results only 1 goal conceded in November so it seems we will not be taken seriously until we are so far in front and no team can catch us with 1 game to go we will get some credit

  6. Just some stats:
    Ramsey has score 8 in the league at the rate of 1 goal for every 4 shots. And I think he is averaging 4-6 shots per game. Thats ridiculously impressive for a deep lying midfielder. Even if he relaxes a bit and continues his goal scoring run, we are in for 20 goals from him. Add to that Wilsheres discovery of his scoring boots and imminent return of Theo and Poldi.

  7. The very good defending record is in no doubt related to Szczesny (even some games last season).

    The back four had continued with their good form since last season. They reduced the cases when they make a blunder. They work keep good positions and cover each other very well. Also there are usually two of these players in the middle: Arteta, Ramsey and Flamini. These guy shut out quite a lot of attacks.

    And then even the three at the front, Giroud in particular drop all the way back to cut out the opposing side. There was a 15 minute period in the second half when Cardiff really tried their best to push Arsenal. They ran extra hard so Arsenal players gradually fall back and cut their route of advance out one by one. The order is then restored.

    At one point I saw no fewer than 6 Arsenal forming a wall. Two tracking and attack on the left, the others taking positions. That was quite a sight!!!

    No matter how good the back four work, they would make one or two mistakes. They are men so its fine as long as they keep making fewer and they aren’t those blunders where you want to smash your screen. When that happens Szczesny comes in to cover the last bit left by the back four completing a very good defence.

    Szczesny amd Ramsey are the players really on fire this season.

    At the moment, I the team actually do better defending then moving forward.

  8. Shame no shearer or Hansen but below a snippet of the sub moronic state of British punditry
    Interesting motd had to wheel out ex spud Liverpool contingent last night. nothing if not true to form I guess. Not that those two were the worst by any means. Why don’t they try some intelligent unbiased foreign guests….ok sorry silly question
    Still a lot of this anti arsenal stuff stems from jealousy and that is a good thing. Also the more pundits that don’t rate us well maybe the PGMOL might not see us as the threat we are which us also a good thing

  9. Another dive by a Utd player when they are desperate minutes after having gone behind again.
    Another pelanty to Utd! Unimaginable outcome eh? Not transparent, nope. What. A. Surprise.

  10. This must be that Norvan Gr*tball that Moyes spoke of after Swarbricks efforts last time Everton visited Arsenal. Why was Moyes desperate for a draw when Everton still had a chance of 4th? Obviously because he was already on his way to ManIOU. No doubt Everton football fans are much happier at this moment under Martinez.
    Who does he think he is kidding?

  11. Hull beat the scousers 3-1, great result for us coming on top of the mancs and the spuds draw. The weekends getting better and better.

  12. So the ref threat turned out to be a false call yet again. Why are we a threat to the PGMOL again? Oh that’s right nobody knows except that Mike Riley is apparently a Manu fan and we have of course been the major threat to their winning everything in the last ten years if we of course ignore the existence of Chelsea and Man City.

    A splendid performance though unfortunately I only witnessed the highlights on MOTD where even the dastardly pundits were singing our praises. It seems like everyone was on top form. Cardiff have been a difficult nut to crack for some, Manu and City, but not us, playing what reminded me of that total football so beloved of the Dutch back in the 70’s. Ramsey, again, what a great prospect.

  13. Ref was not able to prevent us winning, but he showed clear bias in awarding cards, and ignoring a number of fouls, especially on Giroud and Arteta.

  14. Rupert Cook,

    I wonder why are you hanging around deluded conspiracy theorists at Untold Arsenal? Your effort to re-educate them is clearly not working.

    If you are getting your dose of Arsenal performances from MoTD, you are not qualified to lecture anyone on the state of things concerning the team. Not Untold regulars in particular, who either attend the games in person or make the effort to watch the team play live. Your condescension is annoying because of us all, you seem to be making the least effort to follow the team.

  15. Rupert

    Not really sure how you can be dismissive of threat if the ref if you didn’t even see the game… Surely your opinion is only valid if it’s based on fact, not a heavily edited highlights package.

  16. The rupert as usual tries to influence those who watched the match basing his opinion on the interpretation of brief edited highlights. Not really very logical.

  17. Rupert,

    Just for you – the officials for Wednesday are Andre Marriner assisted by G Beswick and M Scholes with Lee Probert as fourth official. You will see nothing wrong with any of the decisions on the field should you bother to watch the match.

    Everyone else, I will do a full review tomorrow which might just contain some pertinent points for those watching to keep an eye open for.

