Southampton v Arsenal: all the defenders available, all the forwards injured

By Bulldog Drummond

That headline sums it up – we get our defence back in one piece and then the attack falls apart.   At least that is what the papers say.

But of course what the papers say is an exaggeration as always.  Yes we have, for the defence, a choice of any four from nine…

Debuchy, Mert, Kos, Gibbs (the obvious selection) and as backup…

Chambers, Bellerin, Monreal, Hayden, Coquelin

But in the forward line we have lost Giroud with his self-inflicted holiday, Gnabry, Sanogo and maybe Welbeck who is either definitely out or definitely in, according to which web site you look at.

If we assume that Danny is out that leaves us with

  • Cazorla – who has often played on the wing in the forward line
  • Alexis Sánchez  – of course
  • Walcott – who will either play this game or the Hull game for certain – I suspect the latter.
  • Podolski – possibly, with Theo coming on as a sub.
  • Campbell – who the Daily Star have announced will definitely start as centre forward

If we then don’t play Theo he can come on as a sub, and we can have Tomas Rosicky in midfield to add to the fun and games.

Definitely out are six (amazing – it is only six), with three having imminent returns…

  • Arteta (4 Jan)
  • Ramsey (hamstring, 4 Jan)
  • Özil (19 Jan),

The longer term injuries are: Gnabry, Diaby, Wilshere

So where does this leave us?   Well, actually with a guess and a half…


Debuchy, Mert. Kos, Gibbs


Ox Rosicky

Sanchez, Podolski or Campbell, Cazorla

The problem is that as soon as something changes in the front line, other bits have to change because you don’t want Cazorla and Sanchez out (they are very much the men in form).   Without knowing how Welbeck is doing, it is impossible to say.

Added to which with the cup match on Sunday, and what with us being the Cup Holders, we’ll need to be treating the FA Cup fairly seriously.  If Danny is out for this match, he might be back for the Cup, certainly if Theo doesn’t start this one, he will start in the Cup, and I would guess Campbell would be expecting some sort of game in one of the two.

As for the opposition, here’s a jolly factoid:

St Mary’s Y.M.A. (the original Southampton club) played most of their early games on The Common where games were frequently interrupted by pedestrians insistent on exercising their right to roam.

I do like that.

Then they won the Southern League six times between 1897 and 1904 and played in the FA Cup Final of 1900 as a Southern League club.  They won the FA Cup in 1976 and were runners up in the first division in 1984.  But much of the time over the centuries it has been Third and Second Division fare.

Oh and there’s one other thing.  On 8 December 2004 Appy Arry Redknapp and his dog Rosie were made joint managers of Southampton.  On 15 May 2005 after 27 years in the top division Southampton were relegated.  That’s Arry for you.

Back on present day territory, Southampton won’t have Morgan Schneiderlin, as he is suspended.  Cork, Gallagher, Hesketh and Rodriguez are all reported to be injured.

Thus far over Xmas/New Year we’ve won both games – the only club in the top six to do so, but Southampton are still above us in the league.  Indeed after four straight defeats Southampton have come back with two wins and a draw in the last three.

Southampton’s record is that they lost to Sheffield U, Burnley, Man U and ourselves, but then beat Everton and Palace before drawing with Chelski.

Overall our December was (starting with the oldest result)


The defeat was the 3-2 away to Stoke – that’s the game where we went 4-0 down you’ll remember.

The last three away games between ourselves and Southampton have been draws, and the last six have had five red cards. Last time we played there on New Years Day was one of the 1-1 draws, on the first day of 2013.

Southampton’s success, at least to my untutored eye, has been based on defence – they have only let in 15 – while we have let in 23.  Chelsea is the only club with a meaner defence than Southampton – they have let in 14.

Our 23 looks awful, except that of the clubs below us only Villa is better off (22).  And there is a simple explanation – we’ve lost most of our defence for much of the time, and our first choice in defensive midfield.  Lose your defence and let in goals.  Not surprising really.

Now with the proper defence back in place I think we ought to be getting back to a greater chance of keeping the opposition out.  Kos has become a superb player after an average start with the club, and Mert looks much happier when playing next to him, on his favoured side.

This means down on the beach in the warm south coast sunshine we have

Oooooooooospina, Chambers, Bellerin, Monreal, Hayden, Coquelin, Podolski? Campbell? Walcott? Akpom, which is a fair old range to select from.

It could be quite interesting.


