Once again Untold predicted everything perfectly about the Man C game, except the result. And the sending off.

By Tony Attwood, sitting in front of the tele (with the fire on; it is cold in the midlands)

Yes, ok, in Phil’s preview of the game Man City I listed them as having 12 players on the pitch.  Some said that was a silly mistake, but it was in fact a clear sign (for those who know how to read such things) that these northern fellows are cheating bastards who will stop at nothing to get one over us.

In effect Sheikh Yerbooty’s team ended up playing with 10, and I am sure much of the press will use this as some kind of excuse for the score, although I think it is a just outcome after they tried to cheat in such an unseemly manner.

Besides which some of their players were bigger than ours.

In reality we done great, we played great and we dominated possession, shots, shots on target, running around a bit, and everything else that we are required to do.

I would pick out Fabianski, Nasri, Fabregas, Song… actually I could go on and on and end up listing the whole team, but that would be silly.   So, my four…

Fabianski: was it three or four great saves – including the shot in the first couple of minutes which set the scene.  He looked commanding, as he has in recent games, and there was no doubt that as each save was made there was a growing feeling that the confidence that has been seen to grow over the last few matches is now deeply embedded in the team.   Confidence is what the Arsenal style is all about – the confidence to pass and pass and wait for the moment, the confidence to do the flicks, and know that even if they don’t all come off, you can get the ball back and go again later…  And irrespective of how well the keeper is playing, if the team don’t have full confidence in him, then everything wobbles.

Nasri got a terrific goal and dazzled his way around the pitch.  What commentators often don’t pick up is that he spends a part of each game playing at right back, fitting in and covering when need be.  It wasn’t just this game, it is every game.  But in addition the goal, when it came, made everything else take on a different perspective.  Even with Manchester Money throwing everything at us in the first half, they had to watch and watch him because no one was quite sure where he was going to be next.

Fabregas – from the opening passes, right the way through he was supplying the passes, and like Nasri the opposition couldn’t take their eye off him, because everyone knew, the next pass could be definitive.  There was no Jack – and it could have been even better had there been – because watching the pair of them playing together on Tuesday last (although against undemanding opposition) was a revelation in itself.   If we do play both of them then then puts Nasri out wide with Arshavin and Chamakh in a forward line.  But when Van Persie comes back do we play him and Bendtner?  Complex isn’t it, when there are fewer injuries.

Song. Included here not just the goal, not just the interceptions, but just the way he has grown week on week over the past two years.  The number of fouls is down on last year, the number of retrievals is up.  Remember Alex Song started as a player who was booed by the Anti-Arsenal Arsenal and was said to be “not fit to wear the shirt”.  (I like to keep rubbing that in, not just because it shows how stupid the AAA often are, but also because a couple of years back at the start of the season I had Alex Song as my tip for the young player who would make it.  I don’t get that many right, but I still like to mention just in case people forget).

And maybe a word too about Bendtner. He is still rusty and I know he’s another player that the AAA have had a real go at, but that final goal was not a simple tap in, and he’d only been on the pitch a few minutes.  It is really good to have him, and Theo, back in the squad.  And maybe next month we might see Ramsey too.

As for this coming Wednesday, Lord Wenger says that he will put a strong team out, including some of the players who were in this game.  He also mentioned that “some players need games”, some that would suggest Koscielny, Gibbs, Eboue, Denilson, Theo, Bendtner…  Maybe Almunia will be back, knowing that his position is now under threat from Fabianski…  (I take it Wilshere is banned from the league cup match as well as in league games, so that means the Newcastle game will be match 2 of his ban, and the pornographers will be match 3 next weekend).

I think we might also see Jay Emmanuel Thomas and Henri Lansbury for the Newcastle game.  JET scored a hat trick for the reserves this past week, and Lansbury look worthy of his place in the smashing of the Tinies in the previous round.  (Incidentally I hear the Tinies have now issued the DVD of Inter v Tottenham: the second half, along with free celebratory mug of the victory (in the second half).

Thus, we are second, when a reversal of the result meant that we would have been drifting down the table and the AAA would have come out from under their cushions and screamed more abuse at Lord Wenger.  Good news all round, and I’m already looking forward to Wednesday in front of the TV, plus next weekend a really amusing little encounter against West Pornography Olympic.

PS: Mr Adebayor didn’t look up to much did he?

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48 Replies to “Once again Untold predicted everything perfectly about the Man C game, except the result. And the sending off.”

  1. Where is Dark Prince? WE KEPT A CLEAN SHEET AWAY FROM HOME!!!!!

    Outstanding. From start to finish. Like you, I thought Fabianski, Nasri, and Song were outstanding (especially Song from the moment he got booked, after which he was immense!). Cesc was Cesc but looked a little short of puff. To be expected. He will be better than that, which is cary for everyone else.

