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January 2017
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Arsenal need a new striker. I know this because last summer lots of journalists told me so

By Tony Attwood . Last summer it was hard to see much beyond the ceaseless baying of the mainstream media and their camp followers on the bloggettas. We had (and this lot came from just a period of a few days) Arsenal transfers: 10 strikers Arsene Wenger could sign – Telegraph Which striker should […]

Would Arsenal be higher up the league if we had Pep Guardiola instead of Arsène Wenger?

By Tony Attwood . It is indeed amazing just how quickly a manager can move from being the ultimate superstar, the man Arsenal should have brought in if they really wanted to win the league, to being an also-ran, another silly foreigner who doesn’t really grasp what the Premier League is all about.

Indeed […]

The value of Arsenal’s players is not what you think. Or at least not what we thought.

By Tony Attwood

OK, I admit it. I know nothing about football.

When it was announced that the Football Observatory was publishing a new list of the 100 most valuable footballers according to their own special unique super-wonderful way of evaluating players my pal and I decided to test our knowledge of football.

The game […]

Football might be the biggest sport in the world but its management is chaotic

By Tony Attwood

You’ve probably heard that Liverpool! had to leave Joël Matip out of their team to play Man U because, although he has publicly retired from international football, Cameroon still called him up for the Africa Cup. He didn’t go, but Fifa still haven’t ruled on the situation so he can’t play.

Bournemouth […]

20 fake news stories created by UK’s media plus three Arsenal transfer stories that are actually real.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

One of the great twists of the Football Fake News creators is that they not only create fake news day by day, but that they then attribute the “story” to another source – in which the story didn’t appear in the […]

Simple answers and the rejection of experts: the need for multiple scorers

By Tony Attwood

I am endlessly fascinated by the way in which the media and their camp followers in the bloggettas adopt twin approaches in order to bolster their constant provision of Fake News – largely to the detriment of Arsenal.

The first is the view that anyone can have an opinion (which is true) […]

Alexis’ ego: where will it take him next?

By Tony Attwood

Of course I’ve never met the guy but think I can still make a fairly decent guess as to what powers the brain of Alexis. He’s got a big ego.

That isn’t a very insightful comment however because I suspect most top level footballers have got very big egos. Very very big […]

Swansea – Arsenal : 0-4 Iwobi pulls us over the line

By Walter Broeckx

As could be expected a few changes compared to our cup match at Preston last weekend.

Cech back in goal for Ospina was expected. Koscielny and Mustafa in the centre was also an expected pairing. At right back Gabriel started and that is something that I also had thought would be […]

Santi update, team v Swansea, more from Özil and Torino story is fake news.

By Bulldog Drummond

When asked if Santi would play again this season, Mr Wenger, the Arsenal manager, said: “I hope so. Santi is far from starting to run again; he had a little procedure and we have a meeting with the medical people. Certainly he will not be available in the next six weeks.” That […]

Swansea v Arsenal: the prelims and early team news

By Bulldog Drummond

The early team news

Coquelin and Bellerin are still about a week away from returning, Theo is maybe two weeks from returning. Gibbs and Mert are also out as well, obviously, as are Santi Cazorla and Mohamed Elneny.

But coming back (and I would have thought absolutely certain to play) are Mesut […]

How football attendances have returned to the level of the 1950s, and how much people really know about the game.

By Tony Attwood

I have often wondered just how much people know about their football clubs. Or indeed how much some people know about football. And whether the number of people going to games is going up or down.

It is not often that such ramblings within my brain can all be answered at once, […]

Swansea City v Arsenal 14 January – The Match Officials – and why are Liverpool having Michael Oliver for the fifth time this season?

by Andrew Crawshaw

Before I start on the match Officials for our game on Saturday I want to bring to your attention the latest piece of game management by the PGMO.

This coming week is matchweek 21 and Michael Oliver has been appointed to the Manchester United v Liverpool game on Sunday afternoon. This will […]

Recent transfers, total cost of squad, and salaries against position in the league

By Tony Attwood

An elite group of nine European ‘super clubs’, including five from the Premier League, are now so wealthy that nobody else has any realistic chance of catching them financially. That is what a new official report from Uefa says, although it is not clear what it intends to do about […]

The funniest (and also the most embarrassing) transfer story this January

By Tony Attwood

As you might have noticed (if you ever read the home page of Untold Arsenal with its daily list of Arsenal anniversaries through the club’s history) today is both the ninth anniversary of the launch of Untold, and the anniversary of the meeting that AISA Arsenal History Society had with Rt Hon […]

Arsenal: Too dearly loved to be forgotten.

