Birmingham Arsenal: a total disgrace. It’s time for action

For the second time in a couple of years we have seen an Arsenal player suffer the most awful injury inflicted mindlessly and pointlessly by a third rate player.  Last time Diaby was taken out of the game for a year by Sunderland.  Now Eduardo knows what playing against the minor teams of England is like.

It is self-evident that the authorities in England are unwilling and unable to act.  Every player of talent knows that when you play a fifth rate club your career could end at any moment.

Given this state of affairs the only solution is for Arsenal to get together with the other significant players in Europe and start a European league in which the tackles that took out Diaby and Eduardo would not be permitted.

This should be the good news that comes out of this awful game.  Arsenal won it 70 to30 in terms of possession, and about 200 to 2 in terms of shots.   What sort of football is that?  It is more akin to Brazil playing Andorra.  It is not football it is a farce.  It should be stopped now.

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