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  1. Bazza

    Are you 7?

  2. Al

    Off topic but relevant; BT sport showed the camera angle that is in line with the goal line for a city goal that went in but the statue, sorry the fifth official behind the goal, did not signal for a goal. The replay clearly showed the goal over the line by a yard, yet he failed to see that. Fortunately for city they scored from the rebound.

    Two questions that I’m asking myself;
    1. Why was there not a replay from a similar angle yesterday, given that the broadcaster is the same, BT sport?

    2. How did the 5th official miss such a clear goal, yet the one from our match spotted one that several replays couldn’t be conclusive whether the ball crossed the line or not.

    That seems to suggest to me that the officials were too eager to award anything against Arsenal, even when they weren’t certain what had happened exactly. As for the replays I’m dumbfounded; I asked the question last night why we had not been provided with a replay from a camera along the goal line or overhead. I thought BT sport didn’t have cameras that cover those angles after yesterday but they just showed a replay from that angle! Makes one wonder what exactly is going on…

  3. Al

    Even Robbie savage, despite being the idiot that he is, questions how the 5th official could miss the city goal when the ball was at least a yard in. I’m afraid football is officiated by individuals who come to the match with preconceived ideas of what result they want to see. In other words, this sport is run by bent individuals. And with Platini remaining favourite to replace blatter, with the FA still backing him despite the fact he is under criminal investigation, we are not about to see any fairness in this sport. A complete waste of time to follow this.

    Back on topic, keep up the good work, Walter and Usama.

  4. hrishi


    Guess there was a replay along the goal-line yesterday- just that it was obstructed by one of our players. Was the angle for the City replay similar to that one?

  5. Al

    I didn’t see the one you’re talking about from yesterday. The angle from today was from the same angle/view that the player taking a corner kick has; straight down the goal line, you know the one where both goal posts look like one post. Conclusive beyond any doubt. I never saw a replay from that angle during our match, unless they showed it in the post match analysis? (sorry, don’t usually hang around to listen to that nonsense).

  6. Mssrs one eyed and deluded

    Another balanced review. It’s amazing how everytime incorrect calls only favour the opposising team and never Arsenal. As for Adebayor running full length of pitch to goad opposition fans I think you’ll find he learnt that from someone you have statue of outside your ground.. oh I see that’s different because he had class and did that against Spurs lmfao!

  7. Menace

    Good work Usama & Walter. Al your spot on with your observation. I am asking exactly the same questions. At the Arsenal game I saw the ball drop on the line & Ospina snatch it away before an opponent could kick it in. The Moron signaled a goal but no replays were forthcoming on the TVs at the ground – which usually means ‘lets prevent a riot’. The officials have screwed up.

    Al – we know what is going on.

  8. Mandy Dodd

    Again, the detail in this format is amazing. Look forward with trepidation should there be a review of Taylor against Utd..

    Some interesting stats on Dean vs Arsenal

  9. WalterBroeckx

    Great link Mandy and a link that no wait a minute an article is arriving … 😉

  10. WalterBroeckx

    Yez Bazza we are

  11. Goonermikey

    Wonderful link Mandy. It’s tough reading/understanding it all if you’re not a statistician though.

    I guess the real question for me is, why don’t the PGMO apply similar scientific analysis to determine these sort of anomalies? Surely, the theory is that referees are there to ensure fair play, hence if there is evidence to demonstrate a lack of fair play an honest and genuine PGMO would want to stamp it out immediately it became apparent!!!

    Bearing in mind this weekend, it’s also interesting to note that despite committing a higher than average number of fouls per game this season Man U receive fewer cards per foul than any team in the premiership………….almost twice as many as us in fact. They have 9 cards for 83 fouls. Interestingly their opponents have committed fewer fouls than them but have picked up almost twice as many cards (16). Well that seems fair!

    It’s also interesting to note that we have never committed more than 12 fouls in any prem game this season but we have always received at least one card (including in the game where we only committed 2 – YES TWO – fouls). Meanwhile Man U have committed 12 or more in their last two games and haven’t picked up one yellow!

    So the upshot is, despite committing more fouls than 60% of clubs, Man U have picked up fewer cards than anyone.

    By comparison, despite committing fewer fouls than 85% of clubs and almost 30% fewer than Man U we have 30 % more cards than them. That’s 12 cards in all counting Y = 1, Red = 2. That makes us 75.5% more likely to receive a card than Man U.

    At least that means that Taylor won’t be bucking the trend when he gives Man U all the benefit of the doubt time after time this weekend………

  12. Goonermikey

    @ Baz

    That’ll be about the same as your IQ then……

  13. bjtgooner

    Another great review and again identifying another poor performance by the PGMO.

  14. Tom


    I agree with on the goal being inconclusive but here’s a thing.
    Nine times out of ten the human eye will side with giving it for one simple reason.
    Here’s a simple experiment.
    Draw a five inch wide, white line on the floor.
    Mark a point roughly 4.5 inches to the right of it ( the with of a football is just under 9 inches) and while straddling said line , drop a football directly from above said point while looking at the bouncing ball while leaning left.

    If you do it corectly, you should see about 4 inches of the floor between the base of the ball and the right edge of the line while ,technically speaking , the whole of the ball isn’t over the whole of the line.

    If you make the same experiment and lean right , nine times out of ten you will say the ball wasn’t completely out.

    In Arsenal game the ref was leaning left.

    Only goal line technology can accurately determine this sort of play.
    The only thing worth talking about is really how is it that this technology hasn’t been implemented by all of football.

  15. Menace

    Tom – great explanation. The position of the goal line ref was leaning inside the field of play. The whole ball has to be seen from outside the post while standing on the goal line, so the official must be leaning outside the field of play to be correct. Sadly it does not make any difference to our match but it will do to others…..maybe not. The goal line officials are probably paid with that FIFA 3 million euros.

  16. Tom


    If you look at replays of the referee giving it , he signals with his hands being about 12 inches apart , as if to say that’s by how big of a distance the ball was over the line. Which of course is nonsense.

    Further more, forget for a moment how Arsenal played or didn’t play on the day, but the simple fact is that Olympiacos are on three points now instead one , and it’s going to be almost impossible to overtake them to get out of the group.

    Football is sloppy like that and the governing bodies are very little , if at all ,accountable to the broader public.
    It’s a shame.

    As Al rightly pointed out , in the Man City game the ball was a good couple of feet over the line and yet , the ref didn’t give it.

    Demichelis was the real goal scorer but they gave it to Otamendi.
    Again, sloppy and embarrassing. Everyone knows it.

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