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December 2019
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And so now we know what their victory looks like

By Tony Attwood

And so now we know. Just as our ancestors allowed the Hill-Wood family and their allies to force out Henry Norris – the man with the vision of a club owned by its members, and with the best manager in the land – so our generation has allowed that combination of journalists […]

Arsenal v Brighton, the teams

by Bulldog Drummond

Any chance that we might be able to get a manager who has not been rubbished by the media BEFORE we get him is now gone. According to the scribblers our next manager is a failure before he gets out of the taxi.

So onto the teams…

Football Fan Cast go […]

Arsenal v Brighton: media shows that honeymoon period for manager is about 15 mins.

by Bulldog Drummond


Latest news:

We are developing our own video channel. It’s still at the experimental stage but you can get a feel here…

Untold Gooner News


Of course something has to give sometime, and it would be nice if it happened in a positive way to Freddie. But Freddie knows […]

New book “exposing” Arsenal’s cheating is itself pure fantasy and lies

By Tony Attwood


The book “What you think you know about football is wrong” is itself so wrong and so flawed it ought to be withdrawn and an apology issued to everyone who has bought at copy.


If you have read any of the work we have published across the last ten years […]

Arsenal v Brighton and Hove Albion and the latest media gibberish

by Tony Attwood


Latest news:

We are developing our own video channel. It’s still at the experimental stage but you can get a feel here…

Untold Gooner News


On a thursday? At 8.15pm?

OK, the company that sells stuff online has bought the rights and with it the right to change everything […]

Why Arsenal might consider Eddie Howe as the next manager

By Tony Attwood

Here is a list of the Premier League clubs that have won the Premier League, plus two that are conventionally included in the “big six” list but who have not won the Premier League at all.

In the second column we see the number of managers they have had, then how many […]

Media adopts new tactic in war against Arsenal

By Tony Attwood

Having been hyper active in knocking Arsenal morning noon and night, the mainstream media with their chums in the AAA writing the anti-Arsenal blogs under the guise of being Arsenal supporting blogs, there is a sense of arrogance growing in the anti-Arsenal.

And this is growing to such a sense that the […]

Arsenal women score 11 and go top of the league

By Tony Attwood

Vivianne Miedema scored six and provided four assists (itself an all time league record) as Arsenal beat Bristol City 11-1 this past weekend – having been 9-0 up within the hour. It was the biggest victory in the Women’s Super League’s history. The previous record score was recorded by Liverpool – currently […]

The Arsenal men the new manager might want to sell

In my last piece I looked at the four players that had come in of late that I cannot imagine the next manager, whoever he might be, would want to sell.

Here is the list from that article

1: Matteo Guendouzi 2: Gabriel Martinelli 3. Bernd Leno 4: Lucas Torreira

So moving on, we […]

The problem with sacking the manager: which players do we keep?

by Tony Attwood

All managers bring in players they rate and want to work with – and that leads to a fairly full squad. Which means Arsenal’s next permanent manager will have to get rid of some before he can bring in more.

Which many supporters might feel is ok except that there is also […]

Norwich v Arsenal: Freddie’s first team and the satisfaction of supporters

By Bulldog Drummond

Of course no one really knows what Freddie will do with the team line up today but the media are already telling him what he should do, and also predicting disasters to come, because Arsenal need another four players. Out with the old, on the with same old complaints, whinging, whining, moaning, […]

Norwich v Arsenal: How Freddie copes with the madness.

By Bulldog Drummond

As we approach the Norwich game, let us consider just a moment, how Mr Emery left Arsenal. He was sacked, but he left with a most gracious and dignified letter which has been published on I think it is worth republishing in full – just to show certain media folk what […]

The new manager: the full list of the men being touted for the job

by Adam Up

“Freddie Ljungberg warned Arsenal fans could turn on him like Solskjaer at Man Utd”

That headline from the bonkers Daily Star is about as pot calling the kettle black as it is possible to get. Not least because one of the great fermenters of ferment within Arsenal is the appalling Daily Star.


