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hello folks

I am delighted to say that we now have two designs to approach the club with. These have been created by a graphic designer (Jennie) who is also an Arsenal fan. I am going to send these off to the club this week so fingers crossed they approve them.

To reiterate an earlier post the first choice is this one:


with this as our second option:




Anniversary of the day

  • 8 June 1925: The Football League voted to change the offside rule to two men behind the ball rather than three, leading to Chapman’s variant “WM” formation in his first year at Arsenal.  The tactic helped Arsenal come second in 1925/6.

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  1. As there is no mention of the stadium’s sponsor’s name on the first one I cannot see Arsenal being able to accept it. The message implies the stadium doesn’t already have a name, which of course is not true.

    The second banner doesn’t require clarification that the stadium already has a name so I think this is the one that will be accepted.

    I like both but I voted for the first.

  2. Colario, we’ve taken your point, and indeed in our prelim discussions with the club we have been warned that there might be a problem.

    But we’ve had the vote, that came top so we are putting it forwards. But there is the backup.

    Geek… what you say is true, but there are many banners up that proclaim that fact. Wenger is the longest serving manager in the club’s history, and the one with far more titles and cups than the others, and the record holder for having the only Unbeaten Season, and being the most successful Cup manager in this or the last century.

    So a little recognition doesn’t go amiss.

  3. The First banner of Stadium Wenger makes sense considering the fact that two of the most well known stadiums in the world are named after the Legends of the club.

    Firstly its Stadio Giuseppe Meazza also known San Siro in Milan,Italy. Giuseppe Meazza was an Inter Milan legend.

    Secondly its Estadio Santiago Bernabéu in Madrid,Spain. Named after the man Santiago Bernabeu, who worked at every possible position in Real Madrid for more than 55 years as a player, assitant manager, director of the club and most of his life as their club president. He took the club from years of post war struggle to building a great stadium and years of glory.

    Taking that in to account and what Wenger has done for the club the banner sure deserves to make a claim to be put up there in the ground.

  4. Tony. in an earlier blog on this subject I did just suggest something like this which I thought might resolve the problem.
    ”Welcome to The Emirates, Wenger Stadium”. I can’t see a problem with this but the club may find there is a problem.

  5. A PS.,to my post above.

    The more I think about ‘Emerates, Wenger” the more I think it quite possible that the sponsor might like their name being promoted along side Arsene’s name and give the Ok on that design. But may be Arsene might not be too keen on the link.

  6. Nice banners. Loved both, but the second one is a poignant message on Wengers philosophy, and to the bus parkers of this world, of which there seem to be increasing numbers. Mourinho is a disease that spreads.

  7. Tony, Cant we have Mr Wenger is red, white, blue and Gold instead of that different shades of grey??

  8. It’s not the Club that will have a problem with the banner but their sponsors pay good money for it to be called Emirates, and i think Arsenal would/may be breaking a contract if they allow it, at the very least Emirates Airlines would not be pleased. It would be cool(for Arsenal will surely ask them) if they OKed it.

  9. If the funding is available, is there any reason why both banners can’t be displayed.

    In their own way both are excellent.

  10. I did suggest it before but it didn’t make the vote;-
    ART&SCIENCE (with ARSENE picked out in a different colour).
    It seems to say everything that we (and he) are trying to get across and doesn’t get in the way of any sponsorship tie-ins.
    It’s also uncanny how it works!
    Put the word FOOTBALL on the front if that works better.

  11. Why is not on the banner? It should be on there in small script. After all the banner should promote Untold as well as making a statement.

  12. “being the most successful Cup manager in this or the last century.”

    Not strictly true is it; holds the title jointly with the Villa boss George Ramsey, unless you are excluding his wins in the 19th Century to suit your unbelievably biased agenda?

    I agree you should put your website on the banner, to make sure as many as possible are aware of who came up with such drivel.

  13. Hope the club approves both….

    Such a shame Wenger came out with a gem after the voting process, you know the one about his most successful years being about keeping stability while fighting billionaires. That, in my view, would have been the best banner we could have. Perhaps an idea if this is to be repeated next season?

