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December 2021
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December 2021

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Premier League Betting and Odds

Why football accounting is so crazy, and why it is hard to believe the Tottenham figures

Our review of the finances of Tottenham Hotspur was read by more people than any other articles we have published. With such interest Phil Gregory has taken a further look at Tottenham, the finances of football and the conclusions we can draw.

A big issue for fans and clubs is one […]

False profits – a look at the finances and spin of the Spurs

Tottenham’s finances part two By Phil Gregory

Obviously it is a good idea to have read part one first – if you didn’t here it is.

Prospects for future growth:

Attendances account for 99% of capacity at Tottenham, and their matchday revenue is dwarfed by the sides at the top of […]

False profits. Revealed: how Tottenham cooked the books and conned us all

False profits – a look at the finances and spin of the Spurs

This is the first of a two part report on one of the most bent and disreputable forms of accounting ever seen in English football.

by Phil Gregory

Next up in the Premier League […]

Manchester City discover a new way to manipulate the transfer market

————————- Today’s Sponsor:

Check out the latest Arsenal V Fulham premiership betting odds for the Gunners’ final game of the season ————————-

Tucked away among all the excitement of the Tiny Totts finally managing to do what we’ve been doing every year for the past ten years was the curious […]

Tottenham tricked by con man, Liverpool’s incompetence, Arsenal sail on

This week’s special activity:

Go to your local public library this week and ask them to order a copy of “Making the Arsenal” by Tony Attwood. You don’t have to read it but I would like to get a few more sales as we are coming out with a new edition […]

With a spineless team we had 66% of the ball

By Walter Broeckx

When Arsenal loses a game it is always a difficult moment. Every defeat hurts and the defeat against ****** even more than any other.

We could all do like the catastrophists do, and slaughter all the players, the manager and everyone else involved in the club. I think […]

Tot supporters chant “Pedophile” as they get their first victory in ten years.

They had to wait until Arsenal put out a team with six first team regulars missing, and a team for most of the game including our 4th and 5th choice centre backs, but it had to happen one day.

After 10 years of waiting, after the endless defeats and humiliations, Tottenham […]

Well, well, well, if it isn’t North London Derby O’clock.

Spurs and shares.

by Phil Gregory

Well, well, well, if it isn’t North London Derby O’clock.

The derby at the Emirates was an absolute cracker, one of those where you remember what you were doing that day.

I, unfortunately missed some of the match, getting roped into playing for my […]

It is 100 years almost to the day since the first Tottenham v Arsenal game

Which is why, in between everything else, I have been calling this, Tiny Totts week.

And in a sense this is the article I have been building up to all season.

I doubt that the Tinies even know the importance of this match in historical terms. They probably know it in hysterical terms but then, […]

Emirates stadium seriously contaminated. Profound health implications revealed


Alexander Litvinenko was a former officer of the FSB and KGB in Russia who was granted political asylum in the UK. He accused the FSB of terrorist acts within Russia, in order to bring Putin to power.

On 1 November 2006, Litvinenko fell ill and died three weeks later, becoming the first confirmed victim […]

Why I don’t believe the financial records of Portsmouth and Tottenham

Today’s Sponsor: “Making the Arsenal”. A book utterly unlike any other book ever written about Arsenal FC. If you have ever wanted to know what it is that is so utterly incomprehensibly special and different from every other club, this book will go some way to explain that.



Tottenham could decide the Championship

Tottenham could decide the Championship

Paul Collins

The final weeks of the 2009/10 season are shaping up to be fascinating. When was the last time we had 3 teams in serious contention for the Championship at this late a stage in the season AND at the same time saw the battle for 4th, and the […]

Arry charged with tax evasion; Untold predicts the exact score YET AGAIN

Redknapp to be charged with defrauding Revenue and Customs

Untold Arsenal predicts EXACTLY the right score yet again!!!

Oh where to begin?

