It’s time to stop the ‘scum’ songs; it’s time to grow up; its time to stop the hatred.

By Blacksheep

I know this isn’t a political blog, it’s a football one but at time like this I don’t think we can completely eschew the great political events of the day.

Last Thursday I sat down with my colleagues to watch a game of football at work. Most people were supporting England, a few Wales and it was all very good natured.

No one sported their colours, no one chanted any songs (well our Welsh school secretary did join in with the Welsh anthem, and she has a lovely voice!).  No one booed anyone, no one insulted anyone. We watched the game, applauded the goals, ooe’d and ahh’d and the appropriate moments and then went back to work.

But part way through the game I was checking Twitter as I do when I’m bored (and the first half was pretty tame stuff after all) and I saw the beginnings of the news about Jo Cox. Later that afternoon while listening to the radio I heard she had died and a man was in custody.

Since then we have heard he gave his name in court as ‘my name is death to traitors, freedom for Britain’. Personally I’m saddened by the senseless murder of a working mother of two who appears to have been universally respected and loved by her family, friends, constituents and by politicians on all sides. I didn’t know her and I’m not a Labour voter but it made sad and then angry.

It now emerges that the man charged with her murder (and the wounding of a pensioner who came to her aid) is associated with a far right group in this country. A group that peddles hate and calls left-wing MPs ‘traitors’ and who is campaigning for Britain to leave the EU.

The referendum is just that: a referendum, a vote to decide whether to stay or go. I have an opinion but this is not the place for me to air it. It will be a secret ballot and people must make their own minds up.

But I do think it is worth looking at the causal factors behind this attack; at the unpleasant rhetoric that has risen to the surface of the ‘debate’ (I use the term loosely) surrounding the referendum. Poison is being thrown about, lies are being told, and there is scaremongering on both sides.

Britain is descending in a polarised state where you are either ‘one of us’ or ‘one of them’. Over in France the worst excesses of misplaced patriotism and nationalism can be seen on the streets of Marseille, Lille and other towns. Songs about the second world war are met with baton charges and tear gas; Russian neo-Nazis declare that British supporters have gone soft and they are the new elite hooligans. You can blame UEFA and the French authorities if you like (and they certainly seem culpable for their mishandling of the security) but what drives these people to sing hate songs and smash people’s heads in or kick them when they are semi-conscious?

Maybe I’m a ‘woolly-liberal’ or a ‘traitor’ to my (English ) birthright but I find it disgusting and abhorrent. And I’ve have enough of it frankly. I stopped supporting the England team years ago (my turning point was a game against Turkey when the crowd in my local pub (in Northampton) started singing “10 German bombers”  followed by ‘I’d rather be  a P*** than a Turk’).

It’s pervasive this hate stuff. It’s easy to join in, hard to take a stand against. At the Emirates the anti-Spurs songs make regular appearances whoever we are playing. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t like Tottenham, they are our local rivals. They compete for turf with us and this year they very nearly earned the bragging rights around North London (where I live).

I don’t like Chelsea either, or United, or City all that much. Stoke don’t have a place in my heart and I am disgusted by the carryings on of Barcelona and Madrid at times.

But I don’t HATE any of them (not even Spurs). I don’t wish harm on them or their fans. I won’t use ‘y**’ to describe Tottenham fans, I won’t sing that their current manager (he is still their manager isn’t he?) has a mother who earns her living by selling sexual favours to strangers. Because it’s not funny, it’s not nice, and it promotes an atmosphere of hatred, disrespect and  prejudice.

The likes of Britain First, the BNP, UKIP, Farage and even more sober Brexiteers have been stirring up prejudice and hatred for several years now and this is compounded by the pond life that has taken to Twitter and other social media outlets to spew their own bile over the internet.

If you think that casual racism, homophobia, sexism, and a binary view of life that apportions blame for your trouble on a convenient scapegoat is ok, well that’s your right I suppose, but it’s not representative of British values. We are a proud but tolerant nation that has welcomed people from all over the globe for centuries. We are democrats. We are ‘liberals’. We are open minded and we are fair minded. There is no place for the tiny minded racism and intolerance that led to Jo Cox’s murder.

And so I say, let’s make a start on claiming our country back from the bigots, from the racists, from the cretins that drink till they are senseless then fight whoever they can find. Let’s start by enjoying our rivalry with Tottenham without the abuse. By all means we can laugh at the their seasonal collapse, we can celebrate St Totteringham’s Day, we can dance in the streets when they are relegated (wishful thinking perhaps!)  and we can continue to proudly sing about those ‘wheels’ and ‘that gap’.

But we don’t need to sing about hating them. We don’t need to abuse the families of their staff. Let’s grow up and realise that mud sticks, not to the target of abuse but to the senders. Hatred and prejudice are divisive (which is why those in power or who want to be in power use it – to divide the working classes and keep them divided).