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189 Replies to “Southampton v Arsenal: all the defenders available, all the forwards injured”

  1. The papers are reporting that Poldi stormed out of training in frustration at not being picked, and being denied a transfer. Of course no need to believe such stories, but will be interesting to see if he plays.
    Does anyone know what happened to Gnabry…..and why the lack of news?

  2. The other point about the goals against is that at least 4 of the goals conceded by Arsenal should have been disallowed by the officials…

  3. Goonermichael

    I posted this on the previous thread.


    January 1, 2015 at 10:26 am

    Talking of the Mirror.

    This back page headline from the supposed Arsenal fan John Cross.

    BYE POD: Arsenal striker storms out of training.

    Followed by the usual unsubstantiated bullshit.

    Look, even IF it’s true, which I doubt, but even if it is, this John Cross bloke is supposed to be an Arsenal fan.

    It’s New Years Day FFS, Could he not at least try to come up with something positive for his beloved Arsenal? NO.

    Is it really necessary for him to start yet another year with a negative story about the Club he purports to love? YES.

    Surely there’s enough non Arsenal fans at his rag ready, willing and able to have a pop, without his constant snipping, whingeing and whining.

    I mean, they’ve got that odious Reade on there pay roll FFS. A man only surpassed in his hatred of all things Arsenal by the detestable Howard at the Sun.

    I ‘ve said a few times before on here, with friends like Cross who needs enemies.

    Yet another lame excuse of a ‘supporter’ that infests our media.””

    For a supposed Arsenal fan that Cross really doesn’t like Arsenal. What a W***er !!

  4. Up until today, my best example for “mixed feelings” was “your mother-in-law crashes down off a cliff in your brand new Mercedes”.

    I think that Sharcross’ volley vs. the cunts is up there with the Merc…

  5. Speaking of newspapers, one of the papers I saw this morning while looking for my copy of New Scientist, has a headline about how Fat Sam and others at WHU have been scammed by some trickster or other.

    That at least made me smile – in a nasty sort of way. I really must try and stop these horrible thoughts.

  6. The Gunners have no any other option other than the option of pouncing on the Saints by whatever means and smite them silly and start to drag them down in the table to the mediocrity 8th position they belonged. I think the boss might play a 4-2-3-1 or alternatively a 4-3-3 playing style at St Mary’s today. Podolski is however in my 2 playing styles. But if the negative news on him that has gone viral is true, l have to make a change to my POUNCING GUNNERS STARTS: Szczesny Debuchy Bfg Koscl Gibbs.
    .Flamini Coquelin.
    .Rosicky Cazorla Podoski/Ox
    .Sanchez .Szczesny Debuchy Bfg Koscl Gibbs
    .Flamini Coquelin Cazorla
    .Sanchez Akpom Podolski/Ox

  7. Surely Fat Sam had his eyes open when he signed Andy Carrol. Really pushing the story to call it a scam.

  8. Just as go to look for the confirmed line up, the very top of the BBC page has yet another incident of referee incompetence. In any event, Stoke the fires, we have ManUre to burn.

    The lineup (courtesy BBC):

    > Arsenal: Szczesny, Debuchy, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Chambers, Coquelin, Oxlade-Chamberlain, Cazorla, Rosicky, Sanchez. Subs: Walcott, Martinez, Campbell, Akpom, Bellerin, Maitland-Niles, Monreal.

    I guess we get to see how Chambers does in midfield today?


  9. It seems like we are back to the good old Fergie days. The Cunts are saved from conceding a peno for a 2nd game in a row.

    Where can I see the stat of penatlies called against ManU in 2014-2015 season so far ?

    I just have a “gut feeling” about this…

  10. I think that Arsene’s destiny for Chambo is DMF. He is not speedy enough for a RB, and hopefully can be transformed as he is definetly physical enough and is not afraid of some meaty challenges.

    My only thought is why pair him (inexperienced) with Coquelin (the same)…

    Crossing my fingaz for a great performance by the boys – a good way to start the new year!

    COYG !!!

  11. I think Alexis has so much energy, he is playing the number 18 position. 🙂

    Picking up on TommyGun, the twit universe is going to explode over that issue.


  12. The BBC is doing their usual, all the fan comments about Arsenal are from the aaa before the game.


  13. Yup.

    It is PGMO Rules Football

    If in doubt call against the Arsenal. Throw Ins, Corners, Fouls, they’re ‘avin’ a right old larf!

  14. From the Mirror’s Steve Stammers

    > How do you cope with Alexis?

