Referee sends himself off in Arsenal v WBA extravaganza!

By Billy the Dog McGraw

OK, everyone’s dead, semi-dead or deadbeat so we are on the edge of using the 9 year old youth team for the match against the Woobooloos.  Here’s one line up – the one that Tony tried out on an unsuspecting public the other day…


Sagna Squillaci Koscielny Clichy


Nasri Wilshere

Chamakh Arshavin Vela

But what you could do is make it look like this – the patented all singing all dancing, vibrant and exciting, Billy the Dog version…


Sagna Squillaci Koscielny Clichy


Denilson Wilshere


Chamakh Arshavin

OK it looks odd, but it is 11 players and it sort of works as a 4-1-2-1-2 formation (copyright Billy the Dog).

The point of it is that the back four and Song do their usual stuff.  In front Denilson does his interception business, which this site has always rated and praised despite all the gibberish spoken about the player by some.   Now, put Wilshere next to him and you have something extraordinarily powerful, mopping, picking, probing, passing, intercepting, distributing and other exciting stuff.

Also, notice the way Denilson went and had a few 25 yard pot shots against the Very Tiny Totts, and notice the way Wilshere held back most of the time and occasionally came forward.

Put those two together and you have got a couple of players who could be here, there, everywhere, anywhere, nowhere – enough to scare the whatnots off the oohjar, as it were (and to use the technical chitchat).

Moving on, Nasri loves playing in the middle, and is clearly bubbling with life just now, so put him in the middle, and let him feed the front two, rather like Bergkamp, or maybe more like Zidane.  Well, like someone anyway.

Which puts on the bench (which, as you may know, having been reading earlier reports here, was quite possibly made by Mr Adebayor)

Fabianski, Mannone, Vela, Djourou, Lansbury, Emmanuel-Thomas, Diaby

I have the luxury of that jolly little season card thing and that means I have seen 16 goals so far up the right end, and one down the other end.  More of the same I suggest, and a stroll in the park (although you can get 16-1 on a Wobbley victory if you doubt my word).

Looking at the history for a moment, the results at Highbury and Ems-ville against the team from the edge of the M5 are played 61, won 36, drawn 14, lost 11, scored 129, let in 70.  Albion last won at the Arsenal in 1458 in the Midlands-South Enclosures Cup Semi-Final when they beat us by four heffers to a lamb.  Rioting broke out, and Britain declared independence from Belgium.

So far the Baguettes, as they like to be known, have done thus…

  • Chelsea 0-6
  • Sunderland 1-0
  • Leyton 2-0 (Cuppy wuppy)
  • Liverpool 0-1
  • Tinies 1-1
  • Birmingham 3-1
  • Man City 2-1 (Copa del Thing)

So in the league it is two away games, and two defeats (KGB in Fulham and Liverpoodle).  In fact if we add in their last period in the EPL they have lost 14 and drawn four of their last 18 games in the league.

The key to everything is the attitude of the Baguettes.  Do they park the bus, do rotational fouling, throw in rotational time-wasting, or do they Shawcross.

So far they have picked up 10 yellows which is a bit heavy, but Roberto di Mat who is their manager these days says, “The referee has to be strong and conduct the game in a fair manner, where no players get injured. He needs to protect the players. English football is about physicality and tackles.  Everyone loves that – but it needs to be fair. No-one wants to see players getting injured and breaking legs.”

Which seems fair enough.  Their leading threat is a man whose name I can’t remember who has scored twice.

And therefore, we come inevitably to the rather exciting issue of the result. We will score.  And we will score again.  Then we will score.  At this point the ref, (who is the youngest fourth official in the EPL, the youngest referee at Wembley and youngest referee in the EPL, and who has give 18 yellow cards and three red cards in six games) will send himself off for being far too silly.  After that we will score.  Then Carlos Vela will come on and score.

Eventually with 90 seconds left Jay Emmanuel Thomas will come on and score four goals in three minutes.

Match of the Day will say that we were lucky, and that the thinness of our squad must be a worry, and that we were distracted by the financial results on Friday.  They will fail to show the JET goals because of a technical error.  The presenters will grin.

The Marchioness of Rutland will present the prizes.

