Ref Review 2013

The analysis of the performance of referees vis a vis each premier league club appeared on Untold Arsenal in March and April 2013.

Here’s the index of articles (further articles are appearing on Untold Arsenal:

Calciopoli in England

Calciopoli in England – part 1

Calciopoli in England part 2

Calciopoli in England part 3

Calciopoli in England – the evidence

Referees and individual clubs


So what is wrong in the PL: The Mike Riley Factor

So what is wrong with the PL Refs: Case study Atkinson

So what is wrong with the PL Refs: Case study Clattenburg

Knowing who the ref is can help: Mike Dean

So what is wrong with the PL Refs: Dowd

What’s wrong: Friend

So what is wrong with PL refs: a case study Jones

So what is wrong with PL refs? A case study – Halsey

PL refs, a case study: Marriner

The club analysis

So what’s wrong with the Premier League – the opening part of the story

Is it right to have refs doing two PL games over a weekend?

Cast study 1: Aston Villa

Case study 2: Chelsea

Case study 3: Everton

Case Study 4: Fulham

Case study 5: Liverpool

Case study 6: Manchester City

Case study 7: Newcastle United

Case study 8: QPR

Case study 9: Reading

Case study 10: Southampton

Case study 11: Stoke City

Case study 12:  Sunderland

Case study 13: Swansea City

Case study 14: Tottenham Hotspur

Case Study 15: West Brom

Case study 16:  West Ham

Case study 17:  Wigan.

Previous articles on referees…

The earlier series of reviews:

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