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  1. Gord

    OT: VAR

    SportingLife (Dave Pilgrim) has an article out about VAR.


    Supposedly Dave Pilgrim is “properly” using statistics, but the article says nothing about how Dave Pilgrim acquired his knowledge of statistics. The article itself, describes Dave Pilgrim as “columnist”. Hmmm, how many columnists have a proper background in statistics?

    He shows a problem with pursuing his intended line of thought, and his reasoning behind an alternative. He then goes through the EPL, Spain, other places. And he basiclaly just waves his hand and says the differences are insignificant without offering any proof?

    Is he using tables from statistics textbooks, which assume error is Gaussian distributed? Is he using bootstrap, jacknife or other mechanisms which use the distribution present in the data; not some assumption of Gaussian (or other)?

    We just have to take the word of someone at SportingLife, that all this has been done “properly”.

    There is no evidence that Dave Pilgrim investigated subpopulations. Do the Top-N of the leagues in question, receive red cards or penalties at the same rate as the “rest of the league”?


  2. Kenward Garg

    Just to point out: Arsenal, like Manchester City and PSG, have wealthy owners. Alas, they’re business models are chalk and cheese: hence the bitterness emanating from this still esteemed blog.


    • Tony Attwood

      True Kenward, but the wealth of Kroenke, vast though it is, is but a drop of water in the desert compared to the wealth of the Manchester City owners.


  3. Wade

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