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Switzerland take a greater interest in Fifa – at last 

Background: the Match fixing scandal…

We have been considering the notion that the EPL is fixed for some time, gradually edging towards the view that something akin to the actions of Luciano Moggi (the Juventus manager) and others in Italy is now in place in the UK.

Moggi et al had conversations with several officials of Italian football to influence which referee got which game.  The system (“Calciopoli” as it was called – Bribesville as it is translated in some quarters) did not mean that matches were fixed to produce a set score, knowledge of which could be used in gambling, but rather that favours were given by a variety of clubs to certain refs over time, and these refs edged games in favour of the clubs using the system. Juve, Milan, Fiorentina, Lazio, Reggina were all ultimately found guilty.

The system was hard to track down not least because it had little to do with gambling.  The key approach to stopping match fixing in most of Europe involves waiting for the bookies to cry out that there have been “unusual betting patterns”, and then the investigation follows.  Here there is no such activity, and because there is no other system to track down an English Bribesville, nothing happens.

Untold has been pretty much on its own in pursuing this line of enquiry until the BBC got in touch recently and started the round of interviews with ourselves, and our persistence with the story leaves us open to the notion that we are just looking for excuses when Arsenal lose.

You might like to note that the BBC has picked up on our story and is now running it here – including interviews with Walter and Dogface.

Untold, working initially alone, and then with Referee Decisions has repeated suggested that something is wrong, and that we are not at all convinced by the view that all corruption is gambling based.  We think some of it might just be club based – as it was in Italy.

Further, we find that it is impossible to get to the truth because of the secretive nature of PGMO – the organisation that runs Premier League refereeing.  A series of reports on the rumours that we are hearing from inside the world of refereeing are now appearing on Untold, and will be indexed here shortly.


   You have to make your own mind up – but first please do take a look at the evidence in the articles above.

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Past stories from Untold Corruption are given below (these are roughly in date order starting with the latest) and after that the index to all the sites within the Untold series.



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If we adopted the same standards as Belgium we’d hardly have any refs left


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2 Replies to “Untold Corruption”

  1. Given that you are Arsenal supporters, I like the balance of your report especially as I support Palace. It is something I have been monitoring for some time. Maybe you should look at the “northern bias” created by Mike Riley when head of PGMOL. We currently have 12 referees from the North, 6 from the Midlands and one from that well known soccer country Australia who lives in Merseyside. Only two of these live south of Birmingham, the nearest to London being Oxfordshire. Can you imagine the ‘hoohaa’ if ManU or Liverpool had to play Arsenal with a referee from Crawley and VAR assessor from Hitchin. London clubs continually have to play the big Northern sides with referees from ‘just down the road’ from these teams.
    With regards to today’s match (this is being typed in the morning), if as you say Stuart Atwell is a “homer”, Palace have no chance. He was on VAR when Chelsea’s Silva committed an outrageous handball preventing a goal scoring opportunity which should have been punished by a red card. No review there! On VAR today is Darren England who while assessor missed the Arsenal handball in the first game this season, failed to send off Haaland for kicking Andersen in the head as referee at the Etihad, denied Palace a third goal when he blew up too early in the same match, and drew lines in the wrong place when on VAR against Forest. So with all that incompetence, anything can happen today.
    I look forward to more of your articles. Keep up the good work and Congratulations on winning the Premier League!!!

  2. John, thank you for your kind and courteous comment. If only more of our correspondents who support other clubs could write in such reasoned tones.

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