You can be miserable and say we were all deluded, or celebrate a great run

After six straight wins a draw feels like a defeat, especially with the invented club from across London beating a very poor Villa side.

But, remember.  Six straight wins, and then one draw.

That’s not a desparate situation – that is a terrific run.  And all done without Van Persie, who is beyond doubt our best forward.

We missed chances, and they got a totally flukey goal at the end.  So it goes, but there are still matches to be played and still a lot to be played for.  The true supporter, of course, keeps the faith.

We have a fabulous squad, mostly in their early 20s, mostly on long term contracts.  Coming up behind them we have a tremendous list of no less than 28 young players all edging to get into the first team squad.

And we have won six and drawn one.

There will be more twists and turns before the season is over, and we are still there.

For each of us the choice is real, and it is now.  We can be true supporters of the greatest club on the planet, or we can whinge, moan, blame the manager, turn away, and announce that one is never going to another game as long as Wenger is in charge (as one “fan” announced a while back in an email to AISA).

Of course we all have a choice. I have a choice as to what sort of blog I want to run – and that choice has not changed.  I love this club, I believe in our future, I believe in our manager.  None of that changes.  We got a draw at the House of Satan.  So be it.

Six wins and a draw in the last seven.  Time for a celebration.

Tony Attwood

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76 Replies to “You can be miserable and say we were all deluded, or celebrate a great run”

  1. You are so right – but it’s so hard to take when the Fulham KGB did what they did. Never mind – putting in perspective, we are still there with an enormous shout and 6 wins followed by a draw is a fantastic run. Bring back RVP ASAP. Next up – a minor tie against some club from Spain? Good luck and the best team will win.

  2. very difficult to look at it that way Tony, when all we had to do was play “keep ball” for 30 seconds…especially when ur watching the match with a ManU supporter jumping up and down telling me that this is the difference between real winners and pretenders…

    i can swallow a draw after a great run of 6 wins (7 counting Porto) but i cant swallow the question “When will this ‘young’ team ever grow up”

    agree that theres a lot of water let to flow under the bridge, and our rivals will indeed drop points, but hard not to believe that this draw will demoralise the squad so badly that will struggle to get over this….
    a totally devastated Gunner…

  3. I feel like I am watching 14 v 11 and the black coats when Brum score rip off their black shirts and the slogan on their T-Shirt says ***k off Arsene! We love SAF… Bad day… I feel for Arsenal they won it!

  4. after the chelsea game we had 13 games. halfway through and we have dropped two points. which is phenomenal in anyones books. another run of 6 wins and we’ll be champions. keep the faith

    that said….still absolutely gutted

  5. Gutting to concede so late in game. Time may heal this draw, but only if things go well on Wednesday, other wise the demons could set in. Just cant help but feel a bit negative at the moment. Imagine how the players must feel. Brum get a fluky goal and we had a goal scrubbed. Makes it even harder to take with Villa conceding seven.

  6. I’m disgusted with the result,, I felt we should have won it. The referee did not help us at all,, the equalizer was just a fluke and that would only happen once in a million times. We can only blame ourself now but we have to forget all about day and move forward. Barcelona’s next,, let’s capitalise our chances 🙂

  7. I agree with tony on this, support your club am a chelsea fan and after our disaster week there were calls for ancelotti to leave but the owner of the club stuck by him and we have had a nice turnaround in results!! every club is trying to adopt the arsenal model because it makes mone. Also tony chelsea is not an INVENTED club we were battling for the premiership and playing european football before roman and i was shocked to see that comment because i always rated this site as a gentlemanly blog where football issues are discussed pls rectify this.

  8. Hard to be cheerful Tony. Last minute blunders by a clearly out of sorts goalkeeper resurrects questions once more, about our frailties in that department. But credit to the boys. Maybe if Arshavin hadn’t missed that sitter…

  9. my mind wants to say….”f*** off almunia!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  10. Wow never commented on this blog before but I had to this time ,although In my mind i am dead certain we won’t win anything this season but after reading your post I felt alot better thank you sir for you optimisum.C’mon ARSENAL

  11. What effect will this have on the squard? Next is Barcelona. And I woulda wanted us to go into this tie with an EPL win. But come to think of it, it isn’t worse after all: 6 wins, 1 draw

  12. We did have a poor outing from a few of our players but I would also mention that Birmingham did do their job well.They did hound the ball well and did not let anyone settle.
    Unfortunately, the knives will be out for Almunia.I really like him and hope that Wenger sees more sense than a bunch of rabbling fans. As for us being out of the race, there is still another 6 match run of wins in the offing.Mark my words!

