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April 2021

Why it had to be Debuchy (and you won’t read this anywhere else)

By Walter Broeckx

Of course it had to be Debuchy. Just because of Ludivine.

When Sagna decided to leave us a lot of Arsenal supporters were sad. Sagna has been a loyal servant of the club and it is always sad to see such a player go and doubly so when they leave for another PL club. But one of the main reasons was also the fact that Sagna has a wife. Not just a wife. No, Ludivine. Ludivine is more than just a wife. She is Ludivine.

Now this might sound sexist but as I am a man I can appreciate the look of a nice looking woman. And well Ludivine Sagna was a good looking woman. And one that was always out there on social media to defend not just her husband but also Arsenal. She was very open with the fans. And from time to time she posted pictures of herself that made most man salivate. No, they weren’t pictures that contained nudity. But a beautiful woman in Arsenal shirts. I admit this is too much for a man of my age.

So I liked her a lot to be honest. Her tweets about Bac and the children as the proud mother she also is made her seem a very nice woman.  And apart from maybe a few idiots that might have insulted her when Bacary decided to leave us she still was and is very nice about Arsenal. Just a few days ago thanking us all for the nice virtual relationship we had and thanking the club and the supporters for making her feel at home.

One message to her is what I can agree with. It was a Gooner begging her not to put pictures of herself online in a Manchester City shirt. That would break a few Gooners hearts I think. Including mine. I want to keep the memory of her in Arsenal shirts.

As Wenger knew how the loss of Ludivine would affect us Gooners he went out for a new right back. Of course he needed most and for all a right back because of Bac leaving but it just shouldn’t be any right back. No a right back that could replace Bacary but also he had to find one with a wife that could replace Ludivine.

First the name Aurier was touted around by all the ITK out there on social media. It was a done deal, signed, sealed and delivered. Well that is what they told us. But Wenger looked at the complete profile of Aurier and something was missing.

Some may say that Aurier in his match against Greece lost his possible transfer to Arsenal. When it was 1-1 and Ivory Coast looking ready for the next round he trotted forward committed himself completely, lost the ball then went on chasing the ball almost to the left wing position….leaving a gap behind him. A gap that the Greeks used to put in a cross and that resulted in another Ivory Coast player making a foul and conceding a penalty. But that is just the football explanation of things.

No the main reason was that Aurier has no Ludivine. There might be a girl friend around somewhere or even a friend (what do I care) but certainly no Ludivine. And a right back at Arsenal must have a Ludivine. That has been the tradition since well 8 years or so ago. And Wenger is a man of traditions. Could he just threw out the Ludivine tradition out the door?

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Of course he couldn’t so sorry for Aurier but he will have to go else. And Wenger using his database of right backs found he perfect replacement. Because Mathieu Debuchy is married with a woman called… Ludivine. And just as the Ludivine Sagna has given Bacary two kids, the Ludivine Debuchy has given Mathieu two kids. And from the picture I have seen from her she is also rather good looking even though she is a completely different type from Ludivine. Sagna I mean. If you can still follow me.  [Actually Walter I find it easier when we talk tactics, but do carry on – Tony]

So let us not beat around the bush. The only reason Wenger went for Debuchy is because of the fact that he is married to a woman called Ludivine. I can imagine Wenger saying in a press conference : “Yes of course I think Mathieu is a top player who can replace Bacary at right back. And yes I think Ludivine Debuchy is also a top right back woman who can replace Ludivine Sagna on the social media.”

Now this might all be a bit too far fetched but the fact is that both Bacary and Mathieu seem very fond of their Ludivines. And the Ludivines of their right back husbands. Ludivine Sagna is a model and so she is used to pose for pictures. Ludivine Debuchy was a nurse so she will be used to take care of her husband when needed. Ludivine Debuchy has even taken courses in English to be able to settle in when living in England so she sure seems determined to follow her husband in his career.

Welcome Ludivine and I hope you get a great reception from the Arsenal fans if you want to join us in the social media. Oh yes, welcome Mathieu, hope you have a great career at Arsenal.



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28 comments to Why it had to be Debuchy (and you won’t read this anywhere else)

  • HenryB

    You are absolutely right.

    Well spotted! 🙂

  • Tjekem

    That was funny Walter. Only on Untold for sure.

  • Strange post, But interesting take on Debuchy. if the player can emulate Bacary then us Gooners need not fear. Lets get Khediera now to finish off a great transfer window.Really looking forward to the new season Hoxton Gooner

  • Rantetta

    I had noticed both wives had the same name, but Certainly nowt to comment about.

    I was so wrong. This is a lovely article, Walter. And you treated the subject with respect and tenderness (whilst I just may have tilted towards lustful thoughts).

    I’ll not think of Ludivine Debuchy in a nurses uniform, no, no, I mustn’t.

