It’s about being six years old and freezing cold, or travelling from Australia just to see a game

by Tony Attwood

The Arsenal History project, organised by Arsenal Independent Supporters Association, and (I think it is fair to say) welcomed by the upper echelons of Arsenal FC, has taken on a new direction.

We are starting to publish memories of fans – and at the moment we are focussing on memories of the first time each of us saw Arsenal live.

This series of articles has started to appear on the History of Arsenal web site at – and the first couple of articles are going up now.

Even if the project doesn’t instantly overwhelm you with enthusiasm I would suggest you take a look – because the opening stories will just take your breath away.

The site, run in association with Arsenal Independent Supporters Association, charts the history of Arsenal FC but not in the way that it has been done before.

At present we are focussing on three areas – but that is not to say we don’t welcome contributions on other topics.

1:  Articles from supporters on seeing Arsenal live for the first time.

2: Woolwich Arsenal 100 years ago

3: Articles on the history of Arsenal which tell stories which have not been told, or have been mis-told elsewhere.  Examples are the promotion of 1919 and the move to Highbury in 1913.

Other ideas for features are welcome – as for example with the recently completed series on all the managers of Woolwich Arsenal, and the relationship with Tottenham H across the centuries.

All the articles are on the History of Arsenal web site, and if you are a supporter of the club and have something to say about our history – particularly if it is a story that has not been told before – please do get in touch.

Tony Attwood

Untold Arsenal

Making the Arsenal

The History of Arsenal

2 Replies to “It’s about being six years old and freezing cold, or travelling from Australia just to see a game”

  1. The first thing is something many of us can do. You can expect my walk down memory lane soon.
    I think it is a great thing to do to collect the memories of the average fan and publish them in some form.

    I must admit I like those type of memory very much.

  2. It would be interesting to read the stories from supporters. It’s a good move from AISA.

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