  13. What Rubbish is that, ‘celebrate the run while it lasted’, has the run ended? is the title race over? ‘ thank you for the joy ride’ , no thank you! who are you trying to cheer up and why this defeatism masquerading itself as support? . ‘stuff [does not!]just happens’, Can’t the best passing team in the world not play keep ball for few minutes, we have seen that so often, what is this mad rush in the end with a goal up, how many times we have see that inability of Arsenal to quiet the game down when a goal up , with some calm quick midfield pas game, frustrate the opposition, take the sting out, and against lowly teams often, why cann’t Arsene make a tactical change in those moments, bring another defender or Dmidfielder instead of Nick in those last moments where we do not need him. Still ‘young inexperienced Arsenal? And I have not said anything of Almunia, this calamity is not going to go away. It is NOT his ability, he made some very good saves, it is his fckup MIND! What a glorious effort of the subs, of fab shaking off an injury, they must be choking the poor happless keeper or they should

  14. We will always have anxieties when we dont have a solid, dependable and consistent keeper. Period.

  15. Arsenal are doing just fine. Fate can be cruel, but remember that Man U went more than 2 decades without a first division or EPL title. Just tarry and pray for luck. Arsene should not go. Who would replace him? Apart from Moyes and possibly Blanc, the other coaches may produce a mechanical team like Chelsea.

  16. An uplifting post, Tony. Ahhh, another OG for ManU…God I loathe them.
    The bottom line remains that we have lost 2 points that we should have saved, quite easily to be honest. Don’t know who to curse more, my luck or ALMUNIA…he should have done better…he just doesn’t belong here.

  17. well said mate. keep d faith lads! u gotta ..wev won all our games without van! 1 draw out of 7 is not 2 bad

  18. Tony,somehow you do tend to cheer us when we badly need some encouraging words. Thanks very much. After reading your article I am now feeling half better. Having said that I dont want to mention the players who let us down today. But that’s not the intention of this article for now. Cheers.

  19. Come on gooners, we’re still very much in it. A draw isn’t exactly a bad result.

    MIOU and Fulham KGB have to play each other next week.

  20. I dont see what there is to possibly criticize, except the fact that Almunia is not a world-class keeper, as we all knew already. Is there a world-class keeper out there? I hope so, and I hope AW finds him.

    Otherwise, a 1-1 draw at Birmingham without our first choice central defense and top striker is not going to cost us the Championship, although some simpletons may try and make that the case. Chelsea and Utd both drew at Birmingham as well. No, if we lose the Championship we can all go back to an inability to get any points from Utd and Chelsea as the reason we have lost out. Simple as that. It was always going to be absolutely remarkable for us to win the League given the fact we’d lost 4 out of 4 against those two and how much ground we had to make up.

    No matter what happens, this has been a fantastic season. And we are still in it. A draw next weekend for Utd and Chelsea and a win for us against Wolves and we pull right back into the race.

    What on earth could anyone possibly moan about?

  21. Great post Tony, its basically the truth. And on the end of the day. We all have 6 games in front. By what standards KGB Fullham or Manure could go without defeat and we wont.
    Chances are now smaller, but they still exist and we still have best team in EPL.
    So lets leave self pity for May if it happen in may and now lets concentrate on what is in front of us.

  22. Thanks Tony.

    That is exactly what I needed to hear. Your site and all those involved truly are the 12th man. If the positive outlook and optimism of this site was shared amongst all Gooners we would be unstoppable.


  23. Sorry for post after post..
    But thing we really should complain is way the refs treat us. Its miserable feeling, I was wandering who is butcher today, we or them, if you look at Webbs stats from today game, you ll soon get conclusion, arsenal is robust muscular team…

  24. I got called “deluded” today in the liveblog by an “Arsenal Supporter” who has not had a single positive thing to say in two years on my blog. So, thanks for this today Tony.

    Victoria Concordia Crescit!

  25. I can remember early on in the Unbeaten season we drew 2-2 at home with Bolton, and the comments the next day were “crap keeper” and “if we can’t beat Bolton at home we are certainly not going to win the league.

    How did Chelsea feel after the 1-1 with Blackburn?

  26. really what this draw means for arsenal’s title hopes is that chelsea and man united must drop points in 2 fixtures instead of only one. It’s absolutely possible that this could happen so we are not out of the race yet just have to win out and hope that chelski and manure have a couple of flukes scored on them like the one we had today….(too bad they have cech and van der sar and not almunia) but you never know.