    >> Gardos found the answer to the danger posed by Alexis. He chopped him down. A nasty one, that.

    And the PGMO will let you.


  15. We need a little more movement behind their midfield. we are allowing them to press our defence and midfield a little too easily.

  16. Annoying. We do sometimes concede some very silly goals. Time to come back, but the aaa will be excited after that.

  17. It appears (as the Saints clear their lines) that poor old “Will Turdy” does not understand Football very well.

  18. Saints fans calling for the whistle. Why would they be doing that? The AAAA really should start to watch the footy, I would advise that it could be helpful?

    It’s been a good game. Hopefully The Arsenal get one back and go on to get the winner.

  19. I hope Boulder and Arsene make the players spit out their STOOPID Pills at half time.

  20. So, bear with me here, apparently according to the consistent AAAA a team being attacked by a decent opponent for simple spell Away is now “getting ripped”. Ok then. Would you like a shovel for that hole?

    Is this the quality of “footy chat” on Le Groan. No wonder the same old bravhearts try and fail to hide and come here.

  21. Will, your boring as fuck; change the record.

    Part from the horrible mistake i think we played pretty well in the first half. COYG!

  22. Will,

    So you think you can come to an Arsenal blog, like this one and comment like you did, and no one should reply, except by nodding yes to your highness.

    What did you expect?

  23. Again, we were the better team, and losing to a stupid mistake. We need to take our chances.

  24. Craig Pawson – First Half

    Yellow card not given to Gardos for foul on Sanchez.
    Changed his correct decision of Goal Kick for Arsenal, to Corner against Arsenal

    At 24th minute wrong throw for Southampton.
    At 37th minute wrong decision for foul on Mane by Coquelin (it was clean tackle).
    At 39th minute wrong decision for corner against Arsenal, it was a throw against Arsenal.
    At 45+2 minute Handball by Southampton player outside the box not given.

  25. You know what, I an a man in his mid 40’s who was going to Highbury before most of you were born and I have sat here and realised I am arguing on the internet with children and that makes me stupid.

    Enjoy what was a great website where there could be differences of opinion and turn it into the exact opposite of Le Grove where any opinion that does not fall into your narrow minded views of what a “True Arsenal” fan is gets shouted down and insulted with school yard insults like Will Turd.

    Walter, Tony, you had a great site but you have let to many on who think they are the moral guardians of what it is to be a Gooner.

    Oh and as a final aside. When Brady scored “that goal” against Tottenham, I was there, When we finally beat Liverpool in that marathon semi-final, I was there, when we lost to West Ham in teh final, I was there Don’t ever question my support of a great club.

  26. Just read a tweet. Arsenal have forced Southampton to 17 clearances…

    So much for being ripped….

  27. I actually rate Martinez over Szczesny at the moment. I know he only played for a few games, but i was extremely impressed. Cant remember him laying a foot wrong! Szczesny has been making a few mistakes; perhaps getting a bit too complacent.

  28. Good game this. Shame I can’t move for some reason today 🙂 otherwise I’d like to have left the house and not watch such a good match on a stream.

  29. No insult Will its almost a complement calling you a turd. It was a poor move by our keeper to run out & not get the ball. So your sarcasm deserves abuse.

  30. Oh my god that ref didn’t stop play, that is the ref’s fault. he ref is making us lose this game so much like whatever man, fuck the pgmol, they are the mafia man, it’s all their fault.

  31. Again we have been brilliant and if it wasn’t for the referees,southampton players and the commentators we would easily be winning this match..
    Will, its not worth it .These blind followers of the messiah wouldnt blame him for anything even if we were bottom.Its only a matter of time before he restores us to greatness.

  32. Fantastic isnt it, when someone uses someones elses age as a means to insult them. Congratulations on taking almost twice as many breathes in you life time. Its a real achievement.

  33. The make-shift half of the team are playing really well. Shame our first-string defense are auditioning for the Muppet show!

  34. Will



    “Stupid fucking children”

    That is NOT expressing an opinion.

    Walter. Is this really what we want on this site ?

  35. We are lucky to be only 2 nil down .Surely time for changes but wait its not the 68th minute yet.

  36. Walter walter ban them.Grow up jampot .Its ok for you to insult people though isnt it when they dont agree with you.

  37. Jambug,
    It is funny that they leapt to the PGMOs defence just before the blatant non-red!

    You couldnt make it up comedy gold 🙂

  38. If we score soon, we’ll then hopefully have the momentum to go on a get another – COYG!

  39. Sorry, “they” 🙂

    “IF that’s not a goal scoring opportunity I don’t know what is” said the tv plundit.