  18. Rupert, writes as if we believe the reason why Arsenal win is because the ref had a good game and if we lose it is because the ref had a bad game.

    If we believed that and it was true then Arsenal would be propping up a non Football League league. We would have said good bye to the Premier League years ago.

  19. Rupert
    You didn’t even watch the match, but you think the ref did a good job. Says it all….

  20. Just heard the commentator on Talk sport say
    ‘More determined to win the ball in the vital area’. In the Chelski game.

  21. With reference to the rupert’s last sentence: –

    ” Ramsey, again, what a great prospect.”

    I take exception to this rather patronizing throw away remark. If the rupert took the trouble to watch the matches he comments on he would be able to realise that Ramsey was a great prospect a few years ago; but, now he is one of the best midfielders in the EPL verging on world class.

  22. Quote: It felt as if we didn’t want to finish them off. Something that we would like to see happening at some time of the season.
    And i thought i was the only one seeing this? Sometimes i think we are playing “OK we scored, your go now” football. We need to become a little more ruthless.
    Next two games must win, then ManC away will be more comfortable. I have no fear of ManC, and think this is where their unbeaten home record comes to an end.

  23. of course the way the ref gave soft free kicks to Cardiff (they score most of their goals from free kicks) in promising positions was not in the highlights package. The way he waved away similar fouls on Arsenal players neither.

  24. @Andrew, yes I had a look at that. I like the way he (7amkickoff) presents the numbers. The stats that I wrote are a combo of him and other stats I read (multiple sources of cource). I dint mention any of them because I thought all of us know them.

    Szczesnys stats too are impressive this season. Specially his shots to save ratio. But credit must also go to the back line and the midfield shield for that as the shots are being fired (majority of) from a comfortable range. BUT Szczesny is my player of the month. He stood firm when our defence was breached….

  25. @bootoome, I know you go to every game so you’re infallible.

    @Stevie E. the point so often made on here, ad infintum, is that the refs are involved in some strange sect that has only one aim, to deny Arsenal winning anything and all their decisions are to that end. And yet even when, as you claim, the ref tries to do this they fail, rather proving the point I made on another thread which totally rubbished the theory that refs’ decisions can absolutely win or lose games. 3-0 to us against a so called bias ref seems to only strengthen my point.

  26. @Andrew, really, nothing wrong with any decisions. Believe me if we lose this place will come alive with people pointing out wrong decisions.

    As for not watching the whole game how many of you lot actually go? Most of you watch the game on dodgy streams as I’ve done so don’t get all self-righteous. Some of us have lives outside of AFC.

  27. No Rupert, you got it wrong.
    The main aim of the leader of the gang is not to let Arsenal lose. The main aim is for another to win.
    But just as Calcipoli didn’t always work in Italy as teams can beat the system. But doing it 38 times is hard and difficult and makes it even more difficult.

  28. Rupert Cook,

    Don’t put words into my mouth. It’s dishonest.

    My point to you is that you are not in position to argue with people who go to games or at least, and unlike you, take the time to watch the games live when you only get your take from MoTD edited highlights.

    It’s simple enough for even you to understand unless you just want to play the victim.

  29. @Walter, such pedantry. Er, it amounts to the same thing. Again Walter, WHY?

    Arsenal have been no threat to the dominance of Manu since 2006. And a threat to the PGMOL. Er, what, if Arsenal win things the whole ref system collapses.

    If Mr.Riley and his cohorts love Manu then I imagine the injustices they visit on Chelsea and Man City must be astronomical, the true threats to Manu dominance.

    I’ve already educated you in regards to how ref decisions can never be proved to alter things conclusively, how the reality you would trade for another cannot be guaranteed to be beneficial. You stubbornly ignore that logic. To borrow your phrase, why bother?

    The truth is that the squad has not had the depth or quality to win the league for years. I think even you know that. This year things look different.

  30. @Bootoome, how do you know who’s watched games and who hasn’t? I freely admit it when I haven’t seen every second of a game but I’ve no idea what anyone else on here has seen. Or do you just believe everything everyone posts? No, of course you don’t because you have taken issue with one poster who claimed he went to games and you didn’t believe him and another who claimed to be an ex footballer and you doubted that too. Of course you didn’t like believing them because they had opinions that differed from yours. And yet you, and many others on here, believe all Walter’s ref stats and yet there’s no proof for any of it. We all believe what we like to believe.

    Playing the victim. I’m not playing anything. This is a blog where people post views. There are no victims, just a lot of banter about refs and Arsenal and arguments and opinions and very rarely, the odd fact. There are a few obnoxious bullying types who display their unwholesome fascist tendencies but you get those misfits on every blog. And I wasn’t meaning you btw.