That’s about it.  There’s an AISA committee meeting before the game, and so I am leaving early and thus this is all you are getting.  And by the way, if you are not a member of the Arsenal Independent Supporters Association you should be so join now or I shall be very annoyed.  But while whiling away the hours, why not see the new wonderful FACEBOOK page that Phil Gregory has built for us.  Go to Facebook and search for Untold Arsenal, or if you are a luddite like me diddley squiddle along here

Love and kisses


PS: I seem to have finished and only got to 750 words and Tony is keen that all articles should be 1000 words long.  What to do?   We could sing a song I suppose.

Are you Tottenham, Are you Tottenham, Are you Tottenham in disguise?

Are you Tottenham in Disguise?”

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58 Replies to “Referee sends himself off in Arsenal v WBA extravaganza!”

  1. All things being equal, the amount of cards that ref shows it wouldn’t be at all surprising if he did indeed send himself off. In such a case I would hope that Phil Dowd would learn from this example.

  2. Oh by the by.

    At first glance it seems that the match tomorrow is not being carried by Sky, ESPN or SETANTA.

    You will get a good streaming source from here:

    all EPL matches are available here on any matchday as well as matches from all the main european leagues. Click on the top selection as there are usually several but some require specific software. the top one will play in your browser without any extra software requirements.

  3. Terence-
    I found the site recently and has become my site for watching our matches when not on FOX. Yes, it is really reliable!

  4. I’ve sent out invites to about 100 fellow Gooners on Facebook to join the Untold page, Tony and also Tweeted your arrival as well. 🙂

  5. URGENT news on the streaming links provided by Terrence McGovern:

    ATDHE website link all contain JavaScript active viruses, mainly invasive trojans which leave backdoors in your system through which the people at the other end can use to extract any data from your system or watch what you do whilst you are sat at the computer.

    Of course using adequate virus protection can make this a little less risky – but I think it is rather irresponsible to provide links such as those without also providing the information on what damage this may cause ot the end user; or AT THE VERY LEAST recommendations on free anti-virus protection.

    I’m sure he didn’t realise but all the same – it is bad advice to tell users to follow these links without thoroughly checking them for threats like Trojans.

    FYI – If you didn’t know a Trojan is a program that runs when you click the link (silently in the background) which can then open a connection to your computer leaving it susceptible to abuse from the other end user. Look up Wiki if you want to know more about the risks you are taking by viewing those streams

  6. Well we might just need two keeperes on at once, if Fabianski is one of them on his current form.

    Ok so Chezzers rates him and so does the boss – they are entitled to their opinions but I can’t see him getting into the side, every time he get’s an opportunity he manages to mess it up.

    The guy has no emotional strength, no inner resource … he will never be a proper Arsenal player until he can hold his nerve during a match

  7. Sorry Billy, the 4-1-2-1-2 formation has been used in FIFA football games(pc and consoles) every since 2004. I happen to like the formation and use it quite often. Although I’ve never seen it being used in…the real world, shall we say. Why do you think that is? Except for the fact that you would be incredibly susceptible down the wings, I think this would suit Arsenal’s passing game through the middle. Also, when the wingers in the other team come inside to contribute in defense, Eboue/Clichy can overlap easier.

    Anyway, its an out and out attacking formation, but Arsenal are a team that can make it look the best.

  8. OK it looks odd, but it is 11 players and it sort of works as a 4-1-2-1-2 formation (copyright Billy the Dog).
    Mate that formation is a 4-4-2 (diamond). You can change the name of it but if you knew football you would know that its nothing new.

  9. Uj31 – I am not sure you should ever take Billy’s comments or claims too seriously. Last week he suggested that Sunderland cheated by lifting up one end of the stadium to help the ball run in the right direction. (Mind you I think he was right on that one, looking at the replay).