    Come On You Gunners!

  27. i have never commented on this site before and i want to know. i am a 14-year-old die hard fan of arsenal simply because i love this club so much and my favorite player in the wordl plays for this team. dont worry guys if we dont win the EPL this season, next season we will win because we will have van persie back. and the pre-season will help our players get back to their best. dont worry this coming pre-season fabianski will improve, he will stun many of us and eduardo will be back to his best and same as theo wallcot.
    next season arsene will have a big squad to chose from and we shall win the premier league. all our players will improve very well even fabregas.

  28. god punish u poster.title is gone..gone wit the wind!how many wins has man utd put together? y do u keep reminding us about our six wins and 1 draw? if we want to win the title we need to b consistent.wenger should get reinforcements in the goalkeeping and attacking departments and stop making the epl look like the french league where man utd wins 4 titles in a row…and get another job, u’r lousy!!!

  29. Yeah, it’s the truth all right.. But it’s still hard to take, given that fluke goal in such a crucial time of the season.
    I can just smell reports from papers or “pro-arsenal blogs” saying that it’s all over coming up anytime soon, writing us off for the 4th time this season.
    Well, it’s tight, and it’s really out of Arsenal’s hands now. 18 points to go, MU and Chelsea have to drop at least 5 and 4 respectively if we do get all 18 points, given their far superior goal differences which we have now lost out in due to RVP’s absence…
    Kinda possible, but that’s a big if. It’s all out of Arsenal’s hands now really..

  30. Don’t get down on the team. They played as well as could be expected today. The FA handicapping system took the 2 points today.
    Lousy pitch – ball bobbling everywhere (you can’t call yourself the best league in the world when you allow teams to “prepare” such pitches)
    Webb giving yellow cards for 1st fouls by Song and Clichy (and Clichy’s wasn’t even a foul)
    No protection to the skillful players
    Ridiculous non foul decisions given to Birm
    Ridiculous strategic fouls given against Arsenal (thankfully Birm were poor at their crosses)
    Stone wall penalty when Walcott pulled over in the first half
    Stunning goal by Abou Diaby ruled out after the event (no whistle until after it was scored) giving a foul against Fabregas (when Fabregas was fouled)
    And then to cap it all off 2 Birmingham players standing offside by a yard for their goal.

    2 points stolen by dodgy decisions against West Ham at Upton Park. 2 points stolen against MU at Old Trafford with non Arshavin penalty and Rooney penalty. 2 points stolen today. But I’m not bitter. Well done the players and Wenger.
    Roll on with the CL.

  31. I have been fortunate to follow almost every game in the past 4 years of Arsenal and I love the team to death. I think Almunia did a fantastic job today, even though I’ve been iffy about him ever since the Champions League Final against Barca. Wenger benched the right players I feel keeping the Barca game in mind (nasri, arshavin, eboue, eduardo will be pretty fresh for the game)

    I think Arsenal have progressed amazingly in the past few years and displayed their versatility with attacking football. However I think there is still one step left that the team can improve on, especially in 1 goal up situations towards the end is to master killing the tempo of their game. This may be absolutely against Arsenal’s form of beautiful football, but it will show mature football.

    The team can pass the ball to death. However I think in those nervous last 5-10 moments Arsenal either go for the frantic killer goal and then give the ball away too easily when they easily have the ability to frustrate opponents by passing. I think once this team has mastered the art of changing tempo and running down time with their fabulous passing towards the end, the team will have fully matured. Nevertheless watching Diaby, Song, and Bendtner become great options is wonderful. Nasri is a gem of a player.

    Joe Hart is an amazing goal keeper. You can’t take away anything from his performance. He is easily the greatest young goalkeeping talent in the EPL.

  32. Next week we are GUARANTEED to pick up 3pts on one team or 2pts on both if we win against McCarthy’s men at home.

    So we will be BACK IN IT.

    Slip ups occur in a season. Chelsea slipped up at Blackburn last weekend. No difference, is there?

    Keep the faith to the end of the season, and if then we are not champions, say well done to those who are. But don’t talk down our chances today. It’s just one day of thirty eight.

    We got lucky against Hull, unlucky against Birmingham. 4pts from the two games is luck balancing itself out.

    No time to be sorry and down: Barca Wednesday night.

    The Press will go to town tomorrow. Motson and Logan immediately ditched Arsenal at 5.10pm today on the BBC. Just imagine the papers tomorrow.

