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May 2017
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Arsenal v Chelsea Cup Final 27 May 2017 – The Match Officials. Expect rough stuff and false penalties.

by Andrew Crawshaw

I posted after our Semi-final win that I believed Anthony Taylor was the strong favourite to be given the FA Cup Final this year and so it turned out. I claim no special skill to make that prediction – referees are only ever given one FA Cup Final and of those who […]

Does a player acquired as a big-money transfer perform well in the first season? A look at recent history.

Does a player acquired as a big-money transfer perform well in the first season? Let’s look at recent history.

By Zuruvi


There is school of thought shared by some Arsenal fans here on this Forum that says that big-money transfers don’t work in the first or second seasons after the transfer has taken place.


Which is the most successful team in the FA Cup and in FA Cup/League doubles?

By Tony Attwood

As I guess we all know, no club has won the FA Cup three times running since Blackburrn Rovers in 1886. Before them, one team, Wanderers, also did it three times in a row. In the past 131 years (or to be more accurate 122, to account for the war years) no […]

Will anything change at Arsenal next season? Sadly it seems unlikely

By Tony Attwood

Jack Pitt-Brooke of the Independent recently wrote an article in which he said,

“…it was impressive and surprising that Wenger’s reaction on Sunday evening, in his post-match press conference, was to take all the blame on his own shoulders. By admitting that his season of silence over his own future had damaged […]

Arsenal cup final team news – it is all looking a bit grim

By Tony Attwood

What we do seem to know (although I use the word “know” in its footballing sense, meaning “according to reports” Gabriel will not be playing. He has been ruled out until August with the medial knee ligament injury.

Danny Welbeck is reported to have said, in relation to his injury, “It’s just […]

The 8 games that cost Arsenal the season.

by Andrew Crawshaw

By my reckoning Arsenal should have ended up with 17 more points than we actually had this season due to wrong Important Decisions called by the PGMO. A quick reminder an Important Decision is one of these – Second Yellow Card, Red Card, Penalty and Goal.

There was one game we lost […]

Does Arsenal have good players or great players? Is the current Arsenal squad good enough?

Does Arsenal have good players or great players? Is the current Arsenal squad good enough?

By Zuruvi


Arsenal is a great club. Arsene Wenger has proven over the years that he is a great manager. Arsenal has two or three great players. Arsenal however has too many average players. Arsenal also has a number […]

Red Shirts White Sleeves: A Song for Arsenal fans

Red Shirts White Sleeves: A Song for Arsenal fans

by Fishpie

I haven’t submitted anything to Untold in recent months and this piece is, I admit, a bit of a shameless plug. So forgive me. I am very grateful to Tony for agreeing to publish despite this.

I guess I haven’t written for the […]

Arsenal – Everton : 3-1, the view from block 120

By Walter Broeckx Another last match of the season in the Emirates and again I was there. Just as in recent seasons. Alas that gave me no chance to write the fast as lightning live match report Untold readers are used to for most of the time.

And so no real live feeling about the […]

Enquiry into child abuse by employees at football clubs is yet again being hampered by the FA.

By Tony Attwood

I guess like most people, especially like most people who have children of their own, the notion of child abuse is ultimately incomprehensible to me. But it is there, and it has deeply entrenched itself within British society, and thus also within football.

And from the off I have been extremely uncomfortable […]

There is one Arsenal transfer that everyone is discussing, so maybe this is the one…

By Sir Hardly Anyone

But first, before I get down to basics, since in order to write this column I am forced to look at the stuff the newspapers are producing, I wish to give you a spot of context, just so you know how difficult my job is. Here is […]

Who did the most this season for Arsenal and how much did it cost?

By Tony Attwood

You may recall – since I have mentioned it about 2000 times – last year the Guardian printed the comment that Arsenal had only two strikers who finished 2015/16 in double figures – in terms of goals.

I took exception to the “only” in that comment since it implied that most other […]

Now it’s over, how did our players out on loan do?

By Tony Attwood

As always Arsenal had a number of players out on loan through the year, and it has become quite common across the years for one or two of the loan players to come back to the club and make something of an impact.

