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October 2020

Untold Arsenal: football news from an Arsenal perspective

For the History of Arsenal and the daily Arsenal video of a great historic match you might enjoy the daily blog of the Arsenal History Society   And if you want to show positive support for Arsenal as a club, there is the Arsenal Independent Supporters Association.

The evidence that referees have not been running matches properly

The corruption files

How to save football

The tactics files

Premier League referees

In the past they said they were 98% accurate.  Now they admit it was only 85% accuracy.  So how can we ever believe anything they say again?

The great refereeing scandal

Women’s superleague

The chance of a trophy in 2020/1

Chaos in Europe; silence in England

Recent stories missed by the media but published in Untold

Football scandals

Arsenal, Scouting and Project Youth

Arsenal and the future

Arsenal and the media

What do Arsenal have to do to win the league?

The slavery files & the FA

The future of football

Arsenal’s history

Fifa is in real trouble but we’re pretending nothing is happening

Untold Culture

Arsenal in history

The Arsenal History Society publishes details of around 20 anniversaries of the club on this day, each day of the year.   For the latest click on the link and see the “Posts” column – just click on the top article.


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What on earth is going on?

How the media tells us what is news, what is not, and how to think

Arsenal in crisis?  The fans’ response

The corruption files: an Untold exclusive

The “100 years of Arsenal in the first division” series now has its own page here.


“Woolwich Arsenal, the club that changed football” is the definitive history of Arsenal from its inception as a league club through to its first year at Highbury, and reveals dramatic elements of Arsenal’s early days that have never been revealed before.

“Making the Arsenal” is a journalist’s inside view of the events around Arsenal’s collapse in 1910 and the rescue that paved the way for the move to Highbury and the arrival of Herbert Chapman.

Both books are now available on Kindle and in print.    Please see here for more details.


This daily blog was started in January 2008, and as the name is intended to suggest we try to cover issues that do not get fulsome coverage in other blogs or publications, and where we are covering the same ground as others, try to do so from a different perspective. A list of the most recent articles is given on the right under “Recent posts”.

Among the many campaigns and research projects we have run across the years I’d probably pick out these as being of interest…

160 games analysed – in which three researchers analysed the first 160 games of one PL season from the point of view of referee errors, and presented the evidence in videos.  It is a project that has, as far as we know, never been attempted or replicated anywhere else.  However it was picked up by the BBC and their report is included in this page on Corruption.

The Untold Banner: a group of readers of Untold who supported what we are doing, liaised with Arsenal FC, and raised funding, so that a banner of our choosing could be erected at the Clock End of the ground.  The video of Match of the Day focussing on our banner is now shown on that page.

The 25 player rule and the drive to allow fewer foreigners into the Premier League has long been the agenda of the FA.  But we undertook the research to see if countries that have done well on the international stage have followed the FA’s desired approach of banning foreigners, or whether there was another factor at play.  It turn out that there was indeed another factor involved.  The fairly simple research that established this was first published in Untold in 2010 and has since been republished (without acknowledgement) in the Daily Telegraph in August 2013.  The Guardian has also picked up on the theme.

We are not the most injured club revelations. For many years it was asserted in the mainstream media that Arsenal under Mr Wenger suffered more injuries than any other club in the Premier League.  It was a tale often repeated, but without any serious evidence.  So we undertake the investigation that no one else seemed to want to do.

Be careful in wishing for new owners

The Emirates Statues.  Tony Attwood (publisher of Untold) had a meeting with Ivan Gazidis at Arsenal soon after the Emirates Stadium was opened, and was asked what could be done by the club to make the ground feel more like home to the Arsenal fans.  I suggested that erecting a set of statues of famous players, along with one of Herbert Chapman, outside the ground.  That Chapman statue, I said, should be facing the ground with Chapman looking up at the stadium as if to say, “I created this.”

Arsenal’s history.  This part of the blog became so huge it had to be moved to a site of its own.  The Arsenal History Society site now has around 2500 articles, many arranged into sequences to tell the full story of different aspects of Arsenal’s development – many of these pieces including original research that has not been published before.

Untold Social.   This is a series of articles on issues that are outside of football, but which writers for Untold found interesting.  They include articles on how to avoid paying parking fines, how to lose weight without cost, how to get every job interview you want, and ways to help your children discover their talents.


Across the years we’ve published half a dozen books on Arsenal.   Two of these remain in print: “Woolwich Arsenal, the club that changed football” and “Making the Arsenal”.  They are also available on Kindle.    Please see here for more details.

The AISA Arsenal History

Besides running Untold Arsenal, we also run the AISA Arsenal History Society.  This publishes an article a day on the anniversaries of the club, and has also published a large number of series about aspects of Arsenal of which the three most significant are…

The picture: From left to right Rt Hon Jeremy Corbyn MP, Tony Attwood, Philippa Dawson (great grand daughter of Woolwich Arsenal’s first chairman).  On the far right the then chair of AISA.



For all enquiries about Untold Arsenal and the AISA Arsenal History Society please contact Tony Attwood at

Just in case you are interested, we also publish the Bob Dylan site Untold Dylan

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