    My unsung hero goes to Denilson, who was quietly superb I thought. I cannot remember more than one or two bad passes, he was always in the middle of our possession, and his defensive work was outstanding. He is due a 25 yard cracker though.

    Overall I thought our midfield coped extremely well against a really tough and huge side.

    Still concerned with Arshavin, although he gets a pass this week for that one moment to unlock City for Nasri’s goal. I’d be tempted to play Arshavin midweek to try and get form back.

  2. And I really am looking forward to do my ref review as it will take plenty of words and reviewing. 😉

  3. I thought Arshavin did well today. He backtracked a lot and helped out Clichy. You could see how worn out he was when he was subbed. Nasri is my MOTM, he was just all over the place.

    It was class to see the interview after the game with Fabregas, he was handed the MOTM and said,”Why me? I missed a penalty!”.

  4. Absolutely Top Result! I’m really going to enjoy the highlights on MOTD tonight!

    Fabianski looked sharp – I reckon he might have something!


  5. Fedda,

    Arshavin had a decent first half with backtracking couple of times… But He was tired early 2nd half..

  6. Walter,

    The only query I have is how in the f*cking world did De Jong got away commiting more than 5 fouls without getting a yellow atleast.. Our players were getting booked for their first or second tackle..

  7. theyre trying to put it down to them having 10 men, if it was the other way round it would have been “arsenal cant beat one of the big boys”

    is it me or are arsenal becoming a dirty side again ala invincibles? we look mean, city did try to ruff us up, I think arsenal are finally learning not to commit everyone and the kitchen sink forward.

    when i see the options we had on the bench it must bring a smile to all gooners, had to admit I thought we was going to do the old arsenal way of giving the other team a chance, we were never over committed.not many teams will go to the city ground and come away with anything, I just hope there is no international breaks to fuck up our momentum

    Nas is the man

    please boys go and thrash Newcastle, 1992 is the last time we have one this, it is time for a change

    I honestly cant think of any prem team with a better midfield and with the depth we have?

    my only grievance is with arshavin and his lazy passing at times, he gives the ball away more than any player, passes the ball too short which causes a hospital ball for his team mate,he did do some good tracking back had a good assist but he is just really bugging me

  8. Fabulous Fabianski has earnt my heart in the short time, showing confidence and hopefully can cement his spot as the #1 for the future, AW obviously believes in his talent and it is finally showing. Bendtner was developing well last season such a shame he has been injured, on another note Arsenal is basically back to full strength which is also a huge relief.

    Alex Song, dont need to say much, decisive goals recently and very authoritative.

    Arshavin, i think cops way too much criticism then he deserves, if you look at all the games this season, you will find he has 5 goals in total this season, and 4 assists in the premier league alone and obviously would not have broken the ice tonight if he had not put in a brilliant ball to Nasri who has also been fantastic this year.

  9. “they’re trying to put it down to them having 10 men, if it was the other way round it would have been “arsenal cant beat one of the big boys”

    The 10 against 11 spin was inevitable really. It’s Arsenal after all..so they have to try and undermine us in some way. F**k ’em. This was City and their squillons and we floored ’em good and proper. That was a FANTASTIC result. Especially considering the plundits had written us off before a ball was even kicked. If that was Chelsea they would be in hyperbole overdrive right now. We are nearing full strength now and we are a match for anyone. How sublime is Nasri right now? I’m in danger of developing a serious man crush.

  10. This article was as good as our performance. I have to mention Cesc’s post match interview I loved how he said that even if Arabs had played with 15 and Arsenal 11 they would have gone for win and how he could be MOTM when he missed the penalty.

  11. Our boys are developing a steely resolve to win at crucial times. That is exhilirating for me. A very good win boys; a very good win.

  12. FinnGooner,

    That was a class response from Captain Fantastic.. Love his for his attitude..

  13. The victory may look like covincing but my heart beat went up whenever i saw djorou defending.he is very slow & i myself dont think he is up to the mark……..

  14. So whats up with Arsharvin then? I agree that he had a decent first half. he even tackled Richards at one point which looked hillarious as Arshy is a smurf and Micha is the size of a grizzly. However he did look really tired in the second half. Is that normal?? To be that tired? Im so glad Denny is back on form. He really is a good player and it annoys me that the doom brigade cannot see that. And Bendtners goal, after 4 mins?? That insane. If him and Chamakh can keep fit we got some really good strikers this year. Imagin playing a game with people like Chamakh or Rvp or Nikky B on the bench. All potential match winners, well that goes for Jack, Aaron and Walcott to ofc.

    Jeezez! this will be an exciting campaign!

  15. amazing performance, im so proud of our boys. but i find it hilarious how many penalties chamakh gets us, and NOT through diving. its incredible, hes gotten us what, 5 penalties now. overall a very good day

  16. gulp,

    I think AA’s long trip to Russia is taking a lot of energy out of him than others..