    I didn’t notice Aurier’s cock up in the CiV v Greece match. I was too disappointed with the result to check what’d happened.

  • WalterBroeckx

    Rantetta, I did and I really thought oh no don’t go forward like that you idiot and then the Greek got their ultimate penalty because he ran forward like an idiot at that moment in the match and with that score. And I suddenly thought: not him.

  • oldgroover

    Aurier’s c@ck was definitely “down”

  • Black Hei

    Sometimes we do need to let the hair down a bit “)

    Refreshing to see this on Untold.

  • lord of lords

    Wow she’s really ugly got nuffin on l.sagna

  • WalterBroeckx

    I find it strange that the media and part of our fans are now saying that Jenkinson has to be sold/loaned. FFS do they think we will start the season with only one RB? Jenkinson will be needed to cover for when Debuchy cannot play for whatever reason. Really find this strange.
    The only way this could change is in case we sign another RB in the next weeks or so

  • bjtgooner

    Nice article Walter, I’m sure Ludivine D will support the club just as enthusiastically as Ludivine S did.

  • BigV

    Realy enjoyed this. Good read thanks

  • bjtgooner

    Walter, had not seen your 8.48 when I posted. The story about Jenks seems to have been media led, AW has been reported as saying that Jenks will be retained at Arsenal.

  • blacksheep63

    thanks Walter, I can add a layer to this thesis. The legendary founder of London was called King Lud who is buried at Ludgate (near St Paul’s cathedral). The name Ludvine is derived from the German for ‘people’ and ‘friend’. Or in this context ‘ a friend of the people of the king of London’. M. Wenger is an intelligent and well educated man so it is no surprise that he realizes (as Walter suggests) the importance of having a link to the capital’s history at the heart of the Arsenal defence.

  • Dec

    Oh dear Walter!!
    Roll on the football season.

  • goonerton abbey

    Great post. Good humor, man. After all it is silly season…

  • Brickfields Gunners

    Will the Newtkastle fans object if Ludvine D poses in an Arsenal shirt ?

  • colario

    have you seen this Brickfields? If not I am sure you will enjoy it. https:


  • Rantetta


    I’m rather disappointed with many results from the WC. Serves me right for watching, when I said I wouldn’t. There were moments to enjoy though.

    Now that Arsenal are back I wanted to share this file of players commentating. MF20 and LK6 made one of the very best:

  • Pat

    I just watched Arsene Wenger talking about Debuchy on Arsenal player.

    He says Debuchy will be playing ‘in competition with Carl Jenkinson who I expect to move forward as well’. He says Debuchy is ‘mentally very strong like Jenkinson’.

    He says among other things that Debuchy, having played for eighteen months in the Premier League, ‘knows what to expect’. He smiled as he said that.

    He says Debuchy is ‘quick to go from defence to attack’ and ‘perfectly suited to the style of the team’. He thanks Sagna and points out that he and Debuchy are ‘competitors in the French national team’.

    What a signing! I can’t wait!

  • bjtgooner

    Great link Rantetta – a lot more enjoyable than BT, SKY, MOTD etc. 🙂

  • Rantetta

    Flamini: “Ooh, what a pleasure to be at the Emirates”.

    The way he said it made me wonder if something other than football was showing on his screen.

    Ramsey shot over the bar. LK6: “3 points for Aaron Ramsey… This is not rugby”.

  • yanik gunner

    Best article out there in such times when uncertainty is the order of the day. I love Khedira, but if I were to choose, quite frankly I’ll go for bender. Younger, stronger, more determined and timely with respect to tackles.

  • ARSENAL 13

    So Mr Wenger has set a marker.

    Jenkinson has to have a wify named Ludvine now. Come on Jenko, get a Ludvine.

  • Damilare

    Nice post Walter.

    @blacksheep63 9:06am – Interesting history

  • para

    What a “sorry” lot we are.
    I hope the match tomorrow will do a little to relieve the pangs of our addiction.

  • Brickfields Gunners

    @ colario – Seen it ! For some reason people keep sending it to me quite often . Funny as hell !

  • Micheal Ram

    I was interested not with the fact that Debucy’s wife namey Ludvine but the fact that she is a nurse. Perhaps guys like Wilshere should get a constructive woman in their lives rather than and eye candy. Good for you, Mathieu. Hey, Flamini, raising hell again? For god sake, settle down with a WOMAN! A nurse will do too…

  • Josif

    Very refreshing article, Walter. 😀 Hopefully your significant other either doesn’t read UA or has a lot of support for your affection for LS in Arsenal shirt. 😉

    Speaking of Jenkinson:

    a) he might be looking for a girl named Ludivine after reading this article,

    b) he might be Debuchy’s understudy at right full-back this season,

    c) he might be sent on loan to shake off the rustiness that one might have noticed during his performances last season or

    d) he might be used as a back-up central defender.