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November 2017
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Stop, don’t move. There’s a new player we are going to sign. Honest it’s true. Or so I am told

By Sir Hardly Anyone

OK here we go. Some stories that you have heard, plus a new name. How exciting!

1: According to Ozil, Arsenal is still the club he wants to play for. “Massive boost for Wenger: Highly-rated star confirms he wants to play for Arsenal”. That’s pretty much doing the rounds these days.


How to knock the Arsenal without bothering to check a single fact

By Tony Attwood

I notice Jonathan Liew has seemingly moved from the Telegraph newspaper to become Chief Sports Writer of the Independent web site.

A change of publication, but not it seems a change of style, for today he has published this:

“Henry Norris, the former Arsenal chairman, is perhaps best known as the man […]

Fake News Index: Ozil staying, Wilshere to Palace for the sake of the country, Wenger grip loss.

By Sir Hardly Anyone.

What, one may ponder, is the difference between fake news and headline writing? Indeed I think it is fair to say that in the public house lounge bars in the leafy shires, they speak of little else. Let us therefore ponder!

Fake 1: Ozil’s future (Red London and the Metro)

It […]