Once upon a time football fans used to sit together (like the fans of Sweden and Italy did this week – without trouble). It would be nice to just support our own teams and enjoy the rivalries we have. Its a sport after all.



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  1. I could not agree more.

    We are born human, female or male. Everything else about us comes later and is secondary to the fact we are human beings.

  2. Agreed, Blacksheep. Let’s extend that to the nations of the world as well. One of the nice things about the Euros is seeing people from different countries peacefully supporting their teams. The ones who haven’t been peaceful are in the minority and by the way, are by no means all from one nation.

    It reminds me of the cup semi-final I managed to get a ticket for a couple of years ago. Going up Wembley Way it was lovely to see little children in the colours of both teams and their parents all mingling together in the same space.

    As you say, Blacksheep, it is possible to support your team without being unpleasantly abusive about the others.

  3. You’re right it’s not a political blog, nonetheless, I would like to think you capture the sentiment of your readership. I agree, rivalry is part of being a fan. It doesn’t need to escalate into hatred. Though I do think the y** tag is associated with empowerment with some, Spurs fans, or it used to be, I still won’t use it, as it has far reaching, negative connotations(as I’m neither a spurs fan, Jewish or a racist, so I’ll leave it at that). But football sociolect is an interesting field.

  4. Blacksheep
    I lived much of my adult life in North London (Highgate) and also found not that much hate at all. I think the hate isn’t a local thing, especially as your school mates & work colleagues are just as likely to be Spurs supporters. We all managed to get on without it.
    I would suggest it is an artifact of distance supporting, from fan boys who’ve never even been to Arsenal or even England. It’s so easy to sit at home thousands of miles away in Malaysia, Burma, Canada etc. & spout crap about other teams without ever experiencing local allegiances.

  5. Never posted on a football website before but I felt I had to. I could not agree more strongly with this. Wonderfully written and sentiments that I think many people hold but don’t stand up for. I would never take my young kids to football as most of the songs are offensive. I went to the American football at Wembley and it was wonderful, good banter great atmosphere and a welcome for all. Great, great post.

  6. Just watched Andrew Marr interview Jeremy Corbyn leader of the British Labour Party. Every single question from Andrew Marr suggested immigration is the main problem in Britain.

    Jeremy Corbyn gave detailed answers showing it isn’t and suggesting that people working and living in Britain whichever country they might originate from are suffering the same problems and that those are the problems that need to be solved.

    The problems are mainly the result of policies by the British government and governments in the European Union that are involved in a race to the bottom in things like wages, working conditions and public spending.

    If the mass media, like Andrew Marr, persist in suggesting immigration is the main problem, is it any wonder that a lot of people fall for it, particularly ignorant and sometimes ill people?

  7. Pat
    Because Jeremy corbyn says that immigration isnt the main problem doesnt mean its true.Most party leaders are in favour of staying in the EU and have hidden agenda’s.Nearly everyone ive spoke to want us to come out and even though immigration is a large reason why, it most certainly isnt the only reason.

  8. Leon, I think there is something in what you say, but it is a fact that streaming out of the ground after every match that we have won there are the chants of “What do you think of Tottenham”. Not that many join in, after all most of us are exhausted from the emotional turmoil of the game, but it is still there, every game.

    It isn’t as bad as Glasgow, not at all, but it is still there. You could be right about it being stronger among those who don’t go to games but its not exclusively coming from them.

  9. Thank you for this, it’s well written, well considered and touches several points that regrettably are too often ignored because addressing them is viewed as politically incorrect, an infringement on the ‘right’ of others to expresses themselves freely. I disagree with your caveat about this – as a sports blog – being a perhaps inappropriate venue for a social/political topic. Entertainment aside, sport is no more than a manifestation of our lives that are more deep-seated and less apparent but nonetheless important. I find it odd that a player who refers to an opponent as a “nigger sonofabitch” is roundly condemned as a racist, a “belgian bastard” met with a wry smile, and a “french faggot” viewed as somewhere in between the trend being toward condemnation. As your article rightly points out the common factor here is senseless disrespect and hate (apologies to those offended by the terms, they’re used to make a point and not to express sentiment). Sanctioning such behavior is a Sisyphus task leading only to distraction from the real problem, which is why someone feels the need to express themselves in these ways. For sure some of this comes from a feeling of inferiority on the part of the transgressor, they sense their inadequacy and are unable/unwilling to deal with the real cause so they resort to tasteless and hateful attacks. Regrettably this type of behavior is not only supported but indeed practiced and taught through example by the demagogues masquerading as “leaders” who employ divisive tactics and pollute the air with their flatulent oratory. It’s too bad some of them can’t adopt an attitude similar to your own as expressed in your article; perhaps there wouldn’t be a need to write something like this.

  10. Frankly speaking comparing football banter with the kind of invective you’re talking about is comparing apples and oranges.

