Untold internationals (or the interlull as @arseblog calls it!)

As the cleaners move in to tidy up all the shards of glass that were smashed when the transfer window slammed shut we woke up to find we have one extra international footballer. Welcome Danny Wellbeck!

Once before I attempted to see where our current squad would be getting injured while away from Arsenal duty, so I thought I’d have another go this week.

I’m in Lisbon for a few days so will avoid all the jingoism that accompanies England matches but the national side has its one friendly (at home to Norway 1-0 in case you missed it) and one unfriendly game (away against the Swiss).

This means we can expect the new fitness coach Shad Patch-em-up to be looking after Wilshere, Chambers and Wellbeck after the weekend. The Ox managed to injure himself ahead of the international break (nice work Alex!) but I doubted that will stop the Owly one from playing him anyway and lo and behold…

Danny Welbeck also made it onto the pitch on 69 minutes.

France and Spain are playing each other but of course the BHF (Ollie) and Laurent ‘he-wants-eez-own-song’ Koscielny are broken so Santi (if selected) will only be up against the crazed haircut that is Mathieu Debuchy. Hope they both come through unshaved (unscathed surely?, ed) * Debuchy also faces little Serbia so lets hope there’s not a Balkan War by half time.

Our keepers are both in action too: Szczesny (see, it’s easy Tony) has the unenviable prospect of having to stay awake as Poland play Gibraltar away, while Ospina (who has only just been passed fit having signed ages ago) is off to Miami to try and keep Brazil’s strikers at bay. Let’s hope he clobbers Costa for us.

Since the BFG retired he can put his feet up (if he can see that far) while Özil is injured from being played out of position) but Lucas ‘Aha!’ Podolski came on after half an hour as they renewed their friendships with Argentina in a preparation for playing the mighty Scots in earnest (or Berlin, I’m not sure which).

Joel Campbell despite nil game time with the Gunners (and apparently being rejected by Sporting Lisbon) joins his fellows Costa Ricans to play Nicaragua and Panama so expect lots of coffee, cigars and hats. More hats too for Alexis as Chile play Mexico and then Haiti. He might stop off and get a voodoo doll in the shape of senor Mourinho. Mmm nice.

I thought Tomas Rosicky had retired from international football but apparently he has been called up to captain the Czech Republic who lost 0-1 to the USA and now face Holland. Interesting factoid: the US have never qualified for the European Championship.

Yaya Sanogo is in the French U21 goals squad to face Kazakhstan and Iceland, both at home. I for one am hoping he scores a hatful and comes home a changed man. Or Benzema.

Finally, Aaron Ramsey. The talisman of the team, who (whisper it) is not quite on his game yet but be patient folks. Aaron is Welsh. Wales is a very small place near England that has lots of hills and sheep and singers. Funnily enough Wales are playing Andorra which is a very small place near Spain that has lots of hills and sheep and singers. Which is nice.  They have a plastic pitch too.

So please can you all make an offering of prayers or sacrifices to whatever god or gods you follow that they all come home fit, happy and rip roaringly ready to batter Manchester Citeh.



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* don’t call me Shirley

14 Replies to “Untold internationals (or the interlull as @arseblog calls it!)”

  1. Jack played pretty well but was subbed in the second half. Then I thought I saw Jack on the England bench with an enormous ice pack on one of his ankles, can anyone confirm this? I have not heard of any problems so maybe if I was right it was just precautionary.

  2. @Mick

    I didn’t notice Jack after he was taken off, I have the match recorded & will have a look later when the cares of the day are sorted.

    @Blacksheep – I share your thoughts and prayers for a safe uninjured return for all our players.

  3. @Blacksheep,
    Don’t forget our other new international….Cal Chambers.
    And Poland away to Gibraltar could be tricky, especially if half the side get held up at the frontier. Be prepared for a 5-a-side!
    I thought Our Danny looked quite sharp last night at Wembley. As were Jack,the Ox and a few minutes of Big Cal. 😉

  4. oldgroover
    Thanks for confirming it was Cahill and not Jack, that’s a relief. Not that I wish any bad luck with injuries on a Chelsea player!

  5. Welbeck’s goals per 90 minutes look really impressive.
    He is a finisher, but do not expect too many assists from him…

  6. This article seems very Arsebloggy.

    Anyway, Podolski managed to injure Zabaletta in the Germany-Argentina friendly. Sterling lad, he is; why isn’t he playing more? 😛

  7. The first step into making them, the pundits + media “like” Arsenal.
    Our core of players will soon “transform” the England team into winners. This is the “master plan” of Arsenal to “conquer” England.

    Anyway back to reality(?), the team is progressing and will soon thrill us, hoping to start next match.

  8. Quincy
    Yes you can see the influence. And why not? It’s good to learn from the master.

  9. This post made me laugh!!! While that is not an uncommon phenomena, it usually occurs when I read LeGrovel…..

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