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Manchester City and the control of the Premier League

Our new series on what will happen as the result of Manchester Ciyt’s legal case against the Premier League opens up a world of possibilities that the media simply refuse to touch.

Background notes: The Man City v Premier League case is very different from normal business

The other Key Issues of the Day – the articles that you won’t find discussed elsewhere…

Keeping the manager, improving year on year, summer purchases

Football news

As the season comes to an end

They think it’s all over.   And…

Moving forward

The fun those media writers will have!

Who might Arsenal play next season?

Government attempts to control the Premier League

The great referee conundrum: why do different referees oversee such different results?

How much do the regular PL referees vary over how they handle games?

The current outlook

How is this all going to end?



How’s football doing?

Where is football going: progress and decline

The dark campaign of Carragher and Neville exposed




Truth and Lies


The corruption crisis

Now and then

The media

The great football finances scandal of 2023

The media, Everton, Chelsea and Man City

The Media:

The Corruption Files:

The Fouls and Yellows Revolution

After the yellow card fest of Chelsea and Tottenham some are still attacking Arsenal.

Just how well are Arsenal doing when it comes to tackles, fouls and yellow cards?

Mirror and Guardian attack on Arteta takes war against Arsenal to new unedifying level

How different referees respond. Who wins is as much a case of who is the ref, as anything else

Why do Liverpool get so few yellow cards for tackling, and why can’t other clubs try the same approach?

Use more players, get fewer cards: the tactic that separates two clubs from the rest

The problems football is facing

The game of 1000 complaints – but not always the right ones

Booing players: how can journalists and officials so utterly fail to understand why?


The clearest exposition yet that there is something very wrong with PGMOL

There is something very strange going on with yellow cards this season+

We’re asking the wrong questions

Farewell hooligans, farewell facts, hello anger. Why the football debate is now so unhealthy.

Why the media were united over the issue of Man C players not being sent off

Why are the number of Arsenal injuries so regularly misquoted in the media?

Totally malicious and misleading headline reveals newspaper contempt for Arsenal

The Tottenham and Liverpool confusion

The home/away difference: despite media protestations, it is not just Arsenal

The huge danger that lies ahead following the Liverpool VAR cock-up

Arsenal in the Champions League

Defeat in the Champions League: not as bad a portent as one might think

Lens v Arsenal: the Arsenal team

Lens v Arsenal: a town smaller than Highbury stadium; a style based on PSG

If it’s Arsenal it must be chaos. Lens v Arsenal preview

The squads

Arsenal up the number of players used while Everton’s manager is true to form

How much has each club spent in putting its squad together?

How many players in the big seven’s 25 man squad? Not as many as you might think!

Predictions and changes

Beware those people in football who tell you what to think.  They are trying to kid you.

Can we really believe Opta predictions any more?

The new FFP rules are with us but the PL is still in financial crisis

Other news

Behind the window: what happens now with Arsenal?

Abuse has an effect on players but not on officials. Why is that?

Women’s Champions League 2023/24 – Swedish Preview

Does Arsenal really have the best youth recruitment policy of any European club?

Arsenal do NOT need to calm down: we need more and more of this passion

Arsenal’s pre-season

Arsenal’s new weapon: not exactly secret, but certainly more difficult to handle

Did you have a problem with Arsenal’s 4-Game Early Bird Pass?

Shocking revelations about Manchester United fouling against Arsenal in “friendly”

Football Finance

Football is teetering on the brink of a financial disaster

Football Finances

How football has become a house of cards that is very likely to fall at any moment

Football is bust: enjoy it while you can, because it is not going to last in this form.

Preparations for 2023/24

How Manchester City manage their defence in a way others can’t.

How Arsenal are evolving a new set of tactics to overtake Man City

Where Arsenal players sit in terms of the most valuable players in the world

Fifa, Uefa and football machinations 

The great Chelsea fire sale and how clubs are now manipulating FFP

Football’s fundamental problem, the lack of checks and balances.

Fifa decide to give club football more competitions and more matches

Fifa’s WC depravity knows no bounds. If you agree, avoid all their sponsors

Clubs begin to split from Uefa; corruption allegations against Fifa mount

Arsene Wenger statue and other current stories

Arsenal to unveil Wenger statue completing the fans proposal of 13 years ago.

How Arsenal are preparing to win the league this coming season

Why are some teams consistently fouled so much more than other clubs?