    Tenuous and fatuous nonsense.

    Let’s all go to White Hart Lane and throw flowers at our opponents and sing “For they are jolly good fellows”.

    Yeah right.

  11. Good article. Don’t fully agree. Currently in France for Euro’s with 2 good mates who coincidentally support Sperz (BTW only kicking of heads has come from state-sponsored Russian provocateurs). I won’t sing anti-Semitic songs. I stopped saying “yiddos” not because I found it offensive (the Yid Army identification is clearly post religious) but because I wouldn’t want to upset somebody who didn’t understand.

    Ultimately the tribal process of following a group of men who professionally kick an inflated ball around is juvenile. Trying to be “grown up” about it misses the point. I love football, I’m deeply childish, I hate Tottenham despite the cognitive dissonance of loving my Spud mates.

  12. @Leon

    I disagree with your ” fan boy” comments about distance supporters as it isn’t just a distance supporter occurrence. We hear it on the way to grounds, in pubs and in the ground. Thankfully, it is less prevalent than the 70’s and 80’s but it is still there. I used to work nearby to Baker Street station in London. The pubs and The London Underground station would be overflowing with England supporting idiots chanting distasteful things. I also wouldn’t judge Arsenal support or any other support for that matter by twitter or what you might find in the comments sections of blogs or Facebook. Of course you get idiots everywhere but they are in plentiful supply here in England as well.

    There is a thin line between colourful language and banter, which I don’t mind and makes for a good footballing experience and language and behavior that takes it too far.

  13. Thanks for the comments.

    @HighburyJD I do also agree with you that football supporting is or can be juvenile but it is inherently male. I think we can move away from this now as well. The women’s game has grown and flourished, more women go to football, we even have female officials. So it’s fairly depressing that we still hear songs that are frankly sexist. Yes there are worse fans than the English traveling support, much worse if we look at some parts of Eastern Europe, but one element of English fans remains amongst the most borish in Europe.
    I have banter with my spurs(and other clubs) mates but I can see the difference between banter and abuse.
    Stay safe and enjoy the Euros and thank for your comments

  14. At last a fan who is a football fan first and last ,,,, any Arsenal fan who does not want to beat Spurs is not normal but we don’t need to sing anti Spurs songs let’s write some more I love Arsenal ones ,my closest friends are Spurs supporters and of course a little It’s Happehned again but I also said that their team played some great football this season
    No more I hate Spurs or any one else ,let the low life’s at football make hissing noises ,get rid of these people ,

  15. @ Harry Barracuda – In what way is it apples and oranges? Football, hate, racism, gang-mentality, “us” vs “them” and xenophobia are all tightly entwined. At what point does it stop becoming banter? Are racist chants banter? Is it banter when people wearing different football shirts get attacked? Is it banter when large mobs of people walk through a town-center, smashing up shops? Is it banter for fans to make hissing noises to emulate the gas chambers?

    I often see that tactic that you have attempted to use. By giving an example of something that is at the extreme end of the scale, you try and discredit the point that is being made. Why do you have to make the jump, from the author not wishing there was so much hate-speak in football, to fans throwing flowers at each other? Is it because you don’t have any real counter-argument, as to why there should be less hate in football?

  16. Excellent article Blacksheep.
    Every day more and more I look at what the world is becoming and it is more and more a sad place. I wrote something similar a few days ago in my article about nationalistic feelings and the misuse that comes from it.
    My mother has brought her children up with the wise words that “it is wrong to hate anyone”. Wise words that now more than 30 years after the moment she died are more than actual and important. The older I get the more I understand the real meaning of it and the more I have tried to live to them. Not always succeeded to be honest but I am human and can make mistakes. But if every mother could pass on that message to her children… who knows…. one day we might live in peace and harmony…

    I am a supporter of Arsenal, not a hater of anyone else. Even though I was more than very happy that it happened again a the final day of the season. But I don’t need to hate them or anyone else for that.

  17. I think that the uk has gone from being a high trust country to a low trust country. This blog is an example of that. Forty years ago no one would have questioned the FA, UEFA, FIFA or the media. Now virtually everyone knows how corrupt these organizations are.

    A survey I read yesterday suggested that the “leave” supporters do not trust any institution and even the “remain” supporters do not trust some institutions.

    I am an immigrant from India myself and I come from a very low trust culture where we do not even trust other family members let alone anyone else.

    No matter what the vote result nothing can turn back the clock to a high trust culture. So I think we will see more and more chaotic and wild things happening in future. You can only trust something once.

  18. Blacksheep,

    Your article was good but you’re not following your own advice. In your latest comment you pick on Eastern Europe as a particular centre of trouble. What makes you say that? Where do you get your evidence from?

    Not long ago someone posted a description of football hooliganism in some small town in Switzerland, I think it was. This wouldn’t have made the news but it happened.