This time round the player who is being tipped […]

Get out of our club, get out of our club, Stan Kroenke, get out of our club – and Ferguson weighs in with support!

By Tony Attwood

It has taken a while, but finally the move was made away from endless sniping at the manager and instead turning on a target, the removal of which could indeed open up a new era in the history of Arsenal.

If there were banners and protests and aeroplanes flying over the trailing […]

Arsenal v Everton the teams, last minute injury update, top scorers, recent form

By Bulldog Drummond

As we approach the time for the train to London here’s a quick look at the home and away form. Arsenal’s home form looks like this…

Won 13, drawn 3, lost 2. Scored 36, conceded 15.

Not as perfect as it might be, but still, not […]

By refusing to focus on Kroenke and by refusing to pursue a boycott, fans who want change are ensuring continuity.

By Bulldog Drummond

Continuing the tale of the approaching events of Sunday, as we all know, Arsenal have to do better than Manchester City or Liverpool. A win while Liverpool draw or lose would do it, and a win by three goals while Man City lose by two goals would do it. Otherwise we […]

Arsenal v EvertonL Dr Billy McGraw explains why people might protest at the match tomorrow, and what it all means.

By Bulldog Drummond

As I mentioned at the end of the last article, I asked psychologist Dr Billy “The Dog” McGraw about what drives people not only to protest, but what drives them to protest in particular ways. Why, I wondered do some indulge in violence, some march, some hold up banners, and some just […]

Arsenal v Everton: Usmanov bids, Ian Wright backs boycott, why only absenteeism works.

By Bulldog Drummond

In what the media would have called a “long-winded rant” if it came from anyone else, Ian Wright finally came out and backed the notion of a boycott of Arsenal matches by those who don’t like the current regime, rather than protests in the ground.

“Something has to change, whether it is […]

Arsenal v Everton, 21 May 2017 – The Match Officials. This man’s bias against Arsenal in would make Mr Riley proud.

by Andrew Crawshaw

This is the last league game of the season and before I look in detail at the ‘men in black’ for this game, I would like to do a brief reflection.

Here is a table showing the Referees, how many games they have refereed in the league and how many for Arsenal.


Tony Adams does himself no favours as the Wenger, Wenger, Wenger fixation goes on.

By Tony Attwood

And so it goes on and on and boringly on. Press conference time and the silly nutters who sit their supposedly on our behalf asking probing questions to reveal hidden truths instead ask the manager if he is going to stay, and/or when will his future be decided. I think we’ve been […]

FA play the game of marginally considering one outrage to take attention away from its own chaos

By Tony Attwood

The FA, teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, have decided, very late in the day, to introduce the possibility of retrospective suspensions for players who dive or feign injury. The maximum punishment would be a two-match ban, with the arrangement starting next season. It is the copy of a punishment already in […]

From bookies to journalists, everyone wants to treat football fans just like Trump treats his electorate

by Tony Attwood

We live in a world where there is a great drive to simplify anything and everything. It happens everywhere from the President of the United States, who said today, “No politician in history has been treated more unfairly,” through to Untold Arsenal where, if we make a point about referee errors, we […]

How the PGMO could try to get around the use of video assistance for referees

By Tony Attwood

In recent months, Fifa has considerably accelerated the testing of the video-assistance to referees (known as VAR) procedures, which, as the chairman of Fifa (who is an awfully nice and upright fellow) has annouced, will be used during the World Cup 2018.

Now Pierluigi Collina, Chairman of the Fifa Referees Committee, and […]

The curious case of the wrath of penalty Gods on Arsenal!

The curious case of the wrath of penalty Gods on Arsenal!

By Sam

If you watch the Premier League, or any league for that matter, you might have at times been baffled by the refereeing decisions. Of course, Referees are human beings and deserve sympathy for not getting decisions right all the time. There is […]

Arsenal Transfer Index Edition 6. 39 players joining the club; 13 players leaving.








By Sir Hardly Anyone

There are only 74 days left before the transfer window falls back into place with everything all over and done, and the glass shattered on the floor, and so far we only have 39 players listed who are going to join Arsenal this summer. […]