    Well. We did try to warn him!

    PGMO Rules Football.

  40. The crow is a chicken. He has cheated us from several fouls but not giving a red is criminal.

  41. We are playing terrible, especially with our main defence all back.
    Looks like we will lose this, i cannot see any fight from us yet, but i hope not. Southampton are playing us nearly off the field.
    We need to step up now.

  42. Looks guys, u lot are lucky to watch the game, so bloody watch it. Why this silly commentary on the game and argument’s? Once the game is over we can hopefully analyse the result.

  43. Wenger looks a beaten man

    just nothing to our
    play today

    We have lost practically any style wenger built in to us

    its gone

    we play average premier league football these days, with flashes of brilliance and incompetence in equal measure

  44. We’re losing the ball too easily moving forward. Need to get Walcott in the game!

  45. Perhaps Akpom would have been a better option as Walcott is pretty invisible right now.

  46. We are losing

    why only one sub??

    No doubt we will see 2 more , on on 88th min next 92nd

    arsene i fear your days as a top coach are numbered,, and it makes me so so sad to sy that 🙁

  47. Walcott on field 20 mins and has not touched the ball?
    What is going on?
    Not good enough today, not good enough, damm not good enough.

  48. No shape going forward. I do hope we see some fresh blood during the window as we have a mountain to climb this season. COYG!

  49. Will

    When did I call you:

    A Cunt


    A fucking child.

    Remind me, how long have you been supporting Arsenal? You haven’t mentioned it for 5 minutes.

    Nick lee


    Grow up man.

  50. Bad day at the office – no complaints today we have been second best. Usual shitty decisions from the referee but truth be told even against ten men I don’t think we would have come back. Well done Southampton!

  51. Ah well you cant win them all. It just really frustrates me that Arsenal seen to make so many mistakes (not this game, but quite often they seem to completely misplace so many passes) that you wouldnt even see the teams in the lower-half of the league making. Ive no idea why this occurs, as the players clearly have bags of talent, yet make such mistakes.

  52. That is the point….we have been playing shit football for the last 9 seasons. but two puff wins over low opposition and we are barcelona again

  53. Well that was a bad day at the office. Let’s hope it’s the last of these performances in 2015!

  54. dont know how wenger will excuse this

    cant blame tiredness, saints have played the same number of games over xmas

    koscielny was meant to be our saviour has looked horrific today, cant blame him he needs to be eased back into the team,,

    all wengers refusal to address this cyclical injury problem is coming home to roost

    Arsenals injury record all down to wenger im afraid

    Yes maureen doesnt rotate but he is startig with a strong team who arent injured all the time

    wenger doesnt rotate a team that has constantly injured players

    his refusal to not rest ramsey last season until he was forced out with ijury shows me how myopic wenger has become

    what seems obvious to anyone else isnt ovious to wenger, why?

    Quantum entanglement is a less strange mystery than that

    Wenger watches more football than anyone in the world apparently

    how does he miss such obvious flaws??

    because he thinks he knows best

    well guess what all the other teams have caught up

    we need to get our recovry of players/general fitness up to standard

    What happened to this internal injury enquiry then arsene?

  55. Oh great, here comes all the doom and gloom merchants to tell us how shit Arsenal are and how Wenger is ruining the club. Brace yourselves.

  56. 4th place will be a challenge for sure this season. Just hope the Spuds stuff Chelski!

  57. We lost because our keeper made 2 mistakes. The red cards were also critical. Wanyama should have had a red for his first tackle and the last man yellow is a joke. Arsenal were not good but officiating was worse.

  58. A bit of perspective gentlemen, West Ham and Man Utd failed to win, and Southampton go to Old Trafford next, so not too much damage done. Looks like 2 silly mistakes and a not given red card were the difference today, also get the feeling that we worked so hard to win the last 2 that there was nothing in the tank today. Still, 6 points from nine over Christmas is not a disaster; only Southampton and Man City got more. All to play for in the run-in…

  59. Let’s be honest, limitations up-front accepted. Our first-string defense were missing today and the blame has to be with them not Arsene.

  60. @MadeToLoveMagic – Again, your making assumptions and passing them on as if they are fact. Not only that, but your assumptions are completely un-founded; it makes for an annoying read.

  61. They say it’s a simple game Menace, but our friend above needs to keep on posting reams and reams under different IPs. I guess it makes him happy.

