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What You Tube has done to football; “Sergio Busquets – The Quiet Man”.

Dominic Sanchez-Cabello

Growing up in the YouTube age, with everything at the mercy of the search bar, I soon realized that days could be stolen clicking between obscure videos. Mostly they concerned football and music, but they could be anything. A growth of ‘recommended videos’ on my side bar and the incessant bombardment of intriguing […]

Should Fans Be Making Decisions for Football Clubs?

Should Fans Be Making Decisions for Football Clubs?

By Bootoomee

Untold is my default and most frequented football blog. I have a tab on my browser permanently dedicated to this site. But I also like to visit because of the format of the site. It is a neutral site (in my opinion) that houses […]

Football management: that most exquisite affair that can make tears fall

By Tony Attwood

Sometimes in football I cry. Not very often – but I did when the whistle went at the end of Arsenal 2 Leicester 1 on May 15, 2004. I tried to cover my tears at first, but then I realised the guy in front on me was crying even more, and I […]