    It was Chelsea last week. Now it is our turn.

    They scored 12 in two games this week.

    Arsenal can bounce back too.

  33. Thanks Tony, I still refuse to give up and will support the team.

    Webb was, once again MIOU’s helping had. Disgusting.

  34. Heh, with all the points brought up on this site about the Prem being utterly bent, today was a good example of what the top English ref is made of… Of course there are other days too (like vs Man U at Old Trafford)

    Then dare I suggest that the Bolton own goal was kinda weird too? Stinks of fixing, but maybe I’m just a little bitter today.

  35. First of all i want to say thank you Tony for the post. I’ve never regret visiting your blog, not for ones. With 6 wins and 1 draw i think we’re still in it all the way. And for that disgruntle “Dare” that was comparing us with Man IOU. I put it to you, screw you a million times and for the fact that you started your comment the way you did, screw you again and go support the Man IOU or the KGB’s just because the miserable people won their matches today. For the rest of the true Gunners. Keep the faith.

  36. I was sad to see that goal bubble in and so late but that’s life!
    However, it is NOT over yet. Slip ups from the other teams are still possible. A great team doesn’t give up with six games to go; nor should the supporters of the great team.
    Let get it moving guys…

  37. I’d like to feel positive like some of you guys, but I cannot see where Man Utd or Chelsea will drop points. This is the most bitter pill to swallow after all that work we did to climb back in. Just when you think the points are safe, the bad luck comes back again to haunt us. I thought Almunia palmed it over the bar, then I see it sink lower into the net, and it was all over. As well as the win, we needed to erase memories of the events 2 years ago but just so devastated. I also watched some of the Bolton-Utd game and gave up when they went 1-0 up through a ridiculous own goal. Absolute nightmare, and even though I commend your positivity, when that sort of thing happens in the dying moments, you know some things aint meant to be, but I agree we must try to the end.

  38. Tell me now how ashamed you are to be an Arsenal fan! This short clip for me stands for Arsenal 09/10..

    Arsenal are the allies…

    The FA, ManIOU, Brum, Stoke, Chelsea and the rest of the lot are the Germans….

  39. An email I sent to 606 tonight – so no, Tony, you can’t syndicate it!!

    ‘United goal: It’s hard to explain this without being ridiculous critical of Jlloyd Samuel, but that’s absolutely crazy. Nani’s flick gets Ryan Giggs away down the left and his ball into the box evades Darren Fletcher, only for Samuel to inexplicably roll it past Jussi Jaaskelainen and into the far corner from 10 yards. Amazing.
    1810: GOAL Bolton 0-1 Manchester United’

    Well, let’s see if we can explain it, eh????

    1. The manager of Bolton is Scottish.
    2. Bolton is in the NW, where the Man Utd manager exerts significant influence on managerial appointments and an unusually large number of EPL teams exist, something which would not be expected based solely on the fanbases of the UK regions.
    3. Howard Webb last week awards a soft penalty to Utd and rules out a goal in dubious circumstances against Arsenal today.
    4. Chelsea won 7-1 today.
    5. Luton won 8-0 today.
    6. John Motson said, before this game started, that ‘Arsenal saw their title chance slip away’. And he would know, as the man who gambles at Cheltenham with the Big Man, wouldn’t he?

    You don’t need to be Einstein, do you?

    When is someone going to ask the following questions:

    1. Are referees leant upon? If so, by whom? And why?
    2. Are players leant upon? If so, by whom? And why?
    3. Do media players know about these things? If so, how??
    4. Who places what money when, where and through what channels?
    5. Why?

    You’ll note that none of these questions pre-suppose guilt. They are merely raised in response to a more than slightly unusual set of circumstances, which, if the true answers were in one direction, would point to the biggest organised fraud in UK industry and, presumably, a prelude to another one on Wednesday night??

    You’ll note that I just ask questions which any honest, decent person would ask.

    And that if the result of asking them is further similar things taking place, then I would politely, respectfully and insistently request that the BBC, through the channels of the Leaders of the 3 major political parties, call for the PM to suspend all professional football in this country indefinitely pending a rigorous, in depth and immediate 24/7 satellite-based monitoring of all emails, phone calls, transportation plans, gambling patterns and printed communications of some of the most senior, decorated and influential members of the professional football ‘sport’………..

    A shame, if that had to happen, eh????