    Anyway I’ve got stuff to do now so I bid you good day.

  31. @Rupert

    Again you say Arsenal have been no threat since 2006.

    Again I say, maybe we were sometimes closer than you think. I forget the year but I think it was 2007-2008 where Arsene Wenger says we were very close.

    Dreadful refereeing which allowed thuggish tactics to prevail has cost broken legs for Eduardo and Ramsey. How can we assess the psychological effect of this on what was a young team?

    Anyway, on a more pleasant note.

    I love that Arsene Wenger says ‘the crowd was man of the match’ at Cardiff because of their sporting applause of Ramsey’s goals.

  32. Thanks for educating my poor ignorant person, Rupert.

    2007/2008 ? Remember? Top of the league till… oh yeah that’s right till the refs intervened. Remember Birmingham and Dean giving two goals to Birmingham, ignoring the blatant penalty foul on Adebayor in the extra time when we were leading 1-2 and it should have been 1-3 and game over. And when the ref in the next game ruled out a goal from Adebayor for offside, despite the ball being passed to him by a defender. It cost us 4 points just the two examples I gave you. Look at the final table of that season again and see how many points we missed? It’s here in case you missed it

    2009/2010 ? Remember? just to fresh your memory up a bit.

    The things happening in those seasons have lead to the referee reviews getting started by the way.

  33. Rupert Cook,

    My biggest issue with you is your intellectual dishonesty. I don’t think that your opinion is less valid as a fan because you don’t go to games or even watch them live. That was what that poster that you were referring to said to me. It is wrong. Many want to go to the games or watch live but are not able to for circumstances beyond their control. They are no less of a fan compared to a club level season ticket holder who also got to all away games.

    My issue with you is not your not going to games or not watching the team play live on TV (although I find this odd for someone who claim to love the team as you do). I find it ridiculous that you have the audacity to challenge those who actually see all the actions live and in real time based on what you saw on heavily edited MoTD highlights.

    I’m going to cut this line of our conversation off now because anything after this is not worthy of my response. See you on another thread on a different issue.

  34. Mandy Dodd & Walter,

    In defence of Rhys Jaggar, at least he has gone to the forum that he belongs to. I respect him for that. What about the irritants who hate everything that Untold stands for but still hang around here harassing the bloggers and the regulars?

  35. very true Bootoomee, as you say, there are certain forums that cater more for certain opinions, and of course he is entitled to his… but just amazed by what he is claiming on there – bizarre- apparently Walter / Tony have it in for the Welsh!!! amongst other things!

  36. Walter, I remember that penalty not given to Adebayor in 2008. He nearly had his shorts ripped off of him. Only a team knowing the ref was not calling anything against them would try such a blatant form of cheating and expect to get away with it.

    Also in that 2008 season, I suspect the April 5th home match against Liverpool was also manipulated which ended in a 1-1 draw. If I remember correctly all of the 50-50 calls went Liverpool’s way. Some of the more shocking calls include the following:

    Plessis was not sent off for a studs up frontal lunging challenge on Walcott. He wasn’t even given a yellow card.

    Lucas was not booked for an intentional foul on Walcott to stop a counter.

    Then 1 minute later Lucas with both hands dragged Cesc Fabregas down in the penalty area.

    Shockingly, Phil Dowd held both his arms behind his back during this penalty shout as if he were unconsciously suggesting that he would not interfere in the play. Seriously, his body language is unbelievable.

    After the match Wenger commented on the penalty on Cesc not given by Phil Dowd: “We feel we dominated the whole second half and I believe we had a penalty again. I feel we had a blatant penalty again for a foul on Cesc Fabregas, which was not given. You can see it well on television, it is 100% conclusive.

  37. Gianni Dioro,

    We were robbed in 2007/8 season. Looking at the evidences again just made me mad. That is the saddest season for me since I’ve been following Arsenal.

  38. Bootoomee, my opinion is that in the 2007-2008 season the matches were mostly fairly reffed for the first half of the season until around January or February when Arsenal were seriously looking like they might win the league. From then on Arsenal were basically playing 11 against 12 almost every game week.

  39. @Walter, yes that was the one year when we came close and btw how many games did we win due to refs giving the other team a bad decision which we benefited from? Would that cancel out your claim that we lost four points? Your the statistician so you tell me.

    Did Wenger buy any reinforcements in January? From what I remember he did not so perhaps that could be another reason why we slipped up.

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