  10. Uj31: that is not 4-4-2 diamond attacking or defending.
    This is a real 4-1-2-1-2.
    Billy, sorry, you cant copyright this, it is already available in the game (and it’s actually the tactics I always used for football games since like 10 years.)
    With same players my line up would go Wilshere/Nasri then Arshavin just above them and behind Vela and Chamakh.
    Only issue with this formation is that it is extremely tiring for the DMs, the AMC behind strikers, and the strikers.
    In other terms,who would you replace Song with in the week INS week outs as a DM?
    Also, when playing away game, it is difficult to get good results with such formation and you need to give more freedom and more width to open up defenses, but it is then easy to switch to a 4-4-2 diamond (attacking or defending)
    Uj31: you are makin the mistake here.
    Next time just do me a favor, open up your football manager or championship manager game before commenting like that…

  11. Just woke up trying to remember last night, but “1458 in the Midlands-South Enclosures Cup Semi-Final when they beat us by four heffers to a lamb” really just made my day. Thanks Billy/Tony 🙂

  12. Common sensei:
    I would admit that in real terms I am only ever interested in finding a source that I can watch the Arsenal game on.
    That being said, as somebody who makes their living through online poker, I more than anybody have more to lose from any form of invasive malware. Having exceptional security protection myself, I suppose that I generally assume that others have at least basic protection given that you cannot even log onto Goonernews without infection if your system is open.
    I would point out however that I have watched hundreds of streams from this site and have yet to have an attempted intrusion flag and to this day my system remains infection and intrusion free.
    So yes it may be irresponsible to advise on a link without giving clear warning that some adequate protection may be required, as it is everywhere on the internet but no more so than scaremongering based on potential threats that exist pretty much everywhere on the internet.

    Perhaps you could provide an alternative source for the game that you can personally guarantee is 100% risk free?

  13. I am an IT professional my friend and I can tell you for fact, that you probably have got a bunch of infections already. Just because your virus checking software doesn’t flag it – as I have already mentioned this is no indication of safety.

    In life nothing is risk free, but going down your local footy savvy pub is a pretty close… So I take offence to the whole scaremongering idea – People with that attitude are the ones targeted by these viruses which is why you should be more careful

  14. And there are NO ‘legal streams’ to these games on Sky and ESPN apart from on their own websites

  15. Common Sensei:
    The thing I like about you the most, is that you are so easy to wind up and I have to admit that I can never resist the opportunity.
    I said to myself, if I post this he will flip out lol.
    Anyway don’t take offence it’s all in good fun eh.

    I thank you for your kind concern but my security software is custom and not of the garden variety that is supplied or available for purchase at PC world etc.
    Regardless, not everybody lives conveniently near a pub with an exotic dish set up so streams may be their only recourse to see the game live.

    So today’s top tip:
    If you must resort to using an illegal stream to watch The arsenal Live……….wear a condom 😉
    Enjoy the game everybody .

  16. My first reaction on the game: we couldn’t get the ball going and only one player in the whole team had a good 90 minutes: Nasri. And I think that is not engough to win a game of football.

  17. awful game.

    the D&Gers are going to throw a party tonight.

    let’s hope our players don’t read the papers or blogs.

  18. Well, Walter, I don’t even have it in me to criticise anymore 🙁 I hope, the team doesn’t look so tired (lethargic?) at Stamford Bridge next week. In any case, we played bad, deserved to lose… and for some reason, we were not able to take the ball off WBA! Bad day at office for the team.. and bad bad weekend for fans.

  19. I missed the first half cause i was with my wife at the hospital. I wish now that i hadnt come home to watch this bullsh*t.
    And Ive been supporting Almunia cause i thought with injuries to strikers, relying on sol and silvestre as CD, he deserves a chance. But after today, he has got to go. Im no glory hunter and im not gonna start supporting another club but if a gk cant stop a ball at near post, he cant, will not and should not wear arsenal no1. Its a disgrace to all those who have wore that before him and who will wear it after him.
    Its no bodys fault but almunia’s.
    sorry, but enough is enough. If it was chelsea or manu i would understand but WBA?
    And somebody please tell chamakh that he is the fu*king striker not the fu*king winger.

  20. It was game from hero to zero for Almunia. First he saves a penalty and then that second goal. I would be very dissapointed if would have let one in like that.

  21. To be honest yes Almunia could have done better but when you let them walk through and take these shots its difficult for any keeper not sure I blame Almunia at all really as the 10 players infront of him never turned up today.

