Roy Keane on Arsene Wenger: everyone should read this

Mediation has posted a comment on my last set of ravings which I think is infinitely more important than anything I have to say, so I want to give it full blast here.

Mediation cites an interview by Roy Keane in the Telegraph about TV pundits and Sky Gibberish in particular and this is part of it.

“There was a debate about Wenger on Sky and how crazy is that? People are actually getting interviewed saying he shouldn’t be doing this.

“What that man’s done for English football is amazing and will be remembered in 25, 50, 100 years’ time. Will those on telly yesterday be remembered for what they’ve achieved? None whatsoever.”

Thank you Mr Keane.  I really didn’t like you as a player, although hopefully always  admitted through gritted teeth that you were an amazing talent.   One up to you sir.

The full article is at 

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  1. You were fortunate not to have to listen to that complete and utter t*sser David Platt. He hates Arsenal with a deep loathing. We should start a campaign threatening to abandon our Sky subscriptions unless we get some fair coverage. Hit ’em in the pockets.

  2. haha its so true, platt’s always negative about arsenal. you would never see him raving about his former club. It’s either that he does dislike us or that he expects better.

    kudos to keane tho, always telling it straight, not giving a flying crap about the jamie redknapps of this world.

  3. The TV pundit I find most annoying is figure is Steve McManaman. He is obsessed with the ‘get in their faces’ approach to Arsenal. In one game he was criticising the opponents at half time saying they needed to kick Arsenal more. Great inspiration for the kids Steve. It is this sort of attitude that leads to injuries like Eduardo’s
    Collymore also has an anti-Wenger agenda. He should stick to things he knows about… like dogging.

  4. The ineptitude of TV pundits can’t be emphasized enough. The most shocking thing is the way in which they try to encourage cheating and assault.

  5. what about craig burley on the setanta commentary team… or david pleat on, well, every-flipping-where it seems (we’ve all apparently forgotten about his… er… ahem… predeliction for… errr… slowly driving round certain areas of towns, late at night… ahem… allegedly)
    True, a few years ago the media was going over the top in its efforts to applaud the football arsenal were playing (and winning with) – not entirely unlike the plaudits now being heaped on united – and perhaps the desire to pile onto arsenal now they’re not succesful is in some ways a backlash to that – but seasoned pro’s who quite obviously have some kind of axe to grind? Give us a break! I wonder if Man u will afce the same backlasj in 2 years time?
    the only team seemingly guarnteed to be free from criticism is liverpool (thanks to the bootroom mafia at BBC and the sheer number of ex-players with media careers,) heaven forbid we mention just how shocking theyve been for the past 10 years, and certainly we musnt attribute any of their champions league success to the luck that it quite obviously was! At least Keown and Dixon are honest in their assesments on MOTD2. never thought I’d say this, but bring back Jimmy Hill!

  6. Thought you’d already seen that Keane quote, Tony, it was widely quoted on various Arsenal blogs at the time.

    The revolting double standards English/British TV pundits use for AW and Arsenal v. Liverpool & Man Utd are so appallingly blatant, that’s what gets me. A lot of these awful pundits are supporter of MUtd, Pool or Spurs.

    It’s obvious that they are so mired in traditional English francophobia that they can’t see AW with any objectivity. As part of that, they seem to have some kind of irrational, visceral hatred towards AW’s injection of beautiful, continental football into the English game. They sneer at technique and style, and openly enjoy seeing Arsenal players get kicked and brutalized.

    They all suck on Ferguson’s teat and now compliment him for his fluid, interchangeable attacking style — never acknowledging AW’s influence over the almighty god Ferguson.

    Once in a while you’ll get an intelligent commentary (usually in one of the broadsheets) by one of them, but it’s so infrequent that it becomes a matter of comment on most Arsenal blogs. Whereas the worship of Ferguson is so constant and uniform throughout the media that I doubt Man Utd blogs take much note of it. It’s just the normal, expected thing to worship Ferguson.

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