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  1. GoingGoingGooner

    The latest rumour is leagues starting up in May…who can even start to predict that? The idea is to finish the season (games every 2 days…dead players) so they don’t have to pay back the TV sponsorship money. Otherwise, money has to go back, contracts are voided because players aren’t paid and everything would be up for grabs. Wow! That would be something to see.


  2. omgarsenal

    Tony………if we look at the situation in England from the perspective of labour issues and forget that these companies are sporting interests then;

    1) Most of Arsenal’s players have firm contracts into 2021 so they are protected by contract law from major paycuts and so on.

    2) Most of the lower league players aren’t as secure as the EPL clubs and can be dismissed or traded at will apparently.

    3) The elite players will be extremely nervous as none are irreplaceable and the owners will take every opportunity to lower their costs and increase their gate receipts and other revenue, by whatever means is necessary. It is soon going to be a buyers market.

    4) With the weak and incompetent leadership both at the national and sporting levels unwilling to stand up for the average Joe or Jane, big corporations will see opportunities to claw back rights they accorded through union contracts and my bet will be a reopening of many contracts and agreements for their benefit.

    It doesn’t bode well for the less well off and average citizen, but is a perfect storm for the rich and wealthy.


  3. Gord

    OT: Nice article about former Gunner


    And unlike most of our former players who are now muppets, I see little bad in terms of Arsenal in the article.


  4. Gord

    Headline: Arsenal Great Paul Merson Details …

    Just another former Arsenal player now muppet, bad mouthing Arsenal.


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