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Referee Rumours: the retirement of Halsey

By Our Man In Black

We don’t use names of referees when we publish our rumours. As has been said before we trust our sources but we will not expose them to the wrath of the highly secretive and shady PGMO.

And so we haven’t been able to name the refs of […]

Each season it gets a little more difficult for clubs to buy in their manager of choice

To the AAA winning trophies is everything. But not to managers – otherwise PSG would have a queue of men wanting to be manager. For some managers a little bit of continuity and sanity also counts.

So arrogant has the ownership of PSG become since Qatar Investment Authority purchased the remaining the […]

Let’s give lots of power in football to that jolly bunch of ne’er-do-well feudalists

By Tony Attwood

Andy Burnham, the former Culture, Media and Sport secretary, spoke at the annual Supporters Summit organised by Football Supporters Federation and Supporters Direct. He told the people present what they wanted to hear, and they applauded.

Well, what else would they do?

He said, “No Premier League football is worth £60. It’s […]

Never be afraid of doing the right thing.


By Ian Jenkinson

“Life is all about how you handle things. The ups and downs, the decisions you make during those ups and downs. How you keep your focus is what’s important to you and your family’s future. And how, if you know your goal is true, you should be unwavering in […]

Referee Rumours: Bullying of referees by… referees

By Our Man In Black

BULLYING in the changing room

We have been told that at least 3 top officials have been bullied, received threats and have been intimidated by senior officials from the PGMO.

We do have a few names but once again we cannot publish them, or will not publish them as […]

Next season: Arsenal’s first team line up and the back up.

By Tony Attwood

One of the more interesting things that happens during the warm up to the transfer season is that old rumours get recycled on slow news days, without the writers knowing that we have been there before.

So it is with Benjamin Mendy who Arsenal are now supposed to be “tracking”.

What’s […]

How a change in Argentine tax law may have influence Mr Messi (maybe)

By Tony Attwood

Messi, the Barcelona player, has been accused by the financial authorities in Spain of not paying proper tax on earnings related to his image rights. He has not been found guilty, and thus is innocent at the moment, but it appears that there is a case to answer.

So, imagining for the […]

Messi worlds best football player…. but also a tax fraud?

By Walter Broeckx

Some 10 days ago the Spanish justice department accused Lionel Messi and his father Jorge Horacia of tax fraud. On September 17, their case will be heard, as was said by a spokesman for justice, Senor Company: “The court has decided today to act on the complaint of the financial arm of […]

REFEREE RUMOURS: In the Country of lies, can this be the only truthful organisation?

By Our Man In Black


To do games in the PL you need absolutely fit referees. And each referee that does games in the PL most pass a few tests. Fifa refs also take a very strict eye test. This might sound normal but we can assure you that the tests are very strict.


41 clubs visited by police on suspicion of tax dodging and money laundering

By Tony Attwood

Football clubs used as a basis for money laundering, tax fraud and the like? Now where have I heard that before?

Oh yes, I know. On Untold Arsenal. We did a series on money laundering in football (in fact I’ve reprinted the links to some of the articles below). No one […]

Why be excited that Gonzalo Higuain could sign for Arsenal?

Why i am very excited that Gonzalo Higuain Could sign for Arsenal

By Ian Jenkinson.

I write this as the speculation reaches fever pitch as to whether Gonzalo Higuain is going to sign for Arsenal or Juventus. Why any player would like to join the corrupt, boring Italian League is beyond me but […]

Premier League tells England where to stick it – thank goodness

By Tony Attwood

It is bad enough that Sky keep moving fixtures around making it impossible to plan family occasions, weekends away and the like. I suggest a trip to the seaside, and then suddenly a match that was on one day is now on another, plans fall apart, and I am by and […]

Gonzalo Higuaín: The transfer gets closer. And closer.

By Tony Attwood

In my weekend comments concerning transfers this summer, I made the point that for any transfer to get completed around 10 different issues have to be solved at once.

