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July 2020

About Untold

Untold Arsenal is edited by Tony Attwood, who is the Committee Member of Arsenal Independent Supporters Association in charge of the Arsenal History project, a season ticket holder at Arsenal, author of “Making the Arsenal” – the story of Arsenal in 1910, and editor of the Arsenal History Website.  Tony has been an occasional contributor to the website and was the co-author of a regular history column in the Arsenal official matchday magazine.  You can read more about Tony on  his own personal website.   Just in case you are interested.

Other contributors include Walter Broeckx, a referee and President of the official Arsenal Belgium Supporters Association, Andrew Crawshaw who writes on Arsenal’s women’s team and the under 23s, and “Blacksheep” who contributes on a variety of subjects.

We welcome articles from anyone interested in Untold Arsenal and its themes and ideas.  Just email the article as a word file to

Untold Arsenal’s mission is

1.  To support the club.

2.  To cover football stories – particularly those with a relevance to Arsenal – which are not covered fully or (in our view) accurately covered elsewhere.  This particularly includes stories on the economics of football, which we see as being central to the state of football at the moment, and about refereeing.

3.  To celebrate the history of Arsenal and of football in general, expanding awareness of that history, and correcting errors in the statement of that history that have been put about by supporters of one other club (which for the moment shall remain nameless), particularly through the History of Arsenal site.

4.  To give complete positive support to the players of Arsenal – including all those presently on the staff.

5.  To expose and report on corruption in football at all levels – from Fifa downwards.

6.  To explore and develop (on occasion) the humour of football.

7.  To cover stories and write in ways that are not covered or used in other publications.  Hence “Untold”.

8.  And to do anything else that which appears to be a good idea at the time.

If you can think of anything else we ought to do and which fits with these ambitions, please do let us know.