    I blame AW for prioritising jack and thomas should have been on from the start play your best 11 if we lost 1 game in europe ABIG deal so what we would still qualify.

    we didnt need to take off a defender for vela either there was still loads of time and thats when we let in the 3rd.

    play your strongest team and keep the defenders its one thing if theres 5 mins left and 1 goaldown its another with 30 left and plenty of time to score 2 goals.

    resting fabregas and playing wiltshire is one thing resting wiltshire and playing our 3rd choice is another.

  22. i believe weird 1st eleven selection is more rationale than almunia’s fault..underestimate i presume

    Unexpected result at Arsenal/Chelsea/Man. U.!
    It’s good for the soul and you should rejoice.

  24. Conclusions? Arsenal are nowhere near as good as you deluded souls think they are! Just because the London media waxes lyrical about them does not make them a very good side. When will the scales fall from your eyes?

    West Bromwich Albion are a fine old club…far more historic than Arsenal and a BIG club long before Arsenal bought themselves into league football several moons ago. The piece written above is so riddled with arrogance and smugness that I can only assume its author has zero appreciation of football and the true status of its clubs.

    Results like today’s should be taken as a reality check. Arsenal are good BUT not very good.

  25. And to think I have to force myself to watch this again to make my ref report. Sado massochism comes to my mind

  26. I think this is jus one of those matches which we call as our ‘bread n butter’ games. And i think our players underestimated our opponents. Almunia maybe in fault for one goal but i think the whole team played poorly. We cant score even one goal in one hour at our home ground against a newly promoted team?? Is it because we cant win decently without cesc, walcott or van persie?? Something has to be done for such games, i dont think we should ever in our whole life lose such games.

  27. Tim
    Don’t worry about the D&G. The players do need to read the blogs. The vast majority seeemed to be going through the motions

  28. Well… what a crap day – West Brom turned up and were well organised (fair play to them) while we were too busy thinking about the CL game to even break a sweat. Never got out of second gear today, very disappointing.

    I do worry about Almunia… and I can’t be bothered to defend him any more, keepers are either crap or crooked and some are both.

  29. I disagree CO when you have 10 players infront of you not performing it doesnt matter who is in goal when the opposition are allowed waltze in.
    Interestingly enough Almunia is in second place for man of the match on

    Chalk it down to a day when no one turned up at the office for whatever reason. we do not have a divine right to win these games and it is time everyone realised that especially the players.

  30. So good to find a website that’s not full of the usual bilge. Most of the oiks posting negativity about Arsene and the team today were waxing lyrical after whipping the spuds midweek.

    I haven’t seen the game yet, but clearly we were poor and deserved to get beat. Bad result. Actually an appalling result. But that doesn’t mean Arsene should be sacked and team transferred at the first opportunity.

    We’re still second and — aside from today — playing great football and really do have strength in depth. Today was poor, but we’ll be challenging for the top-spot come May. If we were 15th in the league like Liverpool, I’d understand therants ( elsewhere of course, not here :o) )…

  31. I am not happy.
    This is a game, regardless whether we want to win trophies or just play good football, that I just cannot accept. We just played poorly, we didn’t want it enough, and weren’t motivated enough. And to remind you all, it happened to us twice last year against teams, who were a lot weaker, and didn’t resort to leg kicking tactics. We just didn’t turn up. It’s really not all Almunia’s fault, even though he did remind us his shady side today. It was more disrespect to WBA, disrespect to the club, and maybe it has to with the message of not fielding our best team – Jack and Rosicky had to play in my opinion. Diaby came back from an injury, and Eboue was out of place. A halftime substiution would have probably helped us a lot.
    After a day like today, the words “bucket” and “kick” come to mind.

  32. Full credit to west brom as they played out of their skins.

    Nasri did his best but the rest were uninterested.Yet again as last year we had an opportunity from the fixtures to go top. We surrendered in the dying seconds at Sunderland and team was a disgrace to the club today. VERY remenicient of last year unfortunately.
    Title winning teams don’t give up wins in the dying seconds and title winning teams show up and give their all. Our team today didn’t even give 30%.
    Sagna was breezed past for the first goal and Koscielny stepped out instead of holding position. Not the Keeper’s fault.
    the second goal was very much the keeper’s fault, beaten yet again when attacked at his left hand near post which appears to be his achilles heel. Liverpool opening day, CL final etc. The left back was also nowhere to be found.
    You can blame half the team for the third. the only player that even made an impression of trying to keep the ball out was Squillaci.
    The media and the blogs will go to town on them and to be honest they have brought this one on themselves.