Which clubs got away with tackling last season, and which were penalised?

Tackles fouls and yellow cards the complete 2022/3 review


Manchester City given unaccounted payments by UAE according to new report

Can the Premier League be saved from Middle Eastern domination and control?

Arsenal in 2023/4

The ten reasons why Arsenal will make more progress in 2023/4. Part 1

The ten reasons why Arsenal will continue to grow: Part 2

The ten reasons why Arsenal will make more progress part 3

The ten reasons why Arsenal will make more progress: part 4


Just how revolutionary is the Arsenal approach we are seeing?

Arsenal will replace Xhaka with Havertz this week to help Chelsea resolve their finances

What difference did last summer’s transfers make? (Apparently, most were flops)

Football as we know it about to be blown apart (by the side effects of current deals)

Why this summer’s transfers will tell us little about Arsenal in 2023/4


There is something fishy about PGMO referees (even more than we knew before)

Football as we know it about to be blown apart (by the side effects of current deals)

Comparing Man City and Bayern Munich is certainly not a good idea!

Why this summer’s transfers will tell us little about Arsenal in 2023/4


The anniversary of the start of the collapse of Uefa – at the hands of Man C

What do Arsenal need to do to win the league next season?

The Premier League will be different next season



Arsenal’s future

The next step for Arteta: more of the same and then emulate Wenger

The image of football seems increasingly damaged; Arsenal have a chance

Arsenal now face a massive problem, and no obvious solution

Clubs are starting to be challenged over their loses

The start of last season and the end of this season: the lessons

Where now for Arsenal?

How Arsenal are remourcelessly following the Man City model

How Arteta has become so successful as a manager

Other recent tales

Arsenal’s biggest challenge, now its got the second youngest squad

Why in the battle of the League v Man City, the League will certainly win

Optimism to succeed. A further and last reflection from AKH

What Arsenal have to do next season to become even better?

If Chelsea gave Spurs some defenders and Spurs gave Chelsea some attackers…

Cheating players, incompetent referees.  What is really going on?

The dark arts: how football is not quite what we think

Why do fans always think the opposition cheats?

How different fans see the same game

Why do two sets of fans see a match in such different ways?

Why do two sets of fans see a match in such a different way? Part 2.

Records approach

Ten more goals than the Unbeaten Season and still going strong.

The huge problem Arsenal have to face next season.

Allowed tactics, or ruthless play?

Corruption in football

Investigation begins into illegal transfers

What will happen if Manchester City are found guilty of false accounting?

Why is the English football media so in favour of corruption?

Fifa to face face trial on grounds of holding an unreasonable monopoly

Corruption flares up again in Italy as Premier League figures don’t look too clever.  

The two faced approach of football regulators to corruption 

What makes a club successful in the Premier League

What makes some clubs successful and others not?

What makes a club successful in the Premier League part 2

What makes a club successful? Part 3: Arsenal  has stepped beyond the media

Where it all went wrong for Tottenham – and the football journalists

Unrest down Hotspur Avenue. The trajectories of the top four clubs

How Arsenal finally benefitted from the attitude of the football media (part 2)

How Arteta has out manoeuvred Tottenham. Arsenal and Tottenham part 3

So why did all the predictions for this season go so wrong? (Part 4)

Where it all went wrong for football journalists – conclusion

St Totteringham Day returns

Why do football journalists always get it so wrong

Is it really true that Arsenal are too emotional to win the league?

The one huge weakness in the Premier League which one day will unravel

Football and the media

CNN claim Arsenal tickets for the last game selling for for over $60,000

What the media won’t tell you about football 5: Fifa lends money to Switzerland

The absolute proof that the media is anti-Arsenal

Six years late the media finally recognises there is a refereeing problem.

Qatar spied on Lauber and Infantino, and why the UK media won’t touch the story

Uefa offer pathetic compensation knowing that the English media is at their command

Why Fifa, Uefa and the media hate super league and what is likely to happen

Media wake up to the illicit relationship FA and Uefa. It’s time to act.

Building the squad

Arsenal: building a squad to win this year, and again next season.

How does the Arsenal squad compare with the way other clubs are set up?


As the investigations grow the finances of football look rather odd

Manchester City accused of over 100 breaches of Premier League financial rules

The manager issue (see also Arteta’s revolution)

Real Madrid start looking at Arteta as their next manager

What happened to the eight PL teams that have changed their managers this season?

