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Even the issue of tickets for the semi-final is a way of knocking Arsenal now.

by Tony Attwood

There is a story doing the rounds that all season ticket holders who want a ticket for the Wembley semi-final against Man City have got one.

And of course this has been taken up as a chance to knock Arsenal and Arsenal support – exactly as happened two years ago, and the […]

Why referees should be under the control of an outside body

By Tony Attwood

All organisations need to have standards. Football clubs need to obey public safety standards and the special rules that apply specifically to football matches. They also have to obey the laws on finance and accounting, on employment contracts, as well as football rules such as that relating to not taking youngsters across […]

If today’s football news teaches us nothing, perhaps can we learn from Arsenal’s history

by Tony Attwood

I won’t deny it, it’s been a really naff week for football news. Take this headline for example…

£50m Chelsea raid, Liverpool defender swoop, Man United talks, Arsenal exit wanted

You have to plough through quite a few adverts and bits of tittle tattle to get to the “Arsenal exit wanted” bit […]