By Tony Attwood

I can remember, from my days as a child, Arsenal playing Racing Club de Paris, and wondering who they were, and why the match happened.

Such childhood memories are of course notoriously unreliable, but I do recall it seeming a bit odd. One of those things that old people knew about, […]

Arsenal don’t have a plan B. Well, actually we do. It’s Giroud.

By Tony Attwood

Here’s a thought and a half: Olivier Giroud has scored 12 goals from his last 17 shots on target in the League, FA Cup and Champs League.

Here’s another: he takes less time on the pitch to score that Lionel Messi, Diego Costa or Sergio Agüero.

His figures at Arsenal now […]

Refereeing in the Premier League is under investigation, and PGMO have no idea what to do.

By Tony Attwood

As I was preparing myself for another day’s publishing on Untold this morning two curious things happened.

One, not curious in itself, was that Andrew sent me his regular match preview for the weekend concerning the referee for the forthcoming Arsenal match. The other was that the Daily Telegraph newspaper attacked PGMO […]

10 reasons why Arsenal signed Cohen Bramall (and why no other club bothered)

By Tony Attwood

You will have heard the story. Rejected by Leek Town, Nantwich, Market Drayton, and Crewe Alex. It is a story that even puts Charlie Austin’s move upwards from Poole Town in the shade, although of course it does happen from time to time. We might think of Chris Smalling (Maidstone), Michail Antonio […]

Ref Review: Arsenal – Crystal Palace: more of the same please


COMPETITION: English Premier League MATCH NO. 19 DATE: 1st January 2017 VENUE: Emirates Stadium (London, England)


REFEREE: Andre Marriner 1st LINESMAN: Simon Beck 2nd LINESMAN: Scott Ledger 4th OFFICIAL: Stuart Attwell

First Half

Fouls, Advantages, Cards, and Penalties

Time Foul by Foul For Description & Decision Points 06:59 Granit […]

Football appoints new positivity czar to counter “overly negative” media and pay for football pitches in China

By Sir Brightly Plusfours; UK Government Czar of all the balls

I am delighted to have this opportunity to address the ensemble of readers who are known as the most positive, fervent and enthusiastic of Arsenal supporters this side (and indeed that side of) the Great Wall that divides us all.

My mission is to […]

2016-17 Season: The half time review of referees and players, and the top 6 table.

by Andrew Crawshaw

After 19 games Arsenal had 40 points and sat in third place in the table behind Chelsea and Liverpool and with City and the Tinies close behind,

Team Points Goals W L D For Against +/- 1 Chelsea 16 1 2 49 42 13 +29 2 Liverpool 13 4 2 43 46 […]

The nine health benefits of playing football, and what to do when you get too old.

By Tony Attwood

If you read my ramblings on a fairly regular basis the is a chance that you may have picked up the fact that

a) when I did play football in my younger days I was utterly useless at the game

b) when I played the indoor five a side game in later […]

Cohen Bramall the new Bellerin (inc film), Belloti and Griezmann on the way. Plus nicked copy – an outrage.

By Sir Hardly Anyone

Our young Mr Cohen cost anything from £40,000 to £80,000, opinion varies, but in terms of his age there is an agreement he is 20, which makes him rather old for a youth signing for Arsenal. His position is best described as Bellerinesque. Well, ok not best described as Bellerinesque, […]

Do Arsenal players care about the club? Are they properly prepared for each game? Here’s how you can tell.

By Tony Attwood

Do Arsenal players really care about the club they play for? Do they care about how the results go? Are they properly prepared for each game?

Or are some of them a bunch of highly paid guys who really couldn’t care less, and who simply turn up and […]

Could football learn a thing of two from the way games are refereed in rugby?

By Tony Attwood

Untold has a number of correspondents from around the country, and indeed from outside the UK, who regularly feed in thoughts and ideas relating to the issues that we cover on the site, and this week brought in an email on the topic of the way refereeing is undertaken in the Premier […]