    Some other posters have just described, very accurately, the boorish behaviour of a lot of run of the mill British fans in their own country.

    I’m afraid picking on a particular nationality or group of nationalities and giving a negative picture of them is exactly the kind of thing that is used by powerful and ill intentioned people to stir up their own people and divert them from the people who are really causing the problems – i.e. themselves.

    That’s how wars are made.

  19. To be fair I have the impression that many supporters of Arsenal football club have spent the last twenty years feeling pity (amidst some laughter) for their tiny neighbours, and not that much hatred.

    I blame Venga.

  20. Who can forget Gary Linekar’s infamous “au Revoir”. To give him his dues at least he spelled it out for those in denial.
    The moment he waved goodbye to any credibility and exposed the petty bigotry that Aunty Bleeb constantly projects (re: Andrew Haw-Haw Marr)

  21. Umm, troubles all over the World are happening and the UK being a big part of the World is having their own share of the trouble happenings in the World.

    Whichever way one may look at it, I think the killer of the politician woman – Jo Cox, must be mentally sick. Yes, he’s ill otherwise he wouldn’t have got physical on her but limit himself to verbal confrontations to her. That killer who killed her is mentally derailed. This is an unfortunate incident that has happened. I am offering my condolence greetings to her husband, their 2 children, her parents, her relatives her friends and the British MPs for this unexpected lost of her live.

    Football has gone a big time money making industry across the World. Since there is big, big & big money coming out of this big, big & big industry money making machine, some big troubles are bound to emanate from it. Because why there is money, the hearts and the good & bad doing of some people will be there. And where some good & bad people are converging to get or be marking that money, troubles will occasionally burst out because money is the root of all evils as they say.

    I am supporting England national team and I still support them up till now. I am not an English man, I am a bonafide Nigerian man. But I started supporting England since 1970 during the time of the late Sir Alfred Ramsey’s 1st Mexico World Cup team who I liked. Maybe because I am very conversant with the former English 1st division now the Premier League clubs and the players that have played in there and are playing now in there. I feel as if I know them very well since I’ve watched them played and still watching them playing up till now. I also like and support the Brazilian national team of that 1st Mexico World Cup era because of Pele and some other brilliant Brazilian players of that World Cup winning team that I’ve watched. And I still support them up till today.

    But I’ll not support any of these above 2 national teams or any national team for that matter if they are playing against my country’s national team, the Super Eagles of Nigeria. I will support the Nigerian national team first. And I’ll 2ndly support the national team of Brazil or England who play the better football between themselves in any match whenever they meet. Who is the 3rd national team that I am supporting? None for now.

  22. I love Arsenal and all the club stands for, I do not hate Spurs nor any football team because I came to understand in my early years of following this club that other supporters feel exactly the same as I do and the love they felt for their club was no less than how felt for mine and it should be respected. We can have banter back and forth and our opinions of how our teams played but that was it nothing more and nothing less. The Euro’s have shown us that we are in the dark ages still and nothing much has changed but those supporters of the countries they follow who have caused trouble should never have been allowed into France and I blame the Government of each country for allowing these people to travel to games. France is on the highest alert for terrorism so surly each government should have vetted and vetted again to try to make sure that they had done all they could have done that was humanly possible to ensure those who had a history of being troublemakers should have had for the four weeks of the tournament their passports taken away. I know that people can slip through the cracks but surely there has to be some way to protect the people who are there for the football and to have a great time without the fear of flares been thrown, fighting breaking out in and out of the grounds or sitting outside or inside a bar while wearing your countries colours and been assaulted because of it.
    Those fools have not only let themselves down but their respective countries and their heads should be hung with shame but I seriously doubt that those people know how to spell the word shame.

  23. Panem et circences

    Russia not long ago, eastern bloc countries in the Cold War, as well as probably other countries resorted to state sponsored doping – there is enough evidence of that.
    Sports has become a new way to keep people from thinking. I mean the Romans knew it 2 millenia ago and in any city there was an colliseum, there were gladiators going at each other’s throats (in fact as archeological studies point out, they were profressionnals, earning a living, with wifes and families, etc).

    In 1914, panem et circences translated into : Berlin at Christmas being shouted in Paris and Paris for New Year in Berlin….the rest, along with the mass graves is history.

    As long as people just ‘consume’ what is given to them and forget their rational ‘spirit’, it will keep on going.

    And frankly, what father would like his kid to chant racist, vulgar songs ?!?!

    Then, seen from Switzerland, I had the opinion that football crowds in the UK were now well (better) behaved and that violence was a thing of the past. But then again, on TV you don’t hear the chants enough to undestand them.

    You article is right on spot. Open the door to ‘small’ abuse, it will in time become a barn door and then an open floodgate as nothing ever decreases and small incivility becomes larger until it is criminal.

    A solution : imagine you need to bring your Mom or you Grandma along….as an obligation….would make fotball or any sport into a family bonding event….and who would dare to misbehave then ?!?!