    The ref didn’t screw them with the possible exception of not allowing advantage when Eboue was fouled and Nasri through. Nobody tried to break their legs with the possible exception of the same incident but with Eboue you can never tell.

    We were beaten today by a team that played with motivation when ours played with a ridiculous sense of entitlement.
    We were beaten by a team that played their hearts out when our team had less than the tinman from OZ.
    Worse still we were beaten by a team that played better football than we did and for that there can be no excuse made.

    They let us down and worse they let themselves down.
    They also let their manager down and it is he that will take all the stick from a snide media because they betrayed his belief with apathy and hubris.

    I never thought that I would write those words about my team but it sickens me to say that anything else would be a lie.
    I hope that he plays a full side against Newcastle away in the cup and does similar when the FA cup kicks off because this team will not win the league.
    I had hoped that we keep up with Chelsea until the sunderland disaster. I had a feeling that city would take something off them.
    I hoped this because without Walcott and RVP and a CESC that is not 100% this team cannot beat Chelsea and certainly not at Stamford Bridge.Realistically we are looking at a 7 point gap when with a bit of effort it would only have been 2 points with them having to come to our house.
    Yes there are 32 games left but these are the situations that you capitaise on if you want to win titles and we didnt. If the gap at the end of the year is under 5 point then you will know where it was left behind.
    I feel sorry for AW because he knows this as well and that you simply cannot win titles with a team that regularly, season in and season out, snatch defeat from the jaws of victory at times when rivals falter themselves.
    Clichy is going AWOL far too often and leaving Almunia’s weak side exposed. the other teams are picking up on this and exposing it.
    We had better hope that AJAX falter in the CL and Steklenberg becomes available in January because despite faith from the manager and fan support, our keepers are finished. Only a change will steady that ship and only the cup will be available.


  33. Gentleman & a Lady or two,

    Why must things be so dramatic always? Do you not all have lives? Yeah so some pay at the gates for what we preview as a right… A right for an undefeated season. A right to dictate your demands on how a team should play. Why can’t deep breath’s prevail when a team needs supporters the most? In my eyes you all judge and forsake based on 90 minutes every game… Suck it up and get on with it… Is all an absolute failure? I think not. Why not in the heat of the moment judge yourselves? Judge yourself as a supporter. Against what? Against supporters of so-called lesser teams. Where do you rate as a supporter? Rate yourself as a supporter against let’s say Newcastle who were recently relegated and just won promotion. I say we win or lose with the men on the pitch that day and the manager who authorized those men to play. If we win or lose that is what we do… What advantages do we give to our opponents during the season by voicing displeasure time after time? My opinion, enough to win or lose a game or three throughout a campaign. Trust your team and manager during the season and speak up and loudly if change is needed. Be a supporter because that is your choosing not a parasite which is also a choosing. Otherwise, get a license or become a better footballer so you can really contribute! And, for those who are capable you will find a place in league two or lower for a start and from there it is just a chance. Grow-up so called supporters and realize your role!

  34. @Arsene ap

    Is it wrong to feel disappointed that my/your/our team failed to deliver at home…against a (on paper) weaker side?

  35. @Arsene Ap- there can be no excuse made for ystrday’s performance. We were pathetic. Period. There is no way we can win the league if we cant win against the weakest teams at home and then expect to win against the strongest team away on the next weekend. Its clearly shows where we stand in terms to title contendership. West brom is the same team which lost 6-0 against chelsea, and if we cant even beat them at home then i dont think we can expect this team to win the title.

    I think it would be the same disappointment we had last year, we might qualify for champions league spot, we might reach the semi finals of all the other competition, but again fail to win any trophy. Though many fans would be happy with this, but still it means that Arsenal is not progressing or learnin from its mistakes. And thats really sad and frustrating.

