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April 2021

Arsene’s war chest: £42.7m + any summer sales

Most EPL clubs buy players with borrowed money or the owner’s petrodollars. Arsenal are different – the money available for buying comes from profit generated by success and sales.

Put another way, the basic income from TV, marketing and games goes to pay the mortgage and the salaries. The purchases come from other sources. At […]

Next season’s team starts to take shape

Next season’s team will look remarkably different from the team that we have seen through this year.

This year you’ll remember we

Finished 4th in the EPL contrary to all predictions which had us in free fall (remember the “should Wenger go if we don’t make the Europa League) Got to the semi-final of the […]

Let’s turn Arsenal into Charlton

The “Wenger must go” chant is rising and rising. Fortunately not in the stadium, where most supporters seem to have a longer term perspective, but on the internet it is everywhere.

I’ve just been reading the post on Arsenal Action called “Sorry Arsene its time to go”, where the writer gives his reason for this […]

Congrats by the billion to Vic and the squad

I only get to see Arsenal Ladies occasionally, and sadly this Cup Final was not one that I could make, but it is important to commemorate this event.

The club was formed 21 years ago by Vic Akers who as you know steps down this season.

So far they have won 29 trophies including the […]

Is it now or is it the future?

There is a comment on this blog which reads thus…

If Arsenal is very business like and is run like a business, then I think it’s time for Arsenal fans to think in business terms. What have we won in the last four years???? Is it okay for a business to have a good boss […]

We’re under attack

It is interesting that there are occasions when it seems to me that the FA and EPL ought to do something (to maintain the balance as it were) and they don’t. For example there are the regular attacks by clubs such as Manchester Bankrupt and the Tiny Totts against refs. We heard a lot of […]

Tiny Totts Tightfisted Transformation Tender Toppled

This story comes from two source (who shall remain nameless). You can believe it or no, although unlike tales of Atlantis, alien invasions covered up by government and the Chinese discovery of America in the 15th century, at least this time you will be able to see if this is right or not. Time will […]

Jocular juvenile jackass journalist jinx Johan Djourou in jolly jailbreak jest

Tricky thing this journalist business but I think I am get the hang of the headline writer’s craft.

Anyway, it was on friday that I noted that both Radio 5 and the Guardian were saying that we had 3 of our back four out when I could only count two. As Ian said in correspondence, […]

Knocking the Arsenal: weirdest story ever

This media story is so odd that I have spent half the morning thinking about it, wondering if I am having one of those blank spots, one of those moments where you are sure that grass is pink, and have to be taken outside by the grandchildren to have it proven to you that by […]

Arsenal 18 Man A 4, Hughes exposed, man behind me verry annoying

At the Manchester Arab game I had a guy sitting behind me who was fed up. Very fed up. Not with me, not with my ladyfriend, but with the Arsenal.

From the first moment of the game he said, “too short” – not in a voice that the players could hear, but in a voice […]

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