    PS : Switzerland – a so-called ‘rich’ country – decided in 1992 NOT to join the European Economic Area pretty much for the same reasons I read about for a Brexit. We had a referendum and the naysayers won the day.

    Consequence ? 10 year stagflation.
    Solution ? : join Schengen, accept free movement of people from the UE (among many other things) and suddendly the economy picked up. The proof ? The Swiss Government’s budget did NOT once go into deficit during the big crisis – better yet, it had a surplus. Job numbers went up, unemployment stayed below 5 %. And yes, there was an important influx of foreign workers. And yes, same as in the UK, the exterme right just did all it could to close the frontiers and succeeded 2 years ago (and tha campaign was basically a racist one – that is my opinion based on some posters). To what effect ? We are seing large companies and medium companies leaving the country or not expanding anymore, because of free movement restriction and because of the climate that is turning against foreigners – among other things like a too strong Swiss Franc. Thing is their pay packages were mostly good, which helped finance our whole ‘social security’ apparatus. Sure enough there were exceptions and people ‘using’ the system, but they are a minority. And using them as an argument is like burning down the whole forrest because a few trees are dead.

    I run a small software company. Where a few years ago I could get any specialist from Europe by just signing a contract with him/her, now, I need to find one, negotiate with him/her, then apply for a permit that will take months to deliver – by that time the specialist will have had 10 other job offers and not be available anymore.

    What do you call that ? Ah yes, back to football : an own goal.

    Really wonder what the PL will look like after a Brexit with all the restrictions that will be put in place.

  24. It’s sad to see violence mar sports in general. The adults who partake in abusive/racial chanting must realise that they are imparting the same attitude to a younger generation. If they continue with their current behaviour, they are saying it’s okay to do it. Today it’s happening at the Euros, with these goons supporting their own national team but they don’t necessarily support the same club back at their respective countries league. Are they going to beat each other or trade insults once they are back?? It’s senseless yet deeply ingrained in football in particular.

  25. UA commentters, please, can these elements of: Nationalism, Allegiance, Loyalty, Rivalry Support and Passion for one’s national football team and one’s football club be separated from the football fan who supports his national team or club?

    If the answer is Verbaltmly No! As I believe it can’t be separated from the true passionate football fan who has pledged his allegiance and support to his national team and his club, then of course we are bound to see friction occasionally occurring between rival fans. If this rivalry doesn’t exist between the fans in one hand and between the players in another hand, the essence of professionalism in the game will be reduced to the amateur friendly match order, just to socialize. Where fans will go to have a good recreational time in a match to kill off boredom during his free time.

    To reduce the happening of the occasional occurrence of violence and racism in the organised football in the world to the barest minimum, the organisers of the game and the stake holders should put their heads together in collaborations with the government and their security agencies to further reinforce their actions and standing laws to put these undesirable forces in our football to the back foot in the game,

  26. If everybody in the world encouraged friendship between nations, international sporting competitions would be nothing but a pleasure.

    But because the most powerful forces in the world are about cut-throat competition, and might is right, and money above all else, and do down your weaker neighbour (see the EU and what they have done to the people of Greece) this does not happen.

    Banning Russia from the Olympics is nothing but power politics. When Marion Jones etc. were exposed as having won as a result of drugs, was the USA banned from the next Olympic Games? No.

  27. People are very “ripe” for the intrigues of others especially when under the influence of alcohol or generally discontent.

    It takes only one person to start a violent riot, all the others are followers, and that one person who started it, is never to be found at the end, they usually disappear very quickly as they have been trained.

    Many people do not know that “racism” is a very recent thing. It never existed in the world before the Roman times, of course there were likes and dislikes but it was never about color. The “organised racism” color thing came in around the time of the Romans. Check out the real stories of this Earth.

  28. Re Vardy i predicted instantly we dont need a cheat.
    Tks god he has turned down Arsenal offer.
    Wenger shouldnt have gone for him.
    Mahrez is a better player than Vardy.
    Re striker why doesnt wenger look at Vargas from Alexis chile? He looks to me a nice player from his Qpr days.
    I await comments from UA!

  29. @Vinnie Losada It isn’t racist to point out that some countries have a problem with racism in their fanbase, nor is it unfair to suggest that certain regions have problems currently (as England did) with football hooliganism. I’m advocating a change in attitudes HERE not suggesting we are either guilt free or the worst culprits.
    I think it is reasonable to look at why some countries have problems with football violence and at where that is closely linked to nationalism. In this country (England) the far right (NF, BNP, BF) have all recruited from amongst working class football fans. This doesn’t mean ALL football fans are racist fascist sympathizers.
    So I am following my own advice @Pat, I’m thinking about it and trying not to label people indiscriminately.

