Arsenal curse begins to hurt Birmingham City FC

The Arsenal Curse is rarely used – for its power can be significant and there is always a danger that the innocent might get hurt.   But the attack on Eduardo and the subsequent actions by the Birmingham City management in fighting off any enquiry was so awful that we couldn’t let it all just slip by.

The Arsenal Curse brings together a small number of people who feel they have the ability to affect what happens to others.  For those who think it is all quite crazy then these people are just harmless idiots and no harm is done.   But for anyone with half a mind to think about the issues these are the points to consider.

First, FIFA amazingly took interest in the the case and started to investigate the option of banning the Birmingham player for as long as it took Eduardo to recover.

Now as we all know, FIFA then backed off under pressure from the FA and Birmingham City’s manager.   But at that point the Curse was only just starting and did not have all its power.

Next the Met Police announced they were investigating Birmingham City for financial irregularities.  Nothing was proven of course and there was no evidence given, but those of us in the know realised what was up.

Soon after that the co-owner and the managing director of Birmingham City FC were arrested and held for some time by the police.  Meanwhile other police officers raided their houses, armed with search warrants, and turned the places over.

Now you might think maybe something was up.  But at the same time, the Curse was working on Birmingham City’s form, avenging that last second penalty against Arsenal, as the insult they offered on the day of the Eduardo assault.

Finally, this past weekend, Birmingham City sank into the relegation zone.   The Arsenal Curse is now really working its magic.

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