Arsenal v Reading; Bikey, Gilberto and the stretcher bearer

There is something utterly wonderful about Andre Bikey.   He is the only man ever in the entire history of football to be sent off for assaulting a stretcher bearer – and that is something unique to have on your CV.  

It happened during the Africa Cup of Nations Semi-Final in which the wonderful Bikey was playing for Cameroon.   He got a two match ban (which when you consider the stretcher bearers are on the pitch to assist the medics working with players who are injured, that isn’t much, but such things happen in world football).

(Actually Cameroon coach Otto Pfister then tried to appeal against the sending off – presumably on the basis that Bikey is the sort of guy who goes around knocking stretcher bearers over on a daily basis) but the appeal was lost, although Bikey did get lots of water bottles thrown at him as he left the pitch.

Anyway, this all happened last summer and most interestingly, the person who had been injured was Bikey’s team-mate Rigobert Song – who is, I think, the cousin of Alex Song – who was playing for Arsenal yesterday.

Thus we had Bikey, who plays for Reading and Alex Song, on the same pitch.

What would happen?

The football world was agog.   And we were not disappointed – for with wonderful timing and positional ability Bikey got in the way of a shot from Gilberto, and sent it into the net to give Arsenal a glorious 2-0 victory over the “Spectacles.”

I love Bikey.  If he didn’t exist I wouldn’t be able to invent someone like him.