  62. Jammy j

    not saying wenger is ruining the club

    but he certainly is ruining his rep as a top coach

    in fact id say due to his frankly bizaare decision making of the last 3 years its almost gone

    just saying how can someone like arsene who watches soo much footy, be soo blind to such obvious gaps and flaws

    its not an intelligence thing imo its an ego thing

  63. Some days, we are just pretty crap, today was just one of those days.
    No consistency in the team sheet leads to a lack of consistency on the pitch. Some of them also looked very jaded today.
    We really need key players not only back, but firing on all cylinders, Kos and Theo , unsurprisingly perhaps were poor today.
    This game also shows we need a big guy up front, hope OG has learned from what he did as we clearly missed him today.
    We missed Arteta keeping a handle on things in MF.
    Also ned a look at the keepers coaching, Szcz is a good keeper, but those sort of errors do happen a bit often, and they need coaching out of him.
    The aaa will be drooling over this one, but the reality is we will improve, just look at who we have to come back. Performances like that are not acceptable, but until we get on top of the injuries, they unfortunately,seem likely to happen

  64. Let’s just see what Arsene does in the window. Hopefully we won’t sign a pensioner with a broken back again!

  65. Why waste energy blaming the players – I can’t imagine they wanted to lose, that’s football.

    PGMO have a seemingly unending supply of employees who hate what’s right.

  66. Menace stop spouting rubbish and open your eyes.Did you watch that???We conceded 2 but in reality it could of been 4 or 5 .We were abysmal and second best to southampton in every department as we have been in a lot of games this season.We wouldnt of scored if southampton had been down to 9 men .”We lost because our keeper made 2 mistakes” Absolutely incredible…

  67. Jammy

    how is it an assumption that wenger didnt rest ramsey for the whole of the first half of last season? how|? that is fact

    it is also fact that most people i knew atleast called the ramsey injury before it happened

    called the ozil injury before it happened, called the giroud injury last year before it happened

    how is it an assumption that we have cyclical injury problems that arent addressed?

  68. @5th Gen Gooner, would also add that we probably missed Welbeck’s running and link-up play. @Mandy, Giroud is a key part of the team on and off the ball, but at least he will be back ASAP!

  69. Mandy

    i think arsenal have to look into why our players can sometime look so much more jaded than our opponents,,even when weve had equal or more rest

  70. Hahahahahahahaha

    Called Giroud injury last year!!!!…

    Yet it happened this year. And he was back pretty soon and strong. And guess what..we were well stocked when he really was injured.

  71. When the dunce of a manager is happy with top 4 then results like these will be inevitable. No ambition, no drive, just hoping for the best.

  72. @Vikrant – Totally agree if Giroud, Wellbeck or even Sanogo were on the pitch things would have been a bit different. However defensively we were poor and it could have been worse.

  73. Those of you who spout about injuries & stuff – do you think the Officiating was correct?

  74. arsenal 13]

    let me rephrase that for you

    we all caled the fact that giroud was next to useless for the 2nd half of last season as he was over used time and time again,,

    shot away , could play a decent touch in a million years, slowed down our game so much

    even giroud was begging wenger to sign another striker last jan, did he, no he signed kimmy k, with a broken back even though he knew we needed players to sustain our shot at the league and guess what , we finished 4th having been top at christmas

  75. Vikrant Dogra


    Didn’t see the game but it’s obvious we didn’t play well, but to be honest I was more than half expecting it.

    Wenger had actually said he was surprised at the level of resilience we showed at West Ham, so it was obvious there was fatigue affecting the players.

    And if you check the statistics, as well as just looking at how well Southampton played TWICE at the Em’s this year, you just knew it was going to take a great performance to get anything today, and alas it sounds like we didn’t get one.

    But as you say Vikrant only City, who played 2 home games (against Sunderland and Burnley) and Southampton, who also played 2 home games, over the Christmas period, got more points than us, and WE PLAYED 2 AWAY games against 2 sides in the top 4.

    But as Jimmy J says, duck, because here come all the naysayers to join the Omni present Will and lee in there eternal Arsenal hate fest.

  76. The ref could have had a better game but to be honest I don’t think the red for the foul on Sanchez if given would have made much of a difference. Southampton would just have defended deep and they pretty well shut us out in the 2nd half as it was.