  36. Put it this way.
    The consolation is that S*CUMS still 3 points behind us and Chelski is a mere 4 points ahead of us….and next week…oh well..there is always next week…next week…next infinitum.

  37. Just watched the match and all i can say is well done west brom, hope more teams come to the ems and play so well. And well done Jerome Thomas. Hope this is turned into a positive for both teams (we always seem to give another team a big boost per season) this early in the season. P.S did anyone think that carson flattened Chamakh late on.

  38. Think BtD’s selection was a great deal better than AW’s. Jack and Denilson could, would have made a far greater impression and perhaps kept the D&Gers in their sand boxes. As it is, and, let’s face it there’s nobody to blame bar the players and AW, they’re out in force today.

  39. IvoryGoonz
    I believe that when scolari was at chelsea he was playing with this formation and it was called the diamond formation.
    Sorry but if you have been using this formation for 10 years obviously you are the one who has been speding way too much time on CM and FM.
    Ignorant twat.

  40. Lessons to learn:

    1. Tell the Arsenal players and the people running to stop running stupid stories saying that we can win the league. Each year they do it, and each time it is followed by a performance like yesterday’s. Tell them they can win the league if they win matches.
    2. That was the worst performance I saw in 4.5 years of going to the Emirates. Pants. Crapola. Useless. Bunch of pansies. Call it what you will. The worst………..
    3. There were six Frenchmen in the team. A fact, not a racist comment……..
    4. Why was Diaby started coming back from injury with Wilshere and Rosicky on the bench? Bizarre selection by Wenger. Bizarre.
    5. Almunia’s howler was like Carson against Croatia. When will keepers learn the basic principle that you get your body behind your hands so if your hands bugger up, your ribcage is the back up? Competent 11 year olds know that. Why don’t 30+ EPL keepers???? I’m minded to say stick Szesceny in mid-week and see if he can do better. Or Mannone. If Wilshere’s old enough, so are they……..
    6. If Arsenal keep playing like that, they’ll struggle to be Top 4 this year. At least Spurs lost again……….
    7. If I were a headline writer I’d write: ‘£62m profit and your goalie’s STILL shite!!’ Think about that……..
    8. It is of course possible that Mr Murdoch fixed it for Arsenal to lose and Leeds to win the day that Miliband Minor duffed in big brother………but it’s a sad indictment on Lord Wenger et al if they took the bung………..I hope and pray that they didn’t………after all, he proclaimed in this morning’s Sunday Times that Etihad and Branson are teaming up in Oz, so I guess I can predict some things on this site……principled right wingers and all that……
    9. I say point 8 as Portsmouth beat Leicester 6-1 on Friday night, a few days after I joked about ‘scoring 7 times in six weeks’. Hmm………..
    10. And after I emailed Morgan opining that the Spuds would lose to West Ham. And that LFC would be poor against Sunderland…..
    11. Sir Alex will be full of a bad head this morning. Because he got pissed celebrating all the results yesterday…..

    Sad, isn’t it????

  41. @arsene ap

    So when are these ‘cards’ needed? Maybe the same applies to your comments/hand… I think anybody who comments on here is right in expressing their own opinion.
    Why should we question ourselves as supporters if our team fails to perform on the pitch? What will that achieve? Do you honestly believe that your method will make our team perform better next game? There’s never much method in your madness is there?

  42. So many questions asked. As always, I very much doubt you’ll Answer a single one. Instead you’ll try and wriggle yourself free and ask some more random questions.
    Dark Prince – agree.
    Rhys – partial agree.

  43. Cosmojon,

    Who should I answer to? You? And I am surprised by your line of questioning because of what I stated.

    It seems logical as a supporter to be disappointed and the like no problems there. Where I take exception and none of it is written here for the most part thankfully is when fans band together and stir the pot so to speak. And, many visit this site who just do that!

    I admire for example the fans of the lower teams who really have nothing to look forward to week-end and week-out. Arsenal fans have been given everything like a new stadium, fantastic organization, fantastic manager, beautiful pitch, clever footballing, an immense squad, great player aquisitions, etc. And, yet on any given Sat. question after question comes from so called supporters.