  30. A Sobering post Blacksheep, which needed airing.
    There are not that many of us left now, who were brought up during WW2, but I would ask you all to accept that the tribal hostility prevalent today in football, simply did not exist in those turbulent times. We had our country’s enemies on which to concentrate.
    Something since the peace has gradually happened to cause the support of football clubs to
    escalate (and descend) into shameful hatred of all rivals.
    Why this should be will no doubt be written about and discussed by students of our national game and of human behaviour, for decades (or centuries) to come.

  31. I recall the principled stance of French international players, led by Robert Pires, against the divisive racism of Le Pen, who objected to the inclusion of black players in the squad.

    As this example shows, football can be a force for good, if it is not allowed to be high-jacked by the extreme right.

    I congratulate the author of this article.

  32. I have to admit that I did not want Vardy either, his antic so last season was enough to show that the guy is a cheat and I think we have dodged a bullet. That injured arm must be the longest in EPL history and can anyone please tell me why? I’m sure Arsenal have other irons in the fire so we just have to wait and see. Mahrez for myself also looks a better player and would fit into the way Arsenal play more so that Vardy. We just need to be patience and let the Boss and the Board get on with it. I’m just glad that Vardy will not be putting on the red and white of our Club but if he had I would have had to swallow my pride and support him like every other Arsenal player.

  33. Is this Vardy not joining confirmed? I’ve been reading stuff all day, but no official announcements one way or other.
    I think it’s just more gossip & rumour to be honest, but hope it’s true.

  34. Well, as things go and UA explained the other day. Vardy staying must have cost a few millions more than budgeted to his actual club.

    All money they won’t have available for other players and a race for higher salaries that will be started among then team players. and they’ll have to fork out more for the other players as a precedence has been created.
    And it kind of showed that on certain ‘paperwork’ issues, it looks like the ‘king’ is at least half-naked.

    I’d say AW’s gamble thus was not that bad of an idea, some kind of win/small win situation then.

  35. Ladies and gentlemen on UA……..tribalism and exclusion go hand in hand. Its us versus them, we see it in Trump’s BS politicking in the US of Greed, we see it where I live in Québec when nationalists blame everything on the anglophone and allophone minority,we see and hear it constantly on the media, among the ultra-fundamentalist conservative 1% who blame the poor for everything that is wrong with the world, etc.etc. ad nauseam.
    This shite gets the fear-mongerers elected, gets hits on websites, sells papers, promotes division and in-fighting, thus weakening any opposition trying to change the status quo and trying to improve our lives in general. When we see the absolute corruption, indifference to general Football’s welfare and improvement, rank greed and self-interest beating out common decency and integrity, it is NO surprise that people resort to the lowest common denominator; extremist views, hatred and suspicion of others, violent solutions to non-violent issues, ego inflating superiority complexes, rampant lying and perveracation, plausible deniability trumping honest and transparent accountability, etc.
    Football is NOT a game of hate or ethnic, social warfare. It is a SPORT, whose very definition is beauty and fluidity presented as entertainment to appreciative fans. every Gooner i know supports the Arsenal without resorting to demeaning the Spuds. We may laugh at their inevitable stumble for St.Totteringham’s Day BUT we know they are us and we are them in the final accounting!

  36. @Linda, my my. You’ve sound a bit well well on the likely not to be coming of Vardy to Arsenal afterall the now have looked hypothetical of his coming to us.

    In all honesty, I can read through the lines of Vardy mind that is divided as to accept his coming to us or continuing staying at his club Leicester. And the reason for this his hesitancy in Vardy’s mind may not be unconnected with him wanting more pay from Arsenal as per at the likely advising of his Wag Rebekah. Which of course as we all know too well, Vardy won’t dare to turned his back of his so beloved Wag.

    I am still waiting to see if Vardy has unbelievably been led to missed his chance of earning £120k/w as purportedly offered him by Arsenal as against the reported £100k/w offered to him by his Leicester club to continuing staying with them.

    When the Vardy’s Leicester have failed to make an impact in the BPL and the Ucl campaigns next season, Vardy’s eyes will be cleared from the ill advice he’s been advised by his miss-advisors.

    It’s not late yet for Vardy to finally make up his mind and take the offer on table for him at Arsenal if the Boss still want him there after he has annoyed him by his unecessarily delaying his transfer to Arsenal without any just cause.