How Arteta became Arsenal’s most successful manager Ever: From 2021 onward

Untold Investigations

Why Arsenal’s revolution worked, while Tottenham and Chelsea flopped

Yet another factor emerges showing how Arsenal are beating everyone else

Rising to the top: Arsenal v the rest

The set of predictions that tell us exactly how the final table will look

Decline and rise: will Arsenal break their PL goal scoring record this season?

Does a club have a “mentality” or is it just a case of how much you spend?

Comparing Tottenham and Arsenal: what is the secret of success?

Other Recent pieces

Arsenal and Tottenham both built stadia, and each suffered the consequence. But…

Being a visionary is not as easy as it looks

Fifa appeals to Swiss courts against Court of Arbitration in Sport ruling

Arsenal have only three players who have scored in double figures!

Welcome to the new age of football: cunning, manipulation and a simple desire for power


Did Arsenal want Mudryk and have Arsenal missed Jesus?

Super League or no Super League

Corruption news: Fifa to face trial on grounds of holding an unreasonable monpoly

Why are we against SuperLeague but in favour of foreign ownership and general incompetence

The Premier League action against Man City brings Super League ever closer

What Europe knows about Man C but the English press haven’t told you

Corruption news

Uefa offer pathetic compensation knowing that the English media is at their command

Leader of the anti-super league movement accused of torture and kidnapping

Why Fifa, Uefa and the media hate super league and what is likely to happen

UEFA increasingly looking weak as European clubs propose a completely new approach 

Media wake up to the illicit relationship FA and Uefa. It’s time to act.

Arsenal top of the league

Winning the league: the influence of fouls and geography

After this weekend the tables tell us a little more

Why the media’s view of the foundations of Arteta’s success is as wrong as ever

Will Arsenal win the title: Opta’s view, our view, and today’s Arsenal team

Fouling: the part of the game where Arsenal suffered but are now coming good

For Arsenal, history is the best teacher

The media

Football journalists getting desperate in their attempt to hide the facts

Liverpool and the Telegraph show the problem with the way football is reported and debated

If football is so unpredictable why do the rich guys want to buy clubs?

The Premier League is in crisis at many levels

What makes this Premier League season different from the rest?

Saka is being kicked to bits, and the refs are doing nothing about it

How Opta got this season so totally and utterly wrong: the statistics

Why Arsenal need to get their awful defence sorted, and why Uefa / FA are doing a good job

Super League is coming – earlier stories

The Premier League action against Man City brings Super League ever closer

What Europe knows about Man C but the English press haven’t told you

How Man City’s problems began to arise…. nine years ago

The media pile into Manchester City, but where have they been all this time?

Manchester City accused of over 100 breaches of Premier League financial rules

Other recent articles

PGMO “errors” could lose PL billions in revenue as Europe turns away in disgust

There’s nothing much wrong with English football, and we know cos we’ve been told

How the media sets the agenda, and helps those in authority avoid the big issues

The question for football and for Arsenal: Is this a crisis of merely a blip?


Did Arsenal really go for Mudryk or was it all a clever trap for Chelsea?

The Big 7 Clubs: how much they have spent this season, and what good has it done?

The final transfer rumours: 3 new names to make 66 players tipped for Arsenal

Arsenal’s 25 man squad – is it already full?

Arsenal Transfers: 329 reports covering 62 players all coming to AFC (allegedly)

How spending a fortune on transfers is not always a good idea.

The significant success of Arsenal’s recent signings recognised

How much have Arsenal spent on transfers in recent years?

How much does a club have to spend on transfers to get a trophy?

The real facts about football that the media will never touch

The referee problem: the difference between incompetence and bias

Why, with football, it is important to ask what is not being reported

The real live facts that the media won’t ever touch (part 2)

What the media won’t tell you about football, part 3 – referee home bias

What the media won’t tell you about football, part 4 – referee variations

What the media won’t tell you about football 5: Fifa lends money to Switzerland

UEFA increasingly looking weak as European club propose completely new approach within including PL teams

Arsenal and the hunt for the title

Yet another example of the way the media tries to put down Arsenal

The figures from Arsenal v Man U are utterly extraordinary, and misleading

When Arsenal lose they sneer, and when they win they sneer even more

Arsenal v Manchester United. So what did we learn? The media won’t apologise

After 18 games: Arsenal’s position and the top team’s tally – and the ultimate target

How are the big seven clubs doing against each other? There are some surprises

Arsenal Women

The Continental Tyres Cup 2022/23 quarter finals: Arsenal v Villa

Second half reinforcements

Arsenal and the misleading media

Yet another example of the way the media tries to put down Arsenal

When Arsenal lose they sneer, and when they win they sneer even more

Do Arsenal need to become more efficient in front of goal?