  40. we just need a big draw in the man u chelsea game. and then its just
    like it was before. 73 72 71. that draw is very very important. if we
    did win today and the draw later on. it would 73 73 72. we would still
    be behind on GD. and we would need a draw or a loss from other teams
    after that… . so not much has changed. GO GUNNERS!

  41. I just can’t wait until the next time an Arsenal player gets kicked that that player gets up and puts his finger in the other players face and tells them to ***k off… And, then goes to the ref and tells him the next time he kicks me I’m going to ****ing kick him and then you can card me!

  42. And, another thing…

    I was watching the game and it was broadcast in Espana…

    Where for the most part the Latin Americans appreciate good skill… The commentator was taken aback when the Diaby goal was dis-allowed….

    He kept repeating Que pas a? Que pas a? (What happened? What Happened? Why no goal?)

  43. I must say that once again I have seen myself forced to write upon the refs and sent it to Tony.
    I just want to say that I hate it to write such articles as it mostly means I have seen things that I can recognise as not normal.
    I can accept that refs make mistakes as I know better than most that you can make mistakes. But when I see things last week and today I can see through the whole thing and I know when I see bent refs. I know how you can influence a game and try to force a result.
    If Tony thinks my article is good enough you can read it here later. And believe me for Webb there is more at stake than you would think at first. It is not just about helping United to a new title. For him it is the last chance saloon. If it is up, just read it and you will understand.

  44. There are 2 set of rules. The ones they use to send Vermaelen off the field with a red card and give him a one game ban and then I see just the second penalyt against Villa (definet penalty) but the ref just gives a yellow card ???????? And this was a clear foul and it brought the player down who was going alone on goal.
    I don’t care that if a Villa player is send off or not but once again we have to accept other rules than other teams.

  45. Finaly seen the tackle on Cesc and this was an example of the second leg I have been talking about a few times. The Birmingham player playes the ball with his right foot and than goes on with his tackle and kicks with his left foot under the knee of Cesc.
    Mr. Webb THIS IS A FOUL!

  46. Stringfellow, he is just part of the system that is the refereeing world. I know how it works and if I wouldn’t have the enjoyement (yes it can be enjoyable) I would have walked out of it.

    And just seen the Bolton game and I really must say that the own goal looked….. well….. very very soft.

  47. And one final remark. We have been written off before and we looked dead and burried. We still can win our 6 remaining games and then anything can happen.

  48. Yes Walter. Match of the Day here in the UK called the Cesc tackle excellent, when clearly he had intention to kick him with his second leg. This is disrespect to a fellow professional of the highest order and if anything will drive this incredibly talented player away from these shores. Why should he put up with this nonsense week after week. He mentioned in his programme notes a couple of weeks ago after the Ramsey assault that he had had some very bad kicks this year and was lucky not to have had a serious injury so far.
    Does anyone from the FIFA Ref’s panel watch these games closely?
    Because even to the untrained eye (mine) Webb does not look up to standard for the World cup or CL. As AW has intimated before either incompetent of corrupt.

  49. The morass of corruption……

    the fetid stench of the bent EPl……

    rotten carcasses eventually explode, watch out Mr Webb , your number is up

  50. great post – i get so tired of the negativity and fickleness of some Arsenal fans. We are doing way better than most of us thought we would this season. You can see how much we have improved since last season, so even if we end up with no trophy i will still say well done to Arsene and the lads and bring on next season.

  51. The refereeing is just getting more and more outrageous. Its just really infuriating. I’m thinking the best thing for me now is to just quit watching The Arsenal without any care as to whether we will win the league or not. Perhaps just watch it to enjoy
    the games, and disregard how the scum and the chavs are doing, even our position in the league. To only care about the cups. If the scum cheat their way to a fourth straight title, in this day and age, it will be a big dissappointment.

    I’ve had enough of these referees. Fantastic article by the way Tony!

  52. Alan Hansen said it was a GREAT tackle and that he caught Fab with his trailing leg.????? And that Fab never really recovered from that kick on his knee. So Fab’s a light-weight now and injuring another player is a GREAT tackle.

  53. I meant ‘…quit watching the club WITH any care to our position in the league e.t.c…’ lol

  54. Why on earth did Wenger rekindle the Taylor incident in the papers earlier in the week?
    If Arsenal had wanted to play a meeker and milder Birmingham I’d have thought he’d have been better off not to mention it.