  37. Wouldn’t completely write off Vardys chances of coming to Arsenal yet….there may be games being played here, but it all looks less certain than a couple weeks ago.
    As for the lead article, a good read. Would be nice of the hatred stopped, but unfortunately, looks like it is just getting worse and more widespread. Every disturbed, hate filled sad bitter , sometimes, envious individual now has a platform and an easy source of meeting the like minded, it’s called the Internet.
    Pat, with the drug cheats, think they are implying the Russian drug cheats are state sponsored, where as the U.S. and some other athletes have been acting as individuals or team orders. Not saying that is right, just the implication of the matter. I am sure you are correct, there are global politics going on, can only feel sorry for the clean Russian athletes, or indeed the majority of peaceful Russia football fans tainted by others, but guess that is the way of the world.
    This hatred comes in a spectrum, from fascists, religious zealots or the type we saw behind this weeks tragedy, through hooliganism, the highly unpleasant chants favoured by some England fans….down to a level which may not be great, but is in reality little more than banter. Know it is not the point, but get the impression, broadly speaking, Spurs fans hate us more than ours hate them, compare and contrast the two stadia on NLD match days.
    We just seem to be living in angry times…..maybe we always have been.

  38. What does it …

    This post was edited out.

    Tommy I can’t help noticing that a) you quite often don’t write on the subject under discussion and b) you make assertions which are never backed up with any evidence. Both of which are listed as reasons for not publishing your posts. Others have gone off topic, and I wish that didn’t happen, but they manage to break only one of our rules, you manage to break two at once. Tony

  39. The songs must be taken with a pinch of salt. They are more to tease rather than put down. I wouldn’t change the glory of St Totteringham’s Day each year. It is so much fun to see grown men get upset about such a simple wind up celebration.

    As for ‘Blacksheep’ being regarded as racist, it isn’t. It may be colour prejudiced, but nothing more. I dislike the bullshit associated with blackboards now called chalkboards & such trivia that robs sense of intelligence.

    Most bias & prejudice grows from ignorance. It is not a major issue in terms of progress in life but does matter if area of focus has sociological bearing. In other words it is critical if it impacts a group of people unfairly.

    Vardy? A cheat. Nicotine or Caffeine or dives….. all outside sporting fairness.

  40. Samuel
    It has come from Arsene Wenger own mouth he said that it’s highly unlikely that Arsenal will be signing Vardy. The Vice chairman of Leicester also said it was very likely Vardy would be staying put.

  41. Great post by the way. It reminds of the man that recently passed away ie “the Champ or the greatest” as we all know him.

    When he was asked to join the army and go fight a war in Vietnam, he refused and asked why? His own words were “Why should I go fight the Vietnamese? They did me no wrong”.

    This goes to show his character and although he lost his title and a whole lot more at that moment, the world took notice and he is celebrated the world over even in death and he is probably the greatest sports person that ever lived by that decision he took.

    Football is meant to be enjoyed by all and sundry and it is a known fact that no person or team has a monopoly of winning always. If I snare at, insult, humiliate and beatup a fellow supporter simply because we don’t support same team or country, will I be pleased with a return favour if the shoe was in the other feet. What makes me different from a terrorist or a supposed freedom fighter who goes on a killing spree of the innocent. Yes they kill with guns and grenades but I kill with my tongue if I exhibit such atrocities.

    I firmly stand against hooliganism in sports of any kind, in or out of stadia, by singing, chanting, attacking, or another way they are portrayed and any one who loves humanity will do thesame.

    Tony is Arsenal supporter because of the family he was born into. Maybe his mum marrying a different man a few yards down the road and he would have been a spurs fan and this would be Untold-Spurs or any name he could dream of. Should I hate him for it? I may not even know the blog exists.

    Shout out to all those who wrote in standing against hooliganism of any kind. Thank you too Blacksheep. Great article.

  42. Linda.
    am not blaming or accusing you of any pessimism on Vardy’s possible and now not that looking sure transfer anymore to us, if the Boss’ comments on this subject to the media today is to be taken into account. Rather, I am only trying to point out your aligning your views on this matter with some thoughts who believes Vardy to be football cheat. I’ve already read all about that assertions by some Arsenal supporters in the media. But have the Boss been aware of Vardy’s purportedly being a football cheat before activating his release clause at Leicester?

    As I’ve thought all along. The Boss has reiterated his early stance of signing only 3 new players for Arsenal during this summer window so as not to in his own words, unbalanced his playing team squad selection during the coming season campaign at least before the winter window comes up? I don’t actually comprehend what the Boss has said about team balance though I understand his point.

    Would signing up to 3 more top quality players unbalanced the current Arsenal 25 man squad? Xhaka has being signed, leaving 2 more according to the Boss to signed. In what playing positions in the Gunners’ team would the Boss signed in those 2 outstanding players?

    3 Gunners all midfielders have been confirmed by the Boss to have left Arsenal at the end of last season. But the Boss has brought in Elneny during the last winter window and also brought in Xhaka during this summer. But still leaving 1 more midfielder a CAMF to be likely brought in to complete the 3 midfielders that have left in my own thinking? And then ofcourse, a top top grade versatile striker who can efficiently play centrally to lead the line and also can credibly play as a right winger too should be brought in by the Boss as well.