  14. Mark, thank you for your comment.

    I stated that Arsene Wenget was the most successful cup manager in this or the last century. As you have repeated.

    I wrote that knowing that George Ramsey won the FA Cup in 1886–87, 1894–95, 1896–97, 1904–05, 1912–13, 1919–20.

    “This or the last century” means 21st century, and the 20th century, to most people at least, as far as I know.

    So when you say “unless you are excluding his wins in the 19th century…” yes I think that is a fairly clear interpretation of my use of the phrase “this or the last century”.

    Now you may well ask why the 19th century is excluded. Well, I guess you haven’t read my earlier articles on the subject, and of course there is no reason why you should, but in one I pointed out that “although it is of course right to remember that Ramsey did win these trophies, we also have to remember that some of the early FA Cups were nothing like the cup today.

    “In 1887, for example Villa’s winning run included beating Wednesbury Old Athletic 13-0, Derby Midland 6-1, getting a “bye” in the fourth round because various clubs had dropped out, beating Horncastle in the 5th round 5-0, and beating non-league Darwen in the 6th round. And non-league actually meant non-league – they didn’t play in a league at all.

    “My point is not to denigrate Villa – they were one of the great teams of the early days of football, but rather to point out that the winning of the cup in those days was not quite what it is now.”

    You may well feel that what I write is, as you say, “drivel”, and indeed my work has been called far worse than this over the years. But, if I may give a little advice, writers who work professionally tend to take notice of their critics when their critics consider what is written, and give valid reasons to back up their view of where something has gone wrong.

    I have always been puzzled why people write to blogs just to call what is written “drivel” and other words. It happens on every blog, and I can’t quite understand why people bother. However I am told that Billy “the dog” McGraw is preparing an article on this, which I shall look forward to reading with much pleasure.

  15. I like both banners but I also like Al’s suggestion “keeping stability while fighting billionaires”. Who knows you can always keep it for another time as Al suggests.

  16. Hmm, as I suspected. I feel you have slanted history to suit & whilst I understand your points about Villa’s cup successes in the late 19th century, at what point in the competition’s historyndo you actually consider that an FA Cup victory is worthy of consideration with the 1998 – 2015 triumphs?

    I’m sure it has been called worse, I was trying to be as polite as I felt I could be.

    If you felt that I needed to make a more impassioned & detailed plea as to why I felt your banner was a bad idea, then I believe we are probably each at far too distant ends of the scale to ever hope for accord.

    As to why they bother, I will assume it is the writer’s opinion that they wish to put forward, in much the same way as the original author felt the need to.

  17. Tony – its just a wild guess but I reckon Mark might be a) a spurs fan b)a Villa fan or c) an AAA. I do wonder at you having an ‘unbelievably biased agenda’ – would that be praising Arsenal (the club, team and manager)? I mean that would be a very strange thing for an Arsenal blog to do after all…presumably Mark tends to prefer Arsenal blogs that criticize the club, team and manager instead. In which case Mark may I invite you to a) go visit one of them b) start up your own blog or c) crawl back under the stone beneath which you have been sheltering all this time

  18. Tony
    I don’t have a problem with either banner although I agree with other posters that the stadium sponsor might. I am still lobbying for ‘’ to somewhere on the banner. Other supporter’s groups have their name on their banners. It takes nothing from our homage to AW to include the ‘Untold’ name. Please do. It may help other true gooners find an online home. Thanks for the consideration.

  19. blacksheep63
    A thank you for your tireless efforts on our behalf re the banner.

  20. I think I like the second banner more, and not because it doesn’t have a built-in time component, but because it sends a subtle message to the thugs we come to face week in week out.

  21. The words ‘’ can be written vertically in white or red letterings on the blue bar next to Mr Wengers picture.

  22. I do think the name Untold Arsenal should be included somewhere.

    Just an idea driving to work this morning and one that might be OK for the stadium sponsor ship

    “Welcome to Wenger’s Untold Arsenal Stadium”

  23. Ok, whatever we decide (or approved by Arsenal), let it praise Wenger and have UNTOLD on it.

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