Media attack foreign refs but remain silent about PGMO refereeing

How English media refuses to challenge Fifa over its manipulation of TV pictures

How Arsenal has taken on the media, and the club is winning

Why the media all want Arsenal to buy buy buy, and why we shouldn’t

Where is football’s regulator?

Why football needs an independent regulator now

Yet another reason why we need a football regulator

The two faced approach of football regulators to corruption

“Football should have a regulator” Part 1

“Football should have a regulator” Part 2:  England’s government challenges Fifa .

Monopoly suppliers need regulators or democracy.  In football we have neither. 

PSG accused of creating fake accounts to denigrate journalists and players


How the season will end

Welcome to Infantino Land

Megalomaniac head of Fifa makes new insane demand

Beyond any doubt Infantino is getting his way. Next: Fifa will leave Zurich

Why and how Infantino is still happy to promote the Super League.

“Fifa will not exist in ten years time.” Or maybe even less!

Switzerland take a greater interest in Fifa – at last

Football is being changed from without

When the wise man points at the moon, the idiot looks at the finger

No club is too big to fail, as lessons from Italy and Spain are starting to reveal

In ten years time, one way or another football will be unrecognisable

Premier League predictions

What normally happens to the club that is top after 15 games of a season?

How does Untold get its predictions right, and how can you use the same system?

It’s not an Arsenal question, but who’s going down from the PL this season?


Media attack foreign refs but remain silent about PGMO refereeing

Arsenal are the most penalised team by referees among the current top four.

The bent triangle: four major issues that show all is not right with refereeing

Arteta’s revolution: the transformation of Arsenal

How Arteta built the new Arsenal and took us to the top of the league Part 1.

Arteta’s revolution: How the media missed Arsenal’s change after Xmas Day 2020. Part 2

How Arteta revolutionised Arsenal: Part 3 – the summer of 2021

How Arteta became Arsenal’s most successful manager Ever: Part 4 – From 2021 onward

Will Arsenal win the league this season?

Does the team that is top after 14 games usually go on to win the league?

The simple statistic that shows that Arsenal are on course to win the league

Are Arsenal really playing like a title winning team in attack and defence?

No matter how you analyse it, Arsenal are the top club of the moment

What you won’t read elsewhere

Corruption flares again in Italy

Why is it so difficult to find a sponsor for a new stadium?

Extraordinary report claims Arsenals’ FA Cup win was not a major trophy!

Then and Now: How Arsenal 2022 compare with the Invincibles

What would the league table look like without VAR?

How the value of Arsenal’s squad has increased more than any other club this season

The things Arsenal have been really good at, which nobody has picked up yet

The media against the Arsenal

Momentum is building in media to get Arteta banned from the touchline

How the media got their predictions so wrong, but no one apologised.

Reports of Arsenal being in breach of FFP turned out to be completely wrong

Tackles, fouls and yellow cards

Chelsea are three times dirtier than Man City

How some escape yellow cards but others are penalised for tackles

The team that commits the most tackles gets the easiest ride

New Season, New Journalism, New Crises

How Uefa and PSG have taken control, and fooled all of football

The most ludicrous commentary ever written about Arsenal.  

Clubs are being encouraged to tackle more and more by referee’s approach.

Arsenal developing

Arsenal’s new tactics explored in detail and what it means for the season ahead

When a club wins the first 3 games of the season, does it win the league?

Arsenal flying, and everyone else makes the headlines!

Media completely misses Arsenal’s astounding tactical change

Why is the media so certain Arsenal will fail in 2022/23?

How the media created the myth of the gap between Arsenal and the top four

The opposition in 2022/23 – can Arsenal make the top four:

NewcastleWest Ham   Manchester United  Chelsea  Tottenham Hotspur  Leicester City

Past series from Untold

The great football media scandal.  How the media has utterly refused to pick up on the main issues and instead reports the trivia.

The media conspiracy against Arsenal. Part 1: How it unfolded.