Freddie against the evil empire. Will he stay or will he go? The media vs Arsenal

By Bulldog Drummond

Two bits of fake news have dominated the media; one that the low crowd on Thursday was somehow Mr Emery’s fault, rather than being a wholly botched attempted by Arsenal FC to manage the number of people arriving without a ticket, and the second that Freddie could not manage Arsenal because he […]

Norwich v Arsenal. Beware the pit with the TV camera, and other thuggery

By Bulldog Drummond

Norwich v Arsenal and the key question is: is the ground safe, or still as unsafe as before…

Arsene Wenger very reasonably claimed that Norwich City’s ground in December 2015 was unsafe for playing football after Ryan Bennett deliberately pushed Alexis Sanchez into the TV pit at Carrow Road.

Of course […]

The decline since Mr Wenger: those who forced him out want to do it again!!!!!!

By Dr Billy “the dog” McGraw, senior psychiatrist at the University College Hospital of the North Circular Road.

If you supported the removal of Arsene Wenger, if you held up a banner, shouted “Wenger Out!” or simply thought it, then you got what you want. Mr Wenger left. So now we are in the world […]

Hello Freddie: here’s your job description (but you might not want to read it)

by Tony Attwood

So just as the media and negative fans won with their campaign to get out Mr Wenger, which resulted in a decline in the club’s form, so now they have done it again. “Who runs the club?” we might ask – well mostly the media it seems.

Will Freddie steady the […]

Total breakdown of Arsenal security utterly missed by the media

by Bulldog Drummond

This was the most atrocious breakdown of stadium security at the Arsenal that I can remember.

We were told that there was a threat to the safety of Arsenal fans going to the match because of attempts by German fans to get into parts of the stadium they should not be in. […]

Arsenal v Eintracht Frankfurt in the empty stadium

By Bulldog Drummond

Our last game in the Europa was disappointing to say the least leaving the table looking like this

Team P W D L F A GD Pts 1 Arsenal 4 3 1 0 11 3 8 10 2 Standard Liege 4 2 0 2 5 7 -2 6 3 Eintracht Frankfurt 4 […]

Media go bonkers over roly poly pudding revelations in public bar

by Sir Hardly Anyone

The Toppled Bollard public house next door to Wapping Swamp, home of the UK’s leading newspapers, is the heartland of English football stories, the place where it all happens, where everything is made up, where nothing is real, and members of the royal family pop in for a quickie.

For […]

Where does all this transfer money come from? I think we may have the answer…

By Tony Attwood

The revelation that the top spenders in last summer’s transfer window were all doing worse than they might have expected, has not impacted on the drive of blogs and bonkers journalists to get Arsenal to spend more, more and evermore, even though it was under a year ago that Arsenal Supporters Trust […]

Arsenal – 100 in the top division: a celebration

by Tony Attwood

Chair, AISA Arsenal History Society.

As you may know, I run an Arsenal history website, as well as Untold Arsenal, and normally keep the two quite separate. However because of the importance of this season’s anniversary – 100 years in the top division – I recently ran a series of articles on […]

The scandal of Arsenal v Eintracht Frankfurt tickets

by Tony Attwood

Ahead of this game an announcement appeared on stating that access to tickets was going to be very restricted. Red members, for example, would not be able to buy tickets and there would be no sale of tickets to away fans.

And yet at the same time hundreds of websites were […]

What is the best way to deal with our under 21s?

by Tony Attwood

You know that endless story that the FA put out… the story that the lackies of the FA working in the English media dutifully reprint… the one about how England can’t do well in internationals because we have too many foreign players in our country.

I’ve argued against that for years, showing […]

Who on earth would want to manage Arsenal with this atmosphere?

by Tony Attwood

Among the many comments made on this site after the Southampton game there was this one…

“Atmosphere at the Emirates is completely toxic now. Performances get worse and worse every week. It’s not going to get better under Emery and it’s absolutely not healthy. Sack him now before any more damage is […]