Arsenal v Everton: looking back at the videos from earlier years…

By Tony Attwood

As a final look at the Arsenal v Everton game today, we take a quick look back at the past through historic videos.

On the Arsenal History Society website we have collected together videos of Arsenal games, sorted by the teams played against as well as by date.  Below are the details of some of the videos for matches against Everton with links to those videos.

And at the foot of the page are the indexes to our various main series on the Arsenal History site.

First the videos…

Beating Everton: the full match in the unbeaten season

Beating Everton 0-2 away on this day – the video

Giroud and Ozil smash Everton to pieces

Arsenal beat Everton 2-0 twice

Arsenal beat Everton 5-2

And a couple you can link to directly…

23 February 2020

4-1 in the FA Cup

Finally here are the complete indexes to the videos, and other historic events to be found on the AISA Arsenal History Society website.

Day by Day: the videos – An Arsenal video for (almost) every day of the year in order. 

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