Conspiracy, laziness, or stupidity. Part 2 How the media missed the big Arsenal story

Is there really a conspiracy against Arsenal? Part 3: Ownership, laziness and repetition

The evidence of a conspiracy against Arsenal: part 4: Conspiracy, simplicity and false predictions


Gaslighting: how refereeing in the Premier League is manipulated, and why the media never speak about it.

(Footnote: the first ever mention of gaslighting in connection with football other than in this article appeared in the media just six weeks after the launch of the above series on Untold).

The statistical enquiry of 2021 that the media totally ignored

How the media created an alternative story that Arsenal failed in 2020/21, when in fact Arsenal brought about a revolution


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For the History of Arsenal and the daily Arsenal video of a great historic match you might enjoy the daily blog of the Arsenal History Society


The discussion PGMO won’t allow in England, and how it is corrupting football

Why are Arsenal getting so many yellow cards this season?

Rewriting the Saudi Arabia takeover of Newcastle

Compare: Kroenke blood sports TV channel and Mohammed Bin Salman on human rights

What does the purchase of Newcastle by Saudi Arabia mean for Arsenal

Suddenly Saudi Arabia is being allowed into Newcastle

Excusing reputations

How gaslighting excuses Burnley’s tactics, and knocks Arsenal’s reputation

Why do we keep pointing out the errors of what media says when everyone knows?

The Big Six are still the Big Six when it comes to squad values

Arsenal are constantly putting out the youngest team in the PL


The authorities, Arsenal and football

Football is absolutely not sustainable like this: here are the six crash points.

Here’s a turn up: CAS are supporting Arsenal against Fifa

Have Uefa and CAS finally had enough of club trickery in avoiding FFP?

Why do we keep pointing out the errors of what media says when everyone knows?

Biennial World: Europe unites in opposing the commercialised bi-yearly world cup.

Is football seriously corrupt?

The FA

The slavery files & the FA

Qatar and the world cup – the protests grows

Odegaard speaks out against world cup in Qatar; a country built on slavery

Human rights abuses: has our little campaign had unexpected support?

MP stance on football should fill us all with disgust

If all lives matter, if slavery is unacceptable, what is the FA doing about Qatar?

British media universally continues to support modern slavery

The FA and the corruption files

Brexit bites the Premier League: we’ll never be the same again

Sweet FA. A history of the idiocy and incompetence in football administration

The FA scandals part 2: The minister says reform or we close you

The FA scandals part 3: hiding racism and appointing idiots

Mr Wenger v The FA – the full 20 year history. And the world of the fake innuendo.

The crimes of the FA: failing to deal with Fifa and with discrimination

The failures of the FA: Part 6 – if we don’t communicate it is your fault

Tracking the fun things the FA have got up to over the years. Part 7.

How the FA have manipulated the stats in order to try and gain more power


Refereeing Updates and the tactics files

Why WHU can foul 3 times as much as Brighton before getting a yellow card

Arsenal are more than twice as dirty a team as Southampton – according to refs

How tackling is change in the PL and how it is affecting clubs’ positions in the league

How clubs manipulate referees through their tactics

Revealed: How clubs have evolved their “referee handling” tactics with such success

The proof that something is seriously wrong with football refereeing and reporting

The curious case of how the media treats Man C and how it treats Arsenal

Arsenal in mega crisis

How one journalist decided to turn the truth about Arsenal upside down.

Arsenal’s results are on track for top four finishes – from next season.

This is Arsenal’s worst position for over a quarter of a century

If the media lie and bully about the news, what do you think they do about football?

Arsenal’s financial woes and the media’s call for more spending

How referees influence games 

Arsenal have been given more red cards in the last 10 years than any other club.

How clubs manipulate referees through their tactics

Proving unconscious bias by referees is rife in the Premier League: penalties

Revealed: How clubs have evolved their “referee handling” tactics with such success

How the impression refs have of certain clubs influences how they are treated

How clubs developed the fourth type of match fixing in the Premier League

PL Refereeing: where it has all gone so wrong.

Abuse of players and referees is in part at least, PGMO’s own fault.

If PGMO don’t act now, someone is going to get seriously hurt.

The evidence that referees have not been running matches properly

Referee changed after Liverpool demand; even the excuse makes no sense

Despite media denials, away advantage now outweighs home advantage

Media’s feeble attempt to explain away wins while ignoring the true research

Crowdless stadia stats reveal fallacy of PGMO claims about referee accuracy

PL refs make almost 3 times as many errors per game as Swiss refs. Why?