The is the second Tottenham manager in recent history to have had a little contretemps with the authorities while holding that esteemed office. In 1987 David Pleat was cautioned concerning kerb crawling (the […]

When you are carrying a knock, do you put it in your pocket or hold it in your hand?

So everyone is “carrying knocks” or is downright injured.

I have often wondered about “carrying a knock”. I mean, carrying where? In my pocket? And what, after all, does a knock look like when it is carried?

Is it perhaps a bit like the dark matter that physicists keep talking about every time they try […]

Finance: Kroenke, banks, fraud, corrpution, football…

I’m rather chuffed that this site made the financial state of football a central talking point long before it became an everyday topic of chit chat.

So it behoves me to give an update – not least because we now have a director on the edge of having to make a bid.

In this piece […]

Totts issue celebratory mug and DVD after Saturday game

Tottenham Hotspur have continued their theme of celebrating matches against Arsenal with a special edition DVD and Spurs coffee mug following the 3-0 defeat on saturday.

The official reason for this release is not that the club like to find every possible way of ripping off its supporters and getting them to fork out good […]

Who are ya? A quick review of those who would challenge us

Who Are Ya?

By Simon Bailey

The press have gleefully swooped on Arsene’s comments at the AGM and it is now gospel, we are bringing home silverware this season.

Personally, I saw Arsene re-iterating the same position he has taken all season. Pundits are getting very fond of saying that we have more chance of […]

Mad Harry: a little word prior to the match

15 October 2009

“‘If people are stupid enough to shout abuse when I go back [to Portsmouth] they need their heads looking at.”

16 October 2009

“I know some idiots will try to have a go.”

17 October 2009,

The Sun: “Harry Redknapp has let rip on the eve of his explosive […]

Arsenal/Totts: the pub bore speaks

Billy “The Dog” McGraw speaks exclusively to Untold Arsenal ahead of the vital match against the Tiny Totts.

I tell you something, we ain’t got a fucking chance, darling. The defence is so over the place we could let in six. Just make it a pint Vice-Chancellor.

Call themselves defenders, they spend half their time […]

The sheer terror of Tottenham

By Gf60

There are no games in the season that fill me with more terror than the Spuds. It’s 90 minutes of having a pulse rate way too high for an old fart, bitten fingernails, and nervous twitches…and that’s when we’re a few goals up.

Yes it has been 10 years almost to the week […]

Why Chelsea are banned, why Arsenal is different, why we boycott evil Amazon and amazing cock-up by Daily Mirror

No sooner was the Chelsea ban on transfers announced than BBC Radio 5 rushed out an interview with an ex-KGB player who linked this case with the Eduardo case. It was one of the most sickening pieces of anti-Arsenal propoganda yet launched in the media war on Arsenal.

Chelsea are banned from signing new players […]

Just a few of the incredibly stupid things people say about Arsenal and football

I was thinking of running a regular feature which featured people who said things like, “Arsenal are more likely to end up mid-table than challenge for the title this year”, and who then say, “Some have written Wenger’s team off, but their opening performances suggest…”

Trouble is, there are so many such articles that it […]

What did Wenger say about defenders, and the issue of bent football clubs

I am about to leave for a holiday for a couple of weeks – out of the rain of Northamptonshire to the sun of Italy.

During this time I am leaving the site open so that comments can be posted by those who have posted before. However anyone new posting, or anyone posting with […]

Arsenal’s worst season

Were the Last Four Years the Worst in Arsenal’s History? by “LRV”

Arsenal joined the old Football League Division 1 (the top flight in English football) in the 1919/20 season. Since then, Arsenal Fans have witnessed the good, not-so-good, poor, not-so-poor, Very good, not-so-bad, bad seasons.

In all of these, one thing remains a […]

The Redknapp Legacy: how disaster follows Harry every step of the way

Henry James Redknapp is round about the same age as me, although I think I am better looking.

He is a darling of the media and almost always gets a good press.

But what is his career and his brush with the law? Given that he now resides at the other end of Seven […]