  17. I think Wenger described it well when asked on how this team has matured: “In terms of negotiating in an intelligent way the difficulties of the game.”

    It wasn’t a vintage performance, we looked wary of over committing ourselves but we got the job done. As Arsene put it, we had the intelligence to negotiate what the game threw at us.

    Arshavin is still contributing with goals and assists, but he’s not being very efficient (and Wenger talks a lot about efficiency). I do wonder whether we could be better with Nasri moving to the left side, and Theo on the right wing.

  18. I look forward to Walters ref review – but would make one point re the two fouls for the red card and the pen. Both were made by right footed players coming across the man with ‘the wrong foot’. In both cases a left footer (City started with none in their back line) would have had a much better chance to make a clean tackle and to avoid punishment. Poor selection by Mancini?

  19. Nice observation there insideright.. Maybe that is why Arsene likes to play a right-footed and a left-footed CBs instead of 2 right-footed or left-footed.

  20. Not only are Arsenal far too casual in front of goal and severely lacking in the ruthless clinical edge that makes Chelsea and Manchester United so annoyingly better than us, but Arsenal are also way too respectful of our opponents. Respect your opponents Arsenal once you’ve creamed them, not when the score is 0-0 and anything can yet happen. Any side can cause damage if you give them the freedom to express themselves. So don’t let them.

    How much respect do Chelsea and United show anybody? Before, during or frankly after any match? Those two sides trample teams underfoot first. They’ll ask questions later if they have to, but frankly they couldn’t give a brown one for anybody. Sorry, but they are our yardstick. Twee little Arsenal, with our lovely pleasant football, play ever so nicely and respect our opponents. “No, after you!” “By all means!” “Sorry, did I get in your way there!?!”

    Develop some round ones Arsenal. Hit your opponents with a fast early tempo of pinpointed quick forward passes. This is our trademark after all but we use it too sparingly. Respect that any opponent can cause you problems, of course, sure, that is the nature of being prepared for a football match. But once you’re out there on the pitch, beat the hell out of them with your supreme football.

    If Arsenal sincerely want to win silverware again, we need to develop the bare-faced balls to win matches. Leave respect for the handshakes at the end

  21. That was the best league result since Van Persie’s double against Chelsea two seasons ago.

    Great week. 8 goals against Shaktar (no mugs) and the richest club in the world.

  22. @harryflowers

    totally agree if chelsea beat a 10 man man city team away the pundits would have said it wouldnt have made any difference and talk about how great they are. they would have said how clincal chelsea are ant that it was an efficient performance

    the most frightening thing about this result is that we didnt really play that well, the cutting edge of cesc makes all the difference that boy makes thigs happen

  23. What a result. There was a lot on the line today.
    A win was a must to restate our title credentials and there have been too many must wins recently. There is still a very long way to go but it is highly unlikely that anybody else will win 0-3 away at Man City.
    Credit to the ref for not bottling the red card decision at the start. Fabianski was superb and really with each game that passes he is growing in belief , stature and and ability. That goal will be nice for Bentner’s confidence. It was all good really.
    Great result to add to watching Stoke get beaten at home.

  24. A very bad day for gloom gonners: Fabianski performed very well. Denilson had a very good game.Rusty Bendtner came off the bench to score a great goal. We kept a clean sheet at Eastlands, the home of a prospective top four finisher – with rusty Djourou in back four.

    And for our friend who had been tracking the ref’s performance: The ref read the post and decided to bet against himself: he gave us a great and clean game. Maybe the EPL refs have decided to borrow a leaf from the Continental refs in order to clean up the English game and bring it closer to the 21st Century.

    For those saying it was a win against 10-man ManCity, the question is: did Boyata commit a red card offense and therefore deserve the sending off? If the answer is yes, then, how is it Arsenal’s fault they were reduced to 10men?

    Great, confidence boosting game for the gooners!! I’m still pinching myself though.

  25. A fantastic game all round and an even better one for Fabianski! Only downside to it was that I was sitting among City supporters! I could only smile when hearing them cursing at the referee for having many fouls against them, and here I thought the ref was gonna be biased towards their side..

    Ah well, a great evening for me and felt that every pound was worth it for today’s match(Watched the carling cup match as well last year and glad that the scores are reversed!)

  26. no problem Wrenny..was checking out their site to see what they had to say about the game…and i came across that joke of an article..lol and to Fem Dee, true that dude ..lol..
    really lookinf forward to the L cup now..since the prof said he is gonna play the big guns, i suppose it would be a game where theo , nicky and maybe kos would get a run … COYG!!

  27. @Paul C- i’m over here!! And i’m feelin SO DAMN HAPPY that we kept a Clean Sheet!!!! This should be one of Lord Wenger’s best week,, his b’day on 22, named the best manager of the last decade 2000-2010 by The International Football Federation on 21st and ystrday, won against a very tough title contender!!!!

