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September 2019
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Arsenal books

We currently have two Arsenal books available – both available in two formats: as paperbacks and via Kindle.

For the Kindle editions please visit Kindle in the normal way and simply insert the book title.  For paperback copies please see ordering details below the descriptions of the books.

(Fortunately, you don’t need to purchase a book for sports betting. Resources for sports betting sites are available alongside online casinos in which you can place your bets.)

Here are the books…

Woolwich Arsenal: the club that changed football

We recently discovered two boxes of copies of this book in our warehouse stored in the wrong place – so while we did say previously that it was out of print, we now have some copies available once again. 

The only complete and comprehensive story of Arsenal’s early years in the league from 1893 to 1915.

This volume contains previously lost revelations about the split within the club that nearly destroyed Arsenal, the inside story of the rescue of the club by Henry Norris, the instigation of mass away support, and the creation of the first ever football ground designed for the travelling supporter, rather than the fan who lived close by.  It also includes details of players, shareholders and directors.

The price is £14.95 plus £2 delivery in the UK.

Making the Arsenal is the story of Arsenal in 1910 – the year the modern Arsenal club was born.   With the club effectively bankrupt and having no way to continue into the new season an extraordinary plan was put forward – to merge Woolwich Arsenal with Fulham.

And that plan nearly came to pass and although the merger never happened  questions remain about what was going on in 1910 that made the merger of these long-established clubs seem a viable idea.

“Making the Arsenal” is the first novel about Arsenal since the “Arsenal Stadium Mystery” and it tracks the year through the eyes of a Fleet Street journalist, and not only tells the tale of Arsenal in that year, but everything that was going on around them. 

If you would like a copy signed by Tony Attwood, with an inscription to yourself, a friend or a relative, please include this information with the order.

The price of the book is £12.99.   Delivery within the UK is £2.00, and this remains at £2.00 irrespective of whether you order one or both books, and remains the same irrespective of how many copies are ordered.

You can order…

  • Via Pay Pal to the account  You should then also write to that email address and confirm your payment and your delivery address and note whether you require a signature or dedication on the book.

In each case should let us know if you require a signature or dedication on the book.