    But if the Boss signs a striker and another midfielder, what of the high quality CHB that is touted he should signed? Or is he going to jettison signing the CAMF? And signs a CHB after surely haven signed a striker? I think if the Boss would agree, money permitting, sign 3 more players instead of the 2 he’s planning to sign. The 3 signings will make his team to be more balanced and not make the team to be unbalanced in my own view.

    Good night every Untolder.

  43. Far too much hate, not enough history. Replace the word ‘immigrant’ with ‘Jew’ then you can hear history.

    The toxic has become acceptable.

    As for Leave, those arguing that we can leave the EU and so control our borders, cannot even control their own minds.

    Who needs an education when you can have an opinion? F*ck experts.

    A great article. Many thanks again.

  44. An excellent article Blacksheep. This should be bookmarked and posted once a month on Untold or referred to, every time we have vile rubbish spouted during a season by anyone.

    Its a game. Football. IS. A Game. That is it. I don’t see why everyone has to get tribal about it. I’ve never been to the stadium to watch a single game and have watched most games on mute (for other reasons), but it hasn’t prevented me from enjoying it.

    Not suggesting everyone do the same, but its certainly possible. Banter is just very gentle poking, ‘Mind the gap’ is banter for me. ‘What do you think about Tottenham?’ makes me cringe every time I hear it. Every single time.

  45. Nice and timely article , Blacksheep . And some fine comments by the regulars.
    We live in a world where fools and bigots seem to be in charge . And their supporters and followers are even worse . Whatever happened to using one’s own brains and ability to reason things out for oneself ?
    And the ability to see and understand events and persons in the right light ? Why can’t or won’t people see that the are being lead to kool aid shed ?

  46. @Nonny,
    Without wishing to speak ill of the dead, I find all these tributes about Mohammed Ali rather ironic.
    It wasn’t that many years ago that a vast majority (I suspect)of sports fans and others, were desperate that some boxer would beat him and silence the loud-mouth braggart.
    The self-styled “Greatest” wasn’t always the popular figure he came to be.

  47. ‘Life is the most difficult exam. Many people fail because they try to copy others , not realising that everyone has a different question paper .’

  48. Just saw an interview on BBC with a reporter. He said he had sat with Albanian fans – 40,000 of them – and Croatian fans at recent matches and met a lot of great people. At the Croatia match there was some trouble but it was a tiny minority.

    Bears out my point about not mis-calling whole nations or groups of nations (both these countries being in Eastern Europe).

  49. Stay away from Anger.. It hurts ..Only You!
    If you are right then there is no need to get angry,
    And if you are wrong then you don’t have any right to get angry.

    Patience with family is love,
    Patience with others is respect.
    Patience with self is confidence and Patience with GOD is faith.

    Never Think Hard about the PAST, It brings Tears…
    Don’t think more about the FUTURE, It brings Fear…
    Live this Moment with a Smile,It brings Cheer.

    Every test in our life makes us bitter or better,
    Every problem comes to make us or break us,
    The choice is ours whether we become victims or victorious.

    Beautiful things are not always good but good things are always beautiful.

    Do you know why God created gaps between fingers?
    So that someone who is special to you comes and fills those gaps by holding your hand forever.

    Happiness keeps You Sweet..But being sweet brings happiness.

  50. Gratitude helps us return to our natural state of joyfulness , where we notice what’s right instead of what’s wrong . It makes us feel complete , that we have everything we need , at least in this moment .
    M.J. Ryan

  51. @ Linda re Vardys cast – I thought it was also a bit strange how long he had had it on, but according to a commentator, he was meant to have surgery on it a while back, but didn’t want to miss any games, so instead he just continued playing with the cast on and will be getting the surgery at the end of the Euros.

  52. Vardys cast! It is amazing how much nicotine can be patched through a wrist cast!!

    or maybe it a result of bankers cramp 😉

  53. Samuel
    I’m positive that if Arsene Wenger had got Vardy he would have in no uncertain terms have told him to cut out the antics on the pitch and his Red Bull and nicotine would also have to go.
    Jammy J
    Thank you for the info on his arm, but it still seems such along time to wear cast.

  54. So much of your post I agree with but I think you could have waited a few days to post it. Your views on the referendum are just that your views. I don’t think you should use this forum to use a thinly veiled political statement on behalf of remain. I don’t like the anti Jewish chants albeit having grown up in North London in the 50’s & 60’s let me assure you that they are nothing as strong as they used to be. My school was in St John’s wood and many of my peers from the Golders Green area , so it’s safe to say that I am not uninformed. I too gave up on the England team and refused to attend Wembley for matches and thankfully Highbury was a fortress against the BNP which had it’s claws into Stamford Bridge and Upton Park . I will be infact already have ( postal vote ) voted to leave not on the basis of immigration but because I have listened to far too many lies and statistics that don’t add up . Whether we stay or go will not directly affect me as I am at the latter end of my stay here but my life’s experience tells me that the E.U will implode eventually and I do not wish for my siblings and their children to get caught in the sideswipe.

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