Birmingham post-Eduardo assault; a club in freefall

Just before the dreadful tackle that could have caused Arsenal’s Eduardo to have a leg amputated, Birmingham City FC was just another struggling EPL club.

Since that moment the world for the club has turned upside down.  Numerous people tried to have an investigation into the awful attack on Eduardo, and for a while it looked as if FIFA would hold an enquiry – although after pressure from the FA and Birmingham City officials they backed off.

Then came the news that the co-owner and the MD had been arrested by police (see our last story).

And now we find that on 10 April 2008 all share trading in Birmingham City FC has been suspended.

Of course no one feels any sympathy with Birmingham City.  There are rogue elements in all clubs – but to allow the player who committed such a tackle on Eduardo to then return to playing after just a pathetic 3 match ban leaves the worst possible taste in the mouth.  Worse, for the club’s officials to attack FIFAs attempt at an investigation is too awful for words. 

What has happened since the botched FIFA investigation has nothing to do with the Eduardo tackle, and of course we can’t judge what the outcome will be.

But for Arsenal supporters, and all supporters of decency on the football pitch, it all makes interesting reading.