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  1. Goonermay68

    So much dross at club.and because the deluded/egoist has paid too much for them and pays too much in wages,club unable to shift! Which in turn gives him! ( not mentioning his name!) a ready excuse when most of this lot went missing last season ” we tried,But noone was available”😡 Remember it was our poorest season in years.(apart from fa cup) winning a cup seems most forget the embarrassing times again!

  2. Gunz

    Somebody got out of the wrong side of the bed this morning😅

  3. Al the Gooner

    I have a feeling we are in for a busy 3 weeks. With 6 players able to leave for free next summer and currently worth in excess of 150m. I’d be very surprised if we allow more than 2 or 3 players to see out their contracts. While Wilshire seems keen to stay, I think we might find buyers for Gibbs and Jenks, but equally they may decide to sit it out rather than take a cut in wages and get a better wage deal next summer than they would now. The club has put themselves in this position and the players and agents hold all the cards so I believe we will have to suck it up and sell for a lot less than we’d like. Then we get to the 3 more valuable players. Despite Wenger’s insistence, I do not believe for 1 second the club are about to let all that money walk out the door, it would be insane. That the club would agree to lose 50m and hold onto Alexis makes some kind of sense, but Ox and I’d say Ozil are a different matter. I firmly believe Ox will go and while if I had the choice I’d let Ozil go rather than Alexis, I can’t see anyone bidding for Ozil. Ultimately it will come down to how much the club is willing to lose. You’d hope that Wenger is being straight with the likes of Ox and telling him, you either sign or we have no choice but to sell you, same goes for Ozil.

  4. Dammy

    The tittle tattle of the media aside, even Arsene concedes the squad is bloated. The squad listed on the Community shield booklet was unnecessary large at 41- only 25 medals were available.

    The squad needs trimming.

  5. WalterBroeckx

    Gunz, where are the days they protested that Wenger was too tight to pay them what they deserved and so they went away to other clubs who paid more….. Not that long ago… 😉 Oh well…

  6. Andy Mack

    Chris Willock has a Brother (Matt) at ManU and Joe (with us).
    So did he join an Imaginary brother at Benfica?

  7. omgarsenal

    Goonermay68…….try Le Grove, they love whiners like you who bitch about exactly the opposite they were moaning about last week!

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