Without crowds away teams do so much better

We must be clear; it is the referees who have been giving clubs the advantage

160 games analysed with video evidence

The media is quiet as Riley finally admit huge number of referee errors.

Excellent newspaper article proves ref bias and points to media complicity in hiding it

Premier League referees

There’s no proof of corruption in the PL, it is just that some things are rather odd.

In the past they said they were 98% accurate.  Now they admit it was only 85% accuracy.  So how can we ever believe anything they say again?

The media is quiet as Riley finally admit huge number of referee errors.

Why football journalism is both misleading and making no sense at all.

How Fulham 0 Arsenal 3 was a total disaster… for journalists

160 games analysed with video evidence

The great refereeing scandal

Excellent newspaper article proves ref bias and points to media complicity in hiding it

The shocking statistics on how referees have affected Arsenal’s league position

Leicester’s strange tackle / foul / yellow figures change as they slip down the league

“Disgraceful;” “The worst refereeing performance I have ever seen”. TalkSport

Now is the time to investigate the refereeing system in the Premier League

Why do Liverpool keep getting the same referees?

Is Premier League refereeing very different from other major European leagues?

The openness of German referees raises the question, what have the PGMO got to hide?


Tackles, fouls and yellow cards.  These figures are truly weird.

New fouls and yellow card data suggest refs are reacting to club ploys.

How the top clubs foul with impunity

Could Arsenal adopt Leicester’s tactics and follow them up the table?

The corruption files

Platini and Blatter now prosecuted for fraud, but don’t tell the English

Could Fifa really be stopped? Is the unthinkable now actually possible?

Fifa, “Guilty As Charged.” This MUST be the turning point for Fifa and CAS

IFAB vs PGMO vs Fifa… who is the most secret (and damaging) of them all?

Another football scandal looms as law officers raid the German FA’s offices

Infantino is one step closer to the edge of the cliff, but UK media is still silent

Fifa in chaos as Infantino’s illegal meetings revealed and chief Swiss lawman resigns

Swiss prosecutors demand prison for beIN & PSG president and ex-Fifa No 2.

How to save football

Football scandals

The media

The media’s mistakes, misrepresentations, and misdemeanours and the bit they got right


The corruption files: an Untold exclusive

The “100 years of Arsenal in the first division” series now has its own page here.

New book “exposing” Arsenal’s cheating is itself pure fantasy and lies

The index to the series about how Arsenal supposedly only had a budget of £40m for transfers is now listed under The AAA page.


“Woolwich Arsenal, the club that changed football” is the definitive history of Arsenal from its inception as a league club through to its first year at Highbury, and reveals dramatic elements of Arsenal’s early days that have never been revealed before.

“Making the Arsenal” is a journalist’s inside view of the events around Arsenal’s collapse in 1910 and the rescue that paved the way for the move to Highbury and the arrival of Herbert Chapman.

Both books are now available on Kindle and in print.    Please see here for more details.


This daily blog was started in January 2008, and as the name is intended to suggest we try to cover issues that do not get fulsome coverage in other blogs or publications, and where we are covering the same ground as others, try to do so from a different perspective. A list of the most recent articles is given on the right under “Recent posts”.

Among the many campaigns and research projects we have run across the years I’d probably pick out these as being of interest…

160 games analysed – in which three researchers analysed the first 160 games of one PL season from the point of view of referee errors, and presented the evidence in videos.  It is a project that has, as far as we know, never been attempted or replicated anywhere else.  However it was picked up by the BBC and their report is included in this page on Corruption.

The Untold Banner: a group of readers of Untold who supported what we are doing, liaised with Arsenal FC, and raised funding, so that a banner of our choosing could be erected at the Clock End of the ground.  The video of Match of the Day focussing on our banner is now shown on that page.

The 25 player rule and the drive to allow fewer foreigners into the Premier League has long been the agenda of the FA.  But we undertook the research to see if countries that have done well on the international stage have followed the FA’s desired approach of banning foreigners, or whether there was another factor at play.  It turn out that there was indeed another factor involved.  The fairly simple research that established this was first published in Untold in 2010 and has since been republished (without acknowledgement) in the Daily Telegraph in August 2013.  The Guardian has also picked up on the theme.

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