  55. time to celebrate……exactly 2 weeks later arsenal will be out of cl and pl….we will celebrate more sighting the reason that we only lose to big teams with big spending powers and if we had van persie story wud have been different, that it’s a gr8 pleasure to watch arsenal compete at highest level without their top strikers or defenders, that it’s only arsenal who can compete at the top level while earning in the transfer window…that we still love arsenal despite it not winning title for 7 years……i will celebrate for sure….and no iam not a spud fan….coz it’s just the way one loves someone – by accepting them what they are…..

  56. Howard Webb gave us two early and extremely harsh yellow cards. Then he let Birmingham kick us throughout the game unpunished til around the 80min mark. Off-side goal at the end. Walter, even my girlfriend thinks that Webb is dodgy.

  57. everything said…i think wenger shud have put his best 11, especially when he said every game is important…

  58. Its really interesting. You know on our website (Arsenal supporters Bosnia) we have forum, which is not spited on D&G and AKB than we rather comment games together. But as usual D&G was totally silent last few weeks, not even giving comments after 5-0 against Porto. Now suddenly they ejected and you cant read things from negativism.
    “when will team mature”
    “when will responsible ones be punished”
    “how long we have to wait”
    “which player do not deserve to wear Arsenal shirt”
    “do we need better goalie”
    Becoming a bit boring after every defeat to listen always the same arguments. And on the end of the day, I just don’t understand, how come only we don’t see we have best young team in Europe, we playing best football in Europe (one of), have manager everyone wish to have (except us), all other teams trying to get rid of English players (we crying for more).
    It is getting annoying as soap opera.

  59. We have already exceeded all expectations. Respect & appreciation for the players & coaching team who are trying their very best.
    Win, lose or draw… Gooner till I die.

  60. I think Birmingham away was always going to be a tough tie. They had been unbeaten at home for 10 games, and even Chelsea and Man Utd only got draws there. So a draw in those circumstances isn’t too bad. However, we need to make up points to win the league. 1-0 with the 1st goal in the 81st minute, and we should’ve got that tricky 1-0 win we needed. Proud of the boys up to that stage. And then, 92nd minute and Almunia pulls a shocker.

    It keeps coming back to me – we need a new ‘keeper. No, it didn’t cost us in the previous six league games, but it cost us in the 7th. A poor ‘keeper keeps dropping points for us. Dropping two points against Birmingham isn’t going to lose us the title, but if we keep dropping points because the keeper has a shocker every 6 or 7 games, then we’re never going to win anything.

    So yes, you can celebrate a great run and pretend everything’s going to be fine, or you get your head out of the sand and face the fact that if we continue to field some of these players we won’t ever be good enough to win the league.

  61. Cheer up guys , we can surprise everyone,nobody expected us to be where we are to start with
    Be strong for our beloved club
    We are not far away from winning big

  62. Great article tony. I cant say i am too surprised at the result looking at brums home form. it was just another case of swings and roundabouts. at least we arent brum supporters and have a manager who were overjoyed at getting a draw at home. they played spoil a ball, a bit of kick ball and a good bit of hold yer head. loads of positives from the game, diaby showed excellent control despite the pitch and nasri and arshavin when they came on were nothing short of excellent. you cant blame almunia for us droppping two points rather you should congrutulate him for getting us a point.

    Barca next, a team who play football, on a proper pitch not a cow pasture. cmon the boys.

  63. Ever read that cartoon “Peanut” with Lucy always enticing Charlei Brown to kick the ball and promised she will not pull the bal away?

    Charlie Brown always belieive her and she did pull the ball and laughed?

    I felt liek CHarlie Brown with this team always building my hope high they were onto to a good thing..then WHAM! BANG! and I came crashing down to earth.

    How long can I take this kind of punishment with hope building sky-high and came crashing down to earth regularly?

    Look like I am sucker for punishment as Chelski is only 3 points away, ManLeeds 4 points away and they meet next week…hoping again…

    Here is to Hope again, the last to fly out of Pandora’s Box.

  64. I was indredibly down yesterday after the final whistle went, and when I saw the KGB score as well, I nearly keeled over there and then. But, it has been good to read the generally positive posts on here, and Tony’s article has snapped me out of my malaise. We are on a great run still and the result was down to decisions that we could not control.
    I thought Alex Song was just magnificent again yesterday. What a player this boy has become. Its a joy to watch him and long may it continue. I also thought Diaby was class again in the 2nd half, and his goal was perfectly good. Had it been allowed by Webb then we would have been celebrating another 3 points. What he saw wrong with it, only he knows, but the man is a disgrace to his profession and he aint good enough to referee Subbuteo soccer, nevermind an EPL game.

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