    I am sorry if that offended you and others but I am just being honest. My last point was if so-called supporters could do better just show me and everyone how to do it by getting a football managers license or if you still play try to break into this squad. And, again I think reasonable to ask for such discontented fans.

    I am not wriggling free from anything and hopefully answered your questions.

  44. Yes the team didn’t perform yesterday, yes it was a shocker of a result and Arsene himself accepts that much but must every match Arsenal lose always bring about a damnation of your team? is this team supposed to win every game? why must so called supporters make every result a judgement on the championship winning capabilities of the team? if the team wins yu’ll hear comments like “Its only a small team, lets wait until Chelsea comes to town” if they lose then all hell breaks loose is it a right to even win anything? those are the questions the D&G brigade should be asking themselves.
    A clueless one came on You’re on skysports yesterday and says Martin O’neill would be a better option than Arsene, I couldn’t believe my ears, how silly people can be.

  45. duduspace..arsenal are targeting championship this year so it obviously logic if they should target to win every match..and a home match like this is likely an obligation to win..

    arsene are right but not too suitable in this situation i think..

  46. @Arsenes ap

    ‘It seems logical as a supporter to be disappointed and the like no problems there.’

    If it’s logical then why do so many people on this site moan about it?
    One of the main purposes of a blog is to allow it’s readers/writers to express their opinions. It seems that on this blog you can’t say a bad word about the team/manager/player/tactics etc without upsetting the community.
    When I first started reading this site, the community used to have good discussions. Now however, it’s unacceptable for someone to go against the tide.

    ‘Arsenal fans have been given everything like a new stadium, fantastic organization, fantastic manager, beautiful pitch, clever footballing, an immense squad, great player aquisitions, etc. And, yet on any given Sat. question after question comes from so called supporters.’

    How was this all acquired? Was it all free? Or did it partially come from supporters hard earned cash? I know that this is someone that Rhys Jag mentions quite often and rightfully so if he/she spends the majority of their income on a season ticket.
    I’m not disagreeing with you here though, we have the best stadium, best manager, best football(when it works) and the structure of our club is one of the best in the world. We are also always challenging on all fronts. Baring this in mind, I can understand why a lot of fans/supporters would be annoyed/disappointed by losing to a team that has just been promoted(who outplayed us at home).

    ‘My last point was if so-called supporters could do better just show me and everyone how to do it by getting a football managers license or if you still play try to break into this squad.’

    I would love to be able to play for Arsenal or even manage them. Sadly, I stopped playing football years ago with the realisation that I wasn’t good enough to make good money from it. Hence why I am a property trader instead. Anyway, despite Arsenal having, in my opinion, the best manager in the world(not just football considered) he isn’t perfect and neither is our team. They will have off days when nothing works out right for them. You can’t expect all fans to go home being happy with a bad result.

    I also wanted to point out to you…before i’m tainted with a D&G brush. At no point have I ever bad mouthed our team and players on this blog, far as I can remember(which isn’t far). I just think you should respect other peoples opinions as much as your own.

  47. Cosmojon,

    Look I was not expressing frustration with you… And, this site is as good as it has ever been… We, Arsenal fans are a bit of sore losers and so I vent, you vent, & we all vent. I made a point you did not agree with it, I countered, and it’s come to this. Two bloggers who love Arsenal… No more no less…. You are far from the D/G expressway if I may say so…. Finally, yeah we all pay in some form or another for Arsenal. It may be kits for our sons or tickets at the gates or AOTV whatever… My contention is who cares and so what! Maybe it is my upbringing where you are loyal and respectful until the bitter end? And, that’s it. That’s all I have…. Lastly, Go Gunners!

  48. @arsene ap

    This site is as good as ever. Especially with the newly found writers. Don’t get me wrong, I love the positivity in this site. Its such a change from other ‘gooner’ sites. Good for you with the upbringing…same here, I’ll always support our team. I can just understand where others come from… Anywho, enjoyed the chat..another time maybe on another post? 😀 Go GOONERS! ! !

  49. Cheers Cosmojon! I enjoyed the Pub talk… And, if I were at a Pub I’d buy you the best Bitter on tap…. Or your choice rye…. Go Gooners & Go Gunners! Talk to you soon!

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