Once of those issues was the rather obvious fact that the club with the player has to be willing to sell […]

Mr Usmanov’s dramatic change of direction, and the implications for Arsenal

By Walter Broeckx

This site has never made it a secret that we are part of the AKB-brigade. For those just arriving from Mars: the Arsène Knows Best-brigade. In fact it is the reason why Tony started this blog all those years ago. To counter the stream of negativity that was not only around Arsenal […]

The nine players Arsenal have looked at, and chances of the transfers happening.

Ever since I once cracked a joke about Mr Wenger signing Peter Crouch and then finding the story written up in the next day’s newspaper gossip columns I’ve been extra careful in what I say about transfers.

But even so, throwing caution to the wind for once, here’s a list of the players that Arsenal […]

It’s Woolwich Arsenal’s 120th birthday and we’re on the radio

By Tony Attwood

There are naturally a number of dates that can be celebrated as the birthday of Woolwich Arsenal – the day the club formally became a limited company, the day it received notification that it had been accepted as a league club, the day it changed its name from Royal Arsenal to Woolwich […]

Is the decline in away support caused by increased prices, television coverage or transport costs?

By Tony Attwood

Premier League grounds were, on average, somewhere around 95% full last season on average. But it turns out, the number of away supporters fell by 9%. (Most clubs, I imagine, do what Arsenal do, and ask for unsold tickets back by a date a few weeks before the game, so that they […]

How the secrecy behind the referees’ organisation is leading to more and more rumours

By Our Man in Black

If the rumours can be believed it seems that not all games are assessed from a refereeing point of view, and, going one step further we might start to say that the assessments (or at least some of them) are more or less a joke.

And yet we have […]

Lies, damn lies and the Guardian’s analysis of ticket prices

By Tony Attwood

I have never quite figured out what it is that the Guardian newspaper has against Arsenal. The Guardian is a liberal left wing paper which produces quality journalism. Sometimes it is insightful, sometimes amusing, generally highly informative and mostly accurate in its news reporting.

And yet when they come to the Arsenal, […]

Silly, sillier, silliest – today’s rumours, and even Untold comes in for criticism!!!

By Walter Broeckx

Oh the transfer rumours. You hate them or you love them but surely some of them are really big fun that makes you laugh. Let us have a look at a few funny ones.

Let us start with Andy Carroll who has been purchased by West Ham United. Probably after first having […]

107 goals in 187 games, and he’s coming to Arsenal

By Tony Attwood

It is, it seems, time to work out which keys to press on the keyboard in order to get a letter i with an acute accent over the top, because it now appears that Gonzalo Higuaín is on his way to Arsenal.

While I confidently predicted that, “He’s obviously not going to […]

Referee Rumours – inside stories from the murky world of PL refereeing

By Our Man In Black

In our last Referee Rumours we reported the rumour that not all games are assessed by the PGMO despite this being one of their main tasks. As we said then, we can assess the rumour fully because the PGMO won’t pass on their assessments. Indeed this is why Untold started […]

Referee Rumours: Is the promotion and demotion of referees fixed?

By Our Man In Black

If the rumours can be believed it now seems that whereas PGMO should assess the referee in all games, not all games are actually assessed. Which is rather bizarre since it means that the only place where all games are assessed from a referee point of view is Referee Decisions.


Who referees the referees? It’s a bigger problem than we imagined

By Our Man In Black


According to the way the PGMO should be working each game in the PL should be assessed by the PGMO.

To put it bluntly, all PL matches are meant to be assessed by a panel of assessors every Monday. But rumour has it that this is not […]

The summer of unexpected transfers as Chelsea and Man C “refresh” their teams.

By Tony Attwood

I’ve been ruminating in recent articles about the fact that three of the top four clubs have new managers. Hardly a revelation, but I’ve been trying to think through what this actually means.

Now normally a new manager means new players, but that could be a problem for both Chelsea and Manchester […]