  77. A couple of good half chances in the first half before they scored , there first goal a gift and taken well still played ok till halftime. Started second half well till we gifted them a second after that our shape went trying to push the game.
    Was it a penalty ? Was it a straight red ? Did the ref do his job we on Untold know what that is.
    A draw would have been a good result considering the team we had out Coq and Chambers DM

  78. Wow Szcesny is a lucky man he is playing for arsenal,he is so sure he will be back next week and still be the number one goal keeper, but if that was mancity or sunderland trust me it would be another case altogether. Yes as always the ref are on our ass but with this one it was not all bad ref wise.

  79. 5th gen If we can ever get sanogo on the pitch it wouldn’t of made a blind bit of difference.Hes a league 2 player at best and thats being kind to him.A team like arsenal shouldn’t have players of his ability in the squad and is a sad indication of a club that favours profits over ambition.

  80. When you people predict injuries, why don’t you go ahead and predict the date and time of the injury as well.

    If we’d known McNair would hack Wilshere, we could’ve subbed him long before the actual incident.

  81. Made to love magic, I disagree on the jaded issue, we certainly did not look jaded against west ham, though we did today. Too many injuries, too many players back from injury but not yet at their best level, and too many players lacking experience in key positions. Coq and chambers did ok in MF today, but that was the first time CC had played there, and Coq in only his second game.
    But our main loss was a big guy up front

  82. We could have every single player fit and available and it will not make a bit of difference while we have an idiot in charge who has no tactical ability, not a re active bone in his body and fails year after year to address our defensive frailties. When will people wake up and small the coffee…with Wenger at the helm we will continue to decline and be unable to hold on to players like Sanchez and attract the type of players we need once we have no C/L campaign!

  83. Sorry Mandy but there has been many occasions this year that i can remember thinking we looked very tired, and im talking about weeks with no midweek game.. Liverpool 2 2 comes to mind, why did pool look so much fresher than us?

    i think the fact that we have to recall a player who struggled to get a game in a weak german team from loan and move an untested 19 year old rightback as a DM shows how short arsene left us this year…

  84. Kampalagun

    “Yes as always the ref are on our ass but with this one it was not all bad ref wise.”

    Very few on here are inferring ALL our problems are to do with the ref.

    But how come almost EVERY match the balance of referring decisions goes against us?

    Sometimes we are good enough to win despite the ref.

    Sometimes we are not.

    Sometimes we wouldn’t of won if the ref had kicked it in for us.

    But that’s hardly the point is it.

    Again, in a week when we see RVP and Sterling getting away without suspensions we seem to of had yet another ref reluctant to apply the laws of the game as he should of done.

  85. I blame GK & defenders for conceeding avoidable goals.
    Why was the foul on Alexis (goal bound, last man offender) not a red card? And some still believe PGMO has no agenda?

  86. @jambug Happy New Year, Robin van Pu… and Sterling are in the teams of the favourites i think you remember very well how van pu… used to get red cards every other day but now he does not. Do you think he changed his ways nooo but he is with the mafias,the untouchables dont dare touch him or you wont officiate in the champions league or in the Euros, As you said sometimes we are good enough to win despite the ref but today it should have been a draw if it was not for those two mistakes.
    For me we need 3 goal keeper in the three competitions we are in at the moment,Damian in the FA .Ospina/wojciech in champions league and premiership.

  87. Shoot – many people don’t know their fathers – sadly you don’t know anything. I only asked if the officiating was correct. We lost because our keeper made 2 howlers & our defence were feeling generous with a Christmas hangover.

  88. There was an incident where Kos tackled & got the ball cleanly. The crow gave a foul against us. There too many bad calls by the crows.

  89. @Germaine – Year after year fails to address the defensive problems you say? Was it not last year that we had one of the best defences in the league? Please, you are letting your ignorance and hatred for Wenger get in the way of making a decent argument.

    @MadeToLoveMagic – “how is it an assumption that we have cyclical injury problems that arent addressed?” That right there is a huge assumption. We even recruited one of the best medical experts (probably not his official title hahaha) in the business, yet this isnt trying to address the problem?

    You Arsenal/Arsene bashers really cant put a good argument across can you? Not only do you make assumptions and believe that they are fact, but some of them are just plain wrong. This makes it extremely frustrating to try and have a discussion with you because you do it over and over again.

  90. jammy j

    They do it all the time my friend.

    Make statements that they cannot substantiate with any facts at all.

    You enter in to debate and produce statistics to back your argument.

    You ask no more than they do the same, and they either just disappear or cry like babies that they aren’t allowed an opinion.

    Very frustrating but I will continue to call them out, as will others, and they will continue to call us cunts…but hey ho !!!