  28. Maybe when the season begins I always said, oh crap Fabianski is playing again…
    But after some games he started and especially YESTERDAY, I gladly swallow all my spit and harsh word against him and begin to support him.
    Great performance from Fabiansky yeah!

  29. Fabianski my MOTM. I just want him to carry on this great run of form. Am sure Wenger wont want to bring on Almunia when Fabianski is on fire.

  30. I am offically in love with Nasri, he could end up scoring about 30 goals this season.

    if #Fabianski plays like that 90% o the time we dont need another keeper.

    I think if aluminum was in goal it probably would have been 3-2 or some of other ridiculous score line, the winning margin was down to Mr Fabianski

  31. fabianski shows his true colour..i’m so happy but i’m not regret for what i’ve been said about him..kicking good, distribution good, communication good, rushing out good..all are good 🙂

    the 1st save is truly worldclass!

  32. It is interesting that there is a lot of worry about not keeping clean sheets, and concern that we are not clinical enough at finishing teams off, and yet we have a good goal difference. Yes, it is not as good as Chelsea’s, but it is better than some I could mention (but won’t since I really ought to stop reading the internet and go to work).

  33. +3 points to Fabianski
    -3 points for AAA who clamoring to buy a world class keeper that win points none stop from early season last year D=

  34. btw i took a peek at ManU’s newsnow feed.. weird that there are no headlines about how lucky ManU’s are for with 2-1 with a late goal AGAINST Stoke “Full o Shit” City.

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  36. Phew! what a win. To be honest, gone is the confidence (or swagger)that permeated during the invincible years, when we owned clubs like MC, Chelsea et al… before the tycoons came to town, that is.

    I don’t condemn our players but I believe we need to voice our concerns over certain players. First off, Arshavin. He’s an odd ball, scoring goals and providing assists, but at the same time, he was giving away many casual passes and missing numerous scoring opportunitites these past 9 games. And was that a game ploy that he often looked a disinterested figure and anonymous at times? I suppose AW knows what’s best, the pros (started practically most games, not injury-prone, scored goals and assists)and cons.
    Secondly, our left back is still shaky… Clichy, IMO, still panicks when faced with strong opponents. I was quite surprise that MC did not field Adam Johnson to give Clichy a run. That said, Tevez was always dangerous when he runs at our LB. Clichy likes to make overlapping runs down the flanks. That’s fine if there is cover for him but if you noticed, a number of counter attacks came after those runs. I still have those nervy ‘Clichy’ moments when opponents came from the left.
    3rd… Chamakh. I wish he could be more ‘selfish’ and take shots at goal. Talking of which, the rest of the team.

    Lastly, Djourou. Coming on nicely but still a tad too slow especially with quicksilver players like Tevez. He’s got the speed but I suppose he needs more games to gain that experience to counter those fast players.

    As for Song and Denilson… I am vindicated. Have been defending them from fellow country gunners. oleh!

    And Bendtner… that cocky guy that I liked 🙂

  37. Great game, good result, a clean sheet, another good performance from our young keeper, just proves that Arsene Wenger knows more about footabll than I ever will, Nasri was my man of the match closly followed by Denilson.
    This game also proves that you just can’t buy class you can get a whole load of very expensive playes but class no way!!
    It would be churlish to not to give a special mention to those Arsenal supporters who sang through the whole game and did their level best to make the city stadium more like home for our players. well done to them all.

    Next up Newcastle in the CC, early team news from me

    Fabianski, Eboue, Djorou, Kos, Gibbs, Wallcot, Lansbury,Rosicky, Denilson, JET, Bentner,

    Subs: Almunia Diaby, Nasri, Cesc, Squid, Vella, Clichy

  38. I am finding it a bit surreal that Citeh are being painted as the courageous underdog team that were unfortunate to lose the match. A club that has spent in the past couple of seasons around 1/2Bn, way more than the GDP of many nations! City have good players that are talented, but also overrated. Many will never live up to price tag an I actually don’t think that Citeh on the a whole have improved that much since Sven left.

    I don’t rate Mancini at all, he has made cowardly choices since the start of the season and don’t see what the big deal is about him. He doesn’t appear to know how to get the best out of his players and he is very lucky that Clattenberg did him a favour by sending off a player – it gave him an excuse. Otherwise there would of been greater scrutiny and many questions would of been asked about his team selections.

    I waited a long time to see the Yaya Vs Song match up as Wenger was severly berated this summer because he wouldn’t break the bank it get Yaya. Even though Yaya didn’t end up playing his favoured position, Song still showed that he is a class above Yaya. Also I think its worth highlighting that considering Denilson hasn’t played many games, he did an excellent job. Its a shame that he is still so underrated by some ‘supporters’ and national team.

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