  91. jambug
    January 1, 2015 at 7:01 pm
    jammy j

    They do it all the time my friend.

    Make statements that they cannot substantiate with any facts at all.

    You enter in to debate and produce statistics to back your argument.

    You ask no more than they do the same, and they either just disappear or cry like babies that they aren’t allowed an opinion.

    Very frustrating but I will continue to call them out, as will others, and they will continue to call us cunts…but hey ho !!!

    Teh self appointed guardian of Untold and the minister who hands out Arsenal badges.

    This all started when I was told tyo go “cry somewhere else” by some jumped up little twat who probably have never been to a game. If he had shown some respect and debated the point like an adult rather than insult me, none of this would have happened.

    Oh and for the idiot who proclaimed I’m an Arsenal hater…. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. You no clue no mark.

  92. Will

    And there I was thinking you was coming up with some statistics rather than just another rant.

    Oh well, one lives in hope…not much mind.

  93. Will

    You’ve called me:


    A Fucking child

    A jumped up little twat

    An idiot

    and others


    And apparently this all started because I, or somebody ay least, told you to ‘cry somewhere else’

    A bit over the top don’t you think?

  94. Jampot
    You want facts ..Here they are-FACT 1 33 points from 20 games.. lowest points tally since 94/95 when Arsenal ended up finishing 12th.
    FACT 2 We have a completely new medical and fitness team to sort out the injuries The thing we haven’t changed is the playing and coaching staff (manager).
    FACT 3 Arsene wenger stated at the beginning of the season that he was HAPPY with the size of his squad even though he had 1 less central defender than last year. Fact 4 Abu diaby has been injured 42 times in his arsenal career and played 92 games in 8 seasons .He will be offered a new contract if he regains fitness..

  95. Courtesy

    This is supposedly a true story, it happened in a small town of the province of Quebec, Canada, in October 1996. They showed the video surveillance tape on the news, and even the anchorman was laughing through it.

    A robber came into a convenience store wearing a ski mask and a gun wanting to empty the cash register. He took the clerk to the backstore and locked her up in the fridge. Unfortunately, when he came back to the front of the store, a customer had come in. So he took *off* the ski mask and the gloves, and pretended to be filling in for the clerk. The customer wanted a lottery ticket, so he tried to help her out, by pressing a whole bunch of buttons on the machine (thus leaving fingerprints everywhere), but the machine was not cooperating.

    Meanwhile, another customer walks in. Finally, he tells the first customer (after about 5 minutes of close-up shots from the camera) that the machine is not working and that he won’t be able to help her. The robber *makes the sale* to the second customer and he leaves as well.

    The robber then puts back on his gloves to take the money (after touching just about everything in sight *without* gloves), and hides his face with the palm of his hands as he is leaving. This scene lasted well over 10 minutes, during which, you see and hear the robber as well as in a movie.

    The day after excerpts of the tape were aired, the phones at the police station were ringing off the hook. Apparently, even though no reward had been offered, people thought he was too stupid to deserve anything else!

    He had to turn himself in that same day.

  96. Boy are the trolls congregating under the Arsenal outhouse for their usual feast! Gord, that idiot robber MUST be an aaa band member as he demonstrates the same foresight and careful, logical thought process as they do!
    Nick Lee,Will,Germaine,Shoot and the other enthusiastic moaners and gloomers that infest UA….try applying a new year’s resolution which is: to support your club and criticize it only in a positive way…it would make a pleasant change to your ubiquitous drool you excrete on UA. LeGrove is sorely missing your ¨opinions¨!

  97. I had to throw something in, I hadn’t seen quite the tie in you did, but what the heck?

    So Lampard moved to the New York branch of ManCity, and now finds himself likely to play the rest of his career for ManCity. Covered in make believe about the transfer and loan being at arms length.

    What pops up today? Gerrard is leaving Liverpool at the end of the season. Suggested destination, is LAGalaxy. Any bet LAGalaxy gets bought by ManCity, and Gerrard also spends the rest of his career playing for ManCity?

    Or maybe this is a team owned by PSG, and so he will play in France? Now that ManCity seems to have figured out a way around the FFP, away we go?

  98. Nick Lee

    Jampot. Grow up FFS. You’re embarrassing yourself.

    Fact 1)

    Great, lowest points tally since the arc. So what? We haven’t been playing brilliantly. I know that. But we haven’t been playing that bad either. We’ve had a tough run with injuries and the usual ref shit too. I have faith in our manager and believe he will get it right, which is why inhabit a PRO Wenger site. You don’t, which makes me wonder why YOU inhabit a pro Wenger site?

    Fact 2)

    We haven’t changed the playing and coaching staff? Well, apart from the signings we made over the last 2 seasons of course? Or did you miss those? And no, we haven’t changed the manager, and a good thing too because I believe he is the best man for the job, which is why I inhabit a PRO Wenger site. You don’t, which makes me wonder why YOU in habit a pro Wenger site?

    Fact 3) yes he did, and I believe he would of done his best to address the situation but obviously the right solution was not available. But, I believe he will address it as soon as he can, which is why I inhabit a PRO Wenger site. You don’t, which makes me wonder why YOU inhabit a pro Wenger site?

    Fact 4) Yes he has, and maybe he will get another contract, maybe he wont, we’ll see. Either way, personally, I love the way Wenger has tried to stick by a man whos career was shamefully put in peril by some thug. That is why I in habit a PRO Wenger site. You don’t, which makes me wonder why YOU inhabit a pro Wenger site?

    And don’t come back with the usual ‘I’m entitled to my opinion’ nonsense. I know you are. Given all the above, other than to just stir shit, I don’t see why you want to express it here, when there are other blogs with the exact same hatred of Wenger that you have.

    Answer me these 2 simple questions.

    -When you know this is such a myopic, brainwashed blog full of Wenger worshiping androids why do you post here?

    -What joy do you get from trying to engage in dialect with people who have a polar opposite outlook to you?

  99. Jambug………if you can access it, take a look at my article on the aaa’s psychology, it will likely answer any questions you may have about these seemingly ¨random¨ aaa poster children who dwell under the AFC outhouse in eager anticipation of the Arsenal having an occasional bad day.
    Tony….the aaa lemmings appear to be coming from a common source, in that they encourage each other and repeat the same endless meme…Wenger is at fault and MUST be blamed for anything and everything going wrong at AFC, the Club is in dire straits and will fail to achieve anything, just like the last 9 seasons, the players are deadbeats and overpaid, we are always ¨short¨ of a world class this or that but AFc are too cheap to buy them, our transfer policy is a complete failure, etc. If I didn’t know better, I’d believe that Usmanov has some clones working in an underground sewer line pumping out these photocopied rants on command. What gives it away is that they ONLY come here, win,lose or draw, with negative and totally subjective criticism of all things Arsenal.

  100. @ Gord – nice one !

    There’s a few guys who always get together on Fridays after work for a drink…

    One Friday, Jeff showed up late, sat down at the bar, and kicked back his entire first beer in one gulp…

    Then he turned to Bob and said, “Times are getting tough my friend, I mean, just today my wife told me that she’s going to cut me back to only two times a week… I can’t believe it”…

    At which point Bob put his hand on Jeff’s shoulder and said reassuringly, “You think you’ve got it bad, she’s cut some guys out all together.

    ( This probably all started when ‘Jeff’ started to go to all his teams games – home and away !)

  101. I don’t know about these friends of your Brckfields.

    I went looking for a joke about stealing, because “nick” is a synonym for steal. We’ve had a few annoying ones around lately.

  102. @ Gord – its also what happens when you have too close a ‘close shave’ !
    Also they are not my friends – they just hangout at a crappy bar called The Arsenal Outhouse ( Thanks ,Don !) ,wiling away their time ,pissing in the wind and polishing the turd !
    Anyway ,’ Jeff ‘ and his ilk don’t listen too good …..,and have selected hearing problems …..have a look….

  103. I am surprised that Alexis wasn’t sent off for diving! Such is the idiocy of officiating in the EPL. There are absolutely no reasons to keep PGMO as monopoly supplier of such inept football officials. Arsenal gave the match to Southampton with 2 blunders yet stood firm against an onslaught by a hungry team that were not on target despite several opportunities. The Southampton goalkeeper Forster was outstanding & made a string of fine saves to deny Arsenal a goal.

    Wenger used the players available without excuses & accepted defeat sportingly. The aaa amoeba are jumping for joy as any Arsenal loss seems to galvanise their ‘support’.

    The league is not decided nor is it unattainable, so keep the faith. COYG

  104. Jam pot
    Fact 1. You respond with so what when we have the worst start to a season in 20 years.and then blindly say we will get it right.when do you think we will get it right ? Next year or the year after that.we were out of the title race in october. Our manager has had